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How To Be Prepared For The Unexpected

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Do you know how to be prepared for the unexpected? If you turn on the radio in your car or listen to the national or local television news reports there are so many reasons we must be prepared today, not tomorrow, for the unexpected.

My husband and I love to eat dinner watching Scott Pelley on CBS to get the latest news around the world. The last few days we are horrified by the flooding we see in the Houston area and are praying for the families affected. Before that, it was Austin, Texas with horrid rain falls. As I remember, they had twenty inches of rain in 24-48 hours and they are getting more.

As you may know, Page Street Publishing Company asked me to write a book to help people be prepared and survive by outlining the skills they need. I would love every family in the world to have one of my books and I will be having giveaways often so people will have a chance to win one. If you already have my book and you enter and win the giveaway please share the book with a friend or family member. My book has the tools to be prepared in order to survive most any disaster or unforeseen emergency.

How to Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Sometimes we need to be reminded to do all the following, one step at a time.

  1. Store water so you have a minimum of 4 gallons per person per day for all the members of your family (I recommend a minimum of 30 days)
  2. Store food to supply your family for a minimum of seven days (I recommend a minimum of 30 days)
  3. Gather your important documents today not tomorrow. I have a FREE download for you: Food Storage Moms Binder Contents One of the pages explains all of the items you need, like a zippered binder, zippered pouches and picture holders for your family photos, etc.
  4. If you have a 72-hour go bag that’s awesome. If you cannot afford a bag put your all the items in a box that you will need to survive for 72 hours in case of a disaster.
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The book I’ll be giving away details many other things to consider as you prepare for possible disasters. What will happen if you lose power and can’t heat or cool your home or cook your meals? How will you communicate if your cell or landline phones don’t work? How will you stay warm, wash dishes or clothes or run home appliances if the electricity is not available? What if you have to evacuate your home? There are so many things to consider. The book will bring to your attention many things you’ve probably never thought about. Once you read the book you’ll want to share the concepts with all your extended family, friends, and co-workers.

More Prepared Tips

Some of my favorite items for survival:

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      1. I work as a night auditor at a hotel just outside of Bryce. My nights are Friday through Monday nights, so I worked through the holiday. It was a crazy weekend, too. I know you were having some of the family come for the holiday. It must have been fun for all!

        Can I ask you for a little favor? I’ve had a website for years, but have never done anything with it. I decided to start a blog of my own. I’d love it if you would drop by and let me know what you think. There’s only four posts, so far, and I’m not advertising it, in any way, yet. So you would be my first visitor. I’ve even got a link to you in the 3rd post. *G* Hugs, Mare

        1. Hi Mare, sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I just changed computers because my other one is dying. You are a fabulous writer! If you need any help email me: linda.loosli@yahoo.com
          We can also talk on the phone when I get back from California in a few weeks. Hugs! Linda

          1. Thanks so much for the compliment! That really means a lot coming from you!

            I hope you’re having a food time in Cali. Hugs, Mare

  1. Hi, Linda! I’m putting together my Food Storage Moms Binder, but I’m not sure where to put our life insurance info. Thanks so much for this: my sons will be very grateful someday when my husband and I are gone…

    1. Hi Roxanne, thanks for your patience! I had to move to a new computer and it took longer than I thought. Here’s the deal, look at the binder contents on TAB #5 for your life insurance policies. Of course, your family will need the original policies to collect any monies but at least you can put the Life insurance company, policy number, insurance company agent, and phone numbers. Trust me your sons will be so glad you have this put together! May God bless you, hugs! Linda

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