Archives for January 8, 2017

What Can We Do When Panic Sets In

I decided I must talk today about what we can do when panic sets in. A few days ago we had another “shooting” in our country. This time it happened in a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida airport. I was running errands with my sister, Carol and I saw the news clip on my phone. I have a daughter that works at an airport and I quickly sent her a text to hear if she had heard about the shooting. I knew she didn’t work at the affected airport, but I knew it could impact the clients traveling to and from the airport where she works. I told her 13 people were shot and 5 of those had died. I’m sick for the families of these people and all others involved in this tragedy, the employees of the airport, and the law enforcement personnel who had to bring this terrible situation to an end. When I got home I quickly turned on the television to CNN and FOX News to see what was happening.

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