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  1. One thing I started several years ago after having my debit card compromised is to purchase a prepaid Visa card for my budgeted amount. I use it for all purchases particularly online & non-local. If my info is stolen then the thief doesn’t get access to all of my accounts.

    1. Excellent idea, Rebecca! I’m old fashioned & a little nervous putting my credit card info out there. Also, this would help avoid overspending.

      1. Hi, Linda, the reason I felt strongly to write this today is some people need to learn to live on less and realize those presents are not always memories. I have a few neighbors that have lived off the government for years, some 15 years, food and housing. I know families who have enabled their kids. It needs to stop. I’m glad my mom taught me to work and my 4 girls learned to work and live on less. You may be old-fashioned just like me but you are smart! Great comment, Linda

  2. I stopped giving gifts to my adult kids, actually a call from my sons over the holidays is better than a wrapped gift any day. I give gifts to the great great grandson at the ripe old age of 5.. and hope to be around to give him many more gifts in the years to come…I too have gone thru the faze of offering to the kids. and they have taken many things from my home.. I sometimes make jams and jellies for friends, and the jars cost more than the ingredients… Made a batch of marmalade for Christmas a few years ago, it was a recipe I made for the kids when they were small and money was so tight.. using pineapple and carrots Kids loved it and we would use it on oven baked toast with a little butter on them and covered with the jam… that and a hot cup of cocoa was a treat to them..the grated carrots looked like marmalade and is quite tasty..

    1. Hi Jeanne, I love homemade gifts, and jams and jellies are the best! I’m like you I would much rather get a phone call or a visit to any wrapped gift. I look back at some of the stuff I bought and shake my head, why did you buy that Linda? LOL! Oh well, live and learn. That pineapple and grated carrot jam marmalade sound yummy! I could put that on my homemade bread, yum! Linda

    2. Hi Jeanne, you mentioned the marmalade recipe you made for your kids using pineapple and carrots, could you share the recipe? Is it your recipe and if it’s okay can I post it on that Christmas gift page I wrote? I will put made by Jeanne B. If that’s okay. Happy holidays, Linda

      1. Linda, there are so many recipes for carrot jam on the internet but back when I first made it I just made it with what I had on hand… you can dress it up with lots of seasonings or just make it plain like I did for the little ones, kids were only 2 and 3 when my husband was killed and money was so tight, so I needed something to make the toast taste better and tried it. a can of crushed pineapple, a full cup of shredded carrots, the pineapple juice ,lemon juice and water to make about 2 cups and about 3 tbs of pectin.
        boil the carrots, pineapple and juice as it starts to thicken add the sugar and pectin and continue boiling for about 10 more minutes.. you can add nutmeg, cinnamon, or other seasonings but I just made it plan for the kids. i put it in the sterilized jars and lightly tighten the caps, put in hot water and bring to a boil for about 10 minutes and then tighten the caps. i was just looking on the internet and found so many recipes for it that really sounds tempting. Don’t need to add my name, I just know the kids enjoyed it.. and now seeing how many tempting recipes I just looked at, I might start playing with the seasonings…

        1. Jeanne, your husband was killed and you had two little ones oh my gosh, my heart aches for you. Isn’t it fun to make jam or marmalade from scratch??? Thanks for sharing the recipe. You are so nice. Hugs, Linda

  3. Debit cards are safe with pay pal, so far I have never had a problem as pay pal pays and takes from my bank account, the order never has any info of my card… I too am afraid of posting info on my card to sellers…i buy a lot of little things off of e-bay, never giving debit card info, Pay Pal to the rescue….

      1. Oh my downfall is e-bay.using Pay Pal to pay for the items I just can’t live without.. the town I live in has nothing, little stores to tempt the visitors but not even a sewing machine needle or a spool of thread in the whole town, must drive 25 miles to get anything, largest Marine Base in area here, but the base has everything for them.. so town gets smaller and smaller.. I drive 25 miles to get to Dr, stores, and even get my gas over there because otherwise I would have to back track a little over a mile to fill up my tank.. we do have one major grocery store, Staters, and i love them but Yucca has a big Walmart and nice places to get a quick lunch and gas is cheaper too. so I buy a lot on e-bay, find in looking for bargains I can research and find prices I can afford, I do buy the chicken feed and dog and cat food thru Walmart and they deliver it for free right to my door.. at decent prices. It is all most impossible to try to lift the sacks with my back weaker as the months go by . this way my helper that comes 2 hours a couple of days a week to clean carries it in and on to the back porch for me..

        1. Oh, Jeanne, I love hearing Walmart delivers and your tips on eBay. My town is small but we can at least get a sewing machine needle and thread!! LOL! I usually order everything online, my town is too small to find things. Plus, I’m too tired to go looking for stuff. I use my fingers on a laptop to order stuff I need. I decluttering right now, the older I get the less I want or need. I’m glad to hear you have a helper to clean and carry stuff. I hired a young man to clean the leaves off my front yard. He could use the money and I don’t have it in me anymore to rake and bag. I hope your back doesn’t get any worse. Happy holidays, my friend, Linda

          1. I also just ordered dog and cat food from it has free delivery and it costs only one dollar more than Wal mart. I look for free delivery on e-bay too, the people selling don’t seem to realize that sometimes the delivery costs more than the item they are selling.. Being as old as I am, and with blood clots in the only lung and also in my legs, can’t have any more operations and I ruptured another disc.. already had a double lamenectomy years ago.. and now pain gets bad, hate pain meds, don’t like anything like that in my system and after so many radio frequency on my back they now are injecting steroids into my spinal column… worked so well, was without any pain for over 2 weeks. I take blood thinners to keep the blood clots away but always a chance with the injections that I can start bleeding.. so trying to wait another month and a half to go in the hospital and have the steroids done again…I can live with the ouch now. just go lay down for awhile and think up more things to do when the ouch stops… it is terrible when your mind goes overboard with all kinds of things to get done and the body says NO WaY… so I figure out ways of getting things done with the least stress on the bod…. I love your group, a nice group of folks, so glad you let me in…thanks.

          2. Hi Jeanne, I’m so glad you are in “Our group”. I love that statement. We all learn from one another. Wow, you have been through the wringer so to speak. When I was younger I took my health for granted. Life can change…I’m going to write a post on what’s been going on with me since March. I hope it helps someone else. Take care, my friend, your attitude makes me smile. Take care, my friend, Hugs, Linda

  4. I think that Christmas has gotten so commercial, that it’s meaning has gotten lost. We paired down our gift giving to the Children, we don’t need anything, or want for much.

    1. Oh, Janet, I totally agree. Mark and I are to the point we are getting rid of stuff. Our kids need very little as well. The true meaning of Christmas has gotten lost in the “I want everything” mode. I love your comment because it will help people realize that we can pare down our gift lists. AND it’s okay. Happy Holiday! Linda

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