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Why We Need To Store Water NOW For Survival Today

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Why We Need To Store Water NOW for survival is a critical statement. I read articles in the newspaper detailing water contamination and the need to store water now. A few years ago, we had another problem right here in Syracuse, Utah. KSL TV on Syracuse, Utah Contaminated Water. Don’t forget to throw out your ice cubes in a situation like this. The water was contaminated with E.coli and Coliform.

I want to remind people to please sign up for Reverse 911 in your location today. If you are on vacation or at a second home you will get the Reverse 911 message from the phone number (s) you registered. You might remember, I wrote about why you need to register your phones where you are located.

If you registered your phone number in say Phoenix, Arizona since you live there, that is awesome until you go on vacation. It’s great because you will learn very quickly by text, email, or a recording (based on your city or county) that there is an Amber Alert or an imminent danger situation in your neighborhood, city, or county. Hopefully, the place where you are staying has a Reverse 911, I would register there as well in that city, county, or state.

I have a daughter that lives in Huntington Beach, California. Here’s the deal, one block from her home you can see this sign that says something to the effect “Evacuate this way (with a large arrow) in case of Tsunami.” I can’t remember the exact statement, but I do remember seeing the word Tsunami. So I called her to make sure she has signed up for the reverse 911 notification. So many people have given up their landlines because of the cost, and now it seems the safety of a landline is not as safe as we thought at one time.

I wrote a post about Flagstaff, Arizona where CenturyLink underground cables for the home phones, the internet, and some mobile phone companies were vandalized. Here’s the link to see exactly what happened: Flagstaff Century Link Vandalism 2015.

Colorado and a few other states recently had some really bad weather with hail the size of quarters: NBC News Reports Storms-Flash-Floods-Threaten-Midwest. Check out the pictures by NBS News comparing the golf balls to the quarter-size hail. I would hate to be an insurance agent after that storm. Wow, talk about dents on cars and house damage from the hail. I hope all the families are okay.

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I remember years ago taking “sales” classes at a local bank I worked for in Salt Lake City, Utah. They taught us you have to show clients what bank products are available, and then do it over and over again so they understand the product(s) may be worthwhile and needful sometime. Maybe not today but tomorrow.

They will remember if you talk, mail postcards to them, etc. about the products the bank has available for them. So, if I sound redundant on “store water now,” then please forgive me. You will thank me later, I promise.

Please Store Water Now:

I feel like I need to tell my readers to store water today. Again. If you can save the money get some containers to store water and use the suggested EPA-approved Water Preserver drops I use you, then you will be set. I only use these drops: Water Preserver Concentrate (out of stock)

Quote from the manufacturer:

  • Use with tap water to store emergency drinking water for 5 years. To be used with a 55-gallon water storage barrel.
  • Water Preserver is the first and only product recognized and proven effective for 5-year water storage, registered and licensed by federal and state EPA.
  • Water Preserver was scientifically tested for 10 years to ensure its potency for 5-year storage.
  • Guaranteed 100% effective.
  • Water Preserver is a proprietary formula of stabilized, ph-balanced sodium hypochlorite with highly effective residual action that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. Accept no substitutes.”End of quote.

Bleach or City Water Rotate Every Six Months:

I am not rotating my water every six months. If you use bleach to preserve your water you must remember to rotate the water every six months. Here is a link you might like to read on bleach in water storage: Red Cross.Org. I quote:  “Fill the bottle to the top with regular tap water. (If your water utility company treats your tap water with chlorine, you do not need to add anything else to the water to keep it clean.) If the water you are using comes from a well or water source that is not treated with chlorine, add two drops of non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach to each gallon of water.  Tightly close the container using the original cap. Be careful not to contaminate the cap by touching the inside of it with your fingers. Write the date on the outside of the container so that you know when you filled it. Store in a cool, dark place.  Replace the water every six months if not using commercially bottled water.

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WaterBricks to Store Water Now:

These are my favorite water containers because you can carry one in each hand and they weigh about 27 pounds each if filled with water. They hold 3.5 gallons each so I use 1/4 teaspoon of my favorite Water Preserver above. Or you can count out the drops. I might have blinked when counting but I put 1/4 teaspoon in mine. I rotate them every 5 years! Yes, they are BPA-free. Here they are: WaterBricks

Store Water Now-Blue Cans (my favorite):

I have talked about water storage in containers but if you have limited space and want some really good-tasting water, these are for you. I am personally buying cases of these for my daughters, I love these cans because they are pure water. Once you try this water you will love them, too. They have a 50-year shelf life! Blue Cans

Here is a little information from the manufacturer and I quote:

  • 50-Year Shelf Life
  • 12 oz of water per can, 24 cans per case
  • 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • Hermetically sealed water purified with 12-step filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging” End of quote.

Let’s be prepared before we need to be prepared. We can do it, store water now, one container at a time. Blessings, Linda

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  1. Hi Linda. Have you forgotten about the Blue Can Pure emergency Water with a 50 Year Shelf Life? You include other water products. Blue Can should be listed also as an option as it has so many benefits. Long storage, no need to rotate or add chemicals. Easy to distribute, Pure premium water, eco friendly.
    Patty email me to order please. We ship all nationally.

  2. Hi Linda, I’m new to your site and was so excited about the blue cans, until I found they don’t ship to Alaska!! Very frustrating when this happens. Anyways love your site and thanks for all the good ideas.

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you for commenting. Did you check Amazon for shipping to Alaska? I would like to know if they do. I know of a blogger that says Amazon ships some stuff to Alaska (she lives there). These are the best pure water cans I have ever tasted. I am going to slowly buy them. Fingers crossed, Linda

    2. Cathy, I think they do ship to Alaska:
      Go down and check out additional information-look for shipping. $10.00 per item. You might have to copy and paste this link to see it. Linda

  3. Thanks for the tip on Brownells for Blue cans. There is a discount and free shipping.
    We are getting started on them:)

  4. I’ve been adding to my water storage almost every time I can anything. If I don’t have enough jars to fill my canner, I simply fill a jar with water to place in the empty spots. Still don’t have as much as I might need, but at least these jars will be safe as they are sterile.

      1. Hey ladies, please tell me more as I am not familiar with canning water. I have a boatload of empty jars and would love to do this.What is the shelf life??. Do you add something to it??? Thanks for any info. you can share.

  5. Linda, thanks to you I have started adding 10 gallons of water to my weekly grocery order. I already have 30 of my 135 gallon goal!

  6. We have a well and although there is a filter system, sometimes it needed maintenance or be out of salt or chlorine so I’d go to Publix and use one of those coin operated machines. Walmart has one too, but you fill and pay at the register. The water is cheap and I’d fill 5 gallon jugs for our water cooler…. which we don’t use anymore, but those jugs are heavy and cumbersome. With that I would suggest the smaller containers that way you don’t strain yourself and younger or elderly family members can help. And even for the strong and fit, those jugs without handles can tire you out. Handles help a lot. Those WaterBricks are a good choice.

    It’s easier to buy the drinking water than worrying if your well water has received enough chlorine or salt. Refilling serves as a good backup measure. I even saw a water filling machine at a convenience store. Be nice if they were to pop up in other places to encourage people to use them for emergencies.

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