Why Drinking Water is So Critical to Our Health

Why Drinking Water is So Critical to Our Health

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Ever since you were a kid you’ve probably had someone, or even multiple people, who stressed to you the importance of drinking enough water each day. And they’re right! But are you aware of why that is the case? Let’s find out why drinking water is so critical to our health!

Drinking plenty of water each day helps your body function just the way it should. You may even be surprised at a number of important things that water does for our bodies. Here’s more on why drinking water is so critical to our health.   

Fun Facts: Why Drinking Water is So Critical to Our Health  

You may already know that an adult body is made up of about 60% water, but did you know that nearly 90% of our blood is water as well? Water helps carry blood (which contains oxygen) all throughout our bodies.  

Water is not only critical for our hydration and maintaining the right amount of fluids in our bodies, but also for our skin in preventing wrinkling and skin problems.  

If you’re looking to lose weight, drinking water instead of soda or alcohol may be the gamechanger to make that happen. In case you missed this post How To Store Water-Pros And Cons and Water Storage-How Much Do You Really Need

Benefits of Drinking Water

Why Drinking Water is So Critical to Our Health

Keeps Our Bodies From Dehydration 

One of the most obvious benefits of drinking water is that it helps regulate our fluid levels and protect our bodies from becoming dehydrated. When we are exercising and out in the heat for a long period of time our bodies generate a lot of sweat. 

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This leaves us less susceptible to heat stress that may cause muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, or even something far more serious, like a stroke. Severe dehydration left unchecked can cause other critical situations as well, including seizures, serious brain injury, or even death.

Dehydration can even cause a restriction to our airways, especially for people who have asthma and various allergies. Without enough water, this can worsen those conditions.   

Helps Our Brains Function

Water helps our brain in its structure as well as its function. It helps produce hormones and transmitters, while allowing them to work as they should. People who don’t drink enough water have a more difficult time with thinking and reasoning. 

Maintains Body Temperature

There’s a decent amount of water that rests between layers of your skin and makes its way to the surface as you begin to sweat. This helps keep your body cool when you are doing a demanding activity, and that in turn, uses a bunch of your water supply. Drinking plenty of water helps your body maintain just the right body temperature.  

Our Digestion Depends On It

You may find it surprising, but our digestive system relies a lot on water. Water helps our bodies flush out urine and feces from our bodies. When you are dehydrated, your digestive system is more prone to constipation, or an overly acidic stomach. This can lead to heartburn and stomach ulcers that could be avoided if you just keep up on your water intake. 

Helps Keep Our Mouths Cleaner

Drinking plenty of water also helps produce enough saliva, which ensures that your mouth, nose, and eyes stay moist. This allows your mouth to remain cleaner and also helps prevent tooth decay because you’re not drinking so many sweetened drinks. 

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Keeps Our Kidneys Healthy 

The fluids that go through your body have to be filtered through your kidneys. If you are not consuming enough water, your kidneys will have a tougher time doing their job. This can lead to kidney stones and other serious issues with your kidneys.  

Helps with Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, drinking water can help your body lose weight when you’re not drinking so much soda or other sweetened drinks. Drinking water before a meal can also provide you with a feeling of fullness, which helps you eat less food during a meal. 

We Perform Better 

When you’re dehydrated your body has a harder time performing activities and the simplest of tasks. Drinking more water before strenuous activity and exercising can increase performance and proper functions with your muscles and joints. This is one major reason why drinking water is so critical to our health. 

My Favorite Ways To Store Water

Please store all water off the concrete/floor so chemicals don’t leach into your containers. I use 2 by 4-inch pieces of wood between the container and the concrete floor.

Final Word 

Without water, we wouldn’t be here. It’s both vital to our planet as well as to our very wellbeing. Hopefully, now you can see just how crucial water is to our overall health. What did you find the most surprising about water and its many benefits? What is one reason on this list that you agree with in regards to why drinking water is so critical to our health? Here’s to drinking water and staying healthy. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve run across the book “Beyond Labels” yet–something that is mentioned by one of the authors is that water can keep your cholesterol lower! If your body has sufficient water, then its cellular activities (along with all the other ones mentioned) work fine. If there is insufficient water, the body does the best it can by falling back on making more cholesterol as a substitute. When you think about it, that’s a remarkable adaptation to keep things functioning–but water works better, of course!

    (And yes, do read “Beyond Labels.”)

  2. Water also has some very essential minerals in them such as magnesium and potassium that are extremely important for things like nerve repair and blood pressure control. Water is so important for our bodies. nice post!

    1. Hi Aleks, thank you for your kind words. I work really hard to provide valuable information to my readers. I have a great group of people who comments and help each other be self-reliant. Linda

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