11 Ways To Prepare Your Family For Survival

11 Ways To Prepare Your Family For Survival

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I have 11 ways to prepare your family for survival today. It’s all about repetition to get us all on board before a disaster hits our neighborhood.

We can all see what is going on around the world, right? What a crazy year or two of weather we have had to deal with. If you are new to my blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me.

If you are interested, I have a PRIVATE FaceBook Group where we can ask questions and share tips with each other.

Here is the link if you would like to join: Food Storage Moms FaceBook Private Group

I have heard a few people say they never listen to the news on the TV or read it on the Internet. A familiar comment may be, “it’s too depressing to listen to.”

Well, I’m hoping a few families in your neighborhood are getting together to make a plan to help one another should a disaster hit your neighborhood because it will, it’s not if, but when.

Now, this could be a hurricane, flood, tornado, a pandemic, or a terrorist attack. I will say I don’t sit around worrying about any of these.

I realize any one of these incidents could happen. We’ve seen them for years, but more often now if only because the world seems to be better informed.

Or, is it because we have social media and we’re more aware of what’s going on. It’s nothing new, that’s for sure. We’ve seen the devastation from all the items I listed above, and many more scenarios as well.

A Group Of People Working Together

I want my neighborhood to work as a group, a team where we believe in the same things. A team of players that are like-minded. Do you know what I mean?

One of my favorite neighbors is a Marine, he is one guy I would want on my team. Here’s the deal, he is a no-nonsense kind of guy, and kind in many ways at the same time.

He is not showy at all and would take the shirt off his back for you. I think you know what I mean, a true friend you can work with after a picnic or an unforeseen disaster. Either one, I TRUST him.

What I am trying to do today, if you haven’t already done it in your neighborhood, is to form a task force. I am starting my group with people I know believe in emergency preparedness and storing food for any event that may hit our street.

I will only invite the ones that I know understand the urgency, you know what I’m saying. They understand they NEED to prepare for the unexpected and store food storage, water, and have a stash of emergency preps.

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Look For Neighbors To Motivate Each Other

Think how this neighborhood group could help motivate each other to be better prepared. They each have resources and talent to help make the group stronger overall.

They might not all be affected by the disaster in the same way or to the same extent. Some may lose their homes, but others come through in much better shape, and thus better able to assist. Remember, there is strength in numbers!

I go to lunches or dinners in the neighborhood and some have said: “I’m going to Linda’s if we have a disaster.” Well, one of my readers made an awesome statement, she said her neighbors say the same thing and she answers “I may not share.”

I understand and respect what she said. We can’t provide food, water and everything else for our entire street. Of course, we would not turn away anyone that is hungry.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

But I do believe God helps those that help themselves. Trust me, don’t count on the government delivering food, water, or a hot meal the day a hurricane devastates your community or a flash flood washes away some of the homes on your street. We must be self-reliant.

Also, keep in mind that challenges may come your way in circumstances like a lost job, health problems, broken families, and more. These sneak up on us and can cause real harm to the well being of your family, particularly if you aren’t prepared.

11 Ways To Prepare Your Family For Survival:

1. Get My Book

“Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli is available at most bookstores worldwide. You can click on the picture above and order if you haven’t done so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

2. Store Water

As you know, the American Red Cross suggests one gallon of water per person per day. I suggest you store four gallons per person per day.

Please start with one gallon and beef it up, so to speak, as you can afford to do it. You won’t be sorry, I promise. How Much Water by Food Storage Moms

3. Food Storage

Please order freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for long-term food storage. Compare the ounces in the #10 cans plus the shipping to make sure you are getting the best price available. Throw a few extra cans of chili or beans in the shopping basket the next time you shop.

I store just about every kind of bean known to man! I eat beans just about every day. Remember to buy ONLY the food your family will eat. If they won’t eat it, don’t store it.

Be sure and store the basics like spices, salt, honey, oil, instant milk (Thrive has a 25-year #10 can), baking powder, baking soda, cocoa, and vanilla, to name a few.

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4. Store Pet Food & Water

Now that I have a puppy again, Bailey, I’m back to storing at least three months of food for her. Remember, dogs need one ounce of water per pound of weight per day. For instance, Bailey weighs 10 pounds so I need to store 10-ounces of water per day for her.

5. Gas

Please keep your gas tank at least 3/4 full at all times. You don’t want to be in line at a gas station if your neighborhood is evacuated.

I’m a fanatic about this one. Yep, and I own it. Also, if there is a power outage the gas pumps will more than likely not work.

6. Cooking Devices

Do your research on what cooking device works for your home. I purchased butane gas stoves for all four of my daughters, plus a few butane tanks so they are ready to cook. Have more than one way to cook or boil water.

Please remember, a gas barbecue uses way too much propane to boil a pot of water. Have more than one way to cook a meal. Yes, we can eat those beans out of a can, but after two weeks we may want a hot meal. Oh, and some hot cocoa!

7. Can Opener

Please store at least three different hand crank can openers, you can never have too many. Your neighbors may not have any. Just giving you the heads-up here.

8. Flashlights

Please store some lanterns, flashlights, and batteries. If you can afford solar flashlights those are even better! No batteries needed! Here are two of my favorite ones: Goal Zero Flashlight

9. Contact List

Fill out a contact list so you neighborhood team can contact your family members if you are hurt. Here is the one I designed: FSM Emergency Contact Info

10. 72-Hour Kit

Please remember a 72-hour kit is exactly that. It’s a start and good for approximately three days, if you are lucky. Here’s a list to get you started, only choose the ones that fit your family’s needs and budget. FSM 72-Hour Kit Adults or FSM 72-Hour Kit Children or FSM 72-Hour Kit Pets

11. Cash

Please have small bills, like ones, fives, and tens being the largest bills you hide in a secure place. Here’s the deal, if we lose power the banks or ATM’s may not work after their generators run out of gas.

If your important documents are in your bank safety deposit box, you will be out of luck in a power outage to retrieve them. If you store them at home, place them in a safe secure location.

When I worked at three different banks when I was younger, all three banks’ protocol for power outages was a lock down on the doors. In other words, those checks we all get in the mail or have electronically deposited may be down for days, weeks, or even months.

Final Word

Please be prepared for the unexpected, I have only shared 11 ways to prepare your family for survival. Please tell me your ideas, lets make this list very long!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being prepared. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. Thank you for all the good info in your blog. A question I have is: how to store cash bills without them ‘rotting’ or crumbling or whatever. I had some in an envelope in my small fire safe and opened my box recently and it looked like they were deteriorating. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Hi Karen, wow, I’ve never heard of that!! Wow!! I like to buy the “pads” of one-dollar bills because they take up less room. They charge $2.00 for the bundles of 100 bills but for me, it’s worth the expense. I keep mine in a safe but have never had them crumble or rot. I’m stumped. Let’s see if other readers have that problem, Linda

    2. Perhaps vacuum seal your cash. I think that I would (and I know it is a bit expensive) place a certain amount in a bag, seal it shut, then store in your secure location. That way, it would be easier to take only 1 “bag” of cash out when you go to the store, gas station. And you would not lose as much if someone took it from you.

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