The Best Fall Bucket List

The Best Fall Bucket List

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Today I’m going to share the best fall bucket list with you. Here’s the deal, I’m looking outside my front window and I can see the tree leaves start to turn from green to yellow or gold. For me, this means making soup, hot bread, and baking cinnamon rolls.

Sometimes with all the “stuff” we hear or see on TV or online, we may forget how wonderful this season really is for us. Let’s step outside and look closely at the leaves. You may even see some fall flowers sprouting up. When I lived in northern Utah I had Chrysanthemum (Mums) that would bloom in the fall in my front yard and my backyard.

They don’t grow here in the desert, so as soon as I get back up north, I will be planting some. Let me know if you have some special fall flowers you love to plant or purchase. This is also when I change out my front door wreath. It may be corny, but a different wreath every so often brings me joy.

My life is simple, so my wreaths are simple and made from wood. They don’t break, they don’t fall apart, I hose them each year and change them out when the time is right.

Mark is a sports nut who tells me fall is one of his favorite times of the year. Once he feels those crisp fall mornings he’ll come inside and tell me football season is right around the corner. The great thing about living in Southern Utah is that he can play golf with his buddies all year long. It’s nice that fall brings a respite from the hot days of summer, yet warm enough he can still wear his shorts and short-sleeved golf shirts. Life is good when fall comes around.

I’ll be you have some favorite fall activities too. Not that you can’t do most of them at other times, but fall is a prime time to be active, creative, and prone to do those things you love. I’ve put a list together below as I’ve brainstormed a list of great fall activities. Read through my list, and then send me what you’d want to be added so you experience the best fall season ever.

The Best Fall Bucket List

The Best Fall Bucket List

“Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda Loosli

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The Best Fall Bucket List

The Best Fall Bucket List

Let’s start a list that never ends, shall we? I will start with a few ideas, okay, a lot of ideas! Some will be simple and some may just be dreams, but let’s start NOW!

  1. Choose a pumpkin at your local grocery store and start planning what its going to look like on your porch or in the window after you or the kids carve it.
  2. Go for a brisk walk and take in all the beautiful fall colors you don’t see any other time of year.
  3. Read a book outdoors. We’ve all been cooped up for months, so get outside, relax in the cool afternoons and evenings, and read something inspirational.
  4. Grab your slow cooker and make your favorite soup. As mentioned, I love soups in the fall and they can come in all sorts of flavors and textures. Enjoy!
  5. Make some hot chocolate. Yes, we love the crisp air in the fall, but it’s also nice to sit on your porch or back patio and sip on delicious hot chocolate.
  6. Go camping. Be careful for the deer hunters this time of year, but there’s nothing like actually sleeping, cooking, eating, walking/hiking in the fall.
  7. Plan a family bike ride. Your bike may have sat unused during those hot summer days. Get it out, find a nice trail, and put the rubber to the road!
  8. Donate stuff you don’t use or need. We hear about “spring cleaning,” but fall can be a great time to clean out those closets and garage when it’s cooler.
  9. Plan a picnic in the park. Most parks have trees that are turning color this time of year. Plan a visit and sit under the most colorful one you can find and daydream.
  10. Make cinnamon rolls. You know how much I like to bake, particularly bread products. If you haven’t done so already, make some cinnamon rolls and share.
  11. Teach someone to make biscuits. Fall is a great time to heat up the oven since it isn’t as hot. Biscuits can be enjoyed with so many meals.
  12. Watch the sunset. Of course, the sun is going down earlier now. You can take that hot chocolate out on your patio or backyard and watch the sun disappear.
  13. Invite neighbors for a potluck dinner. I love pot luck meals. You can enjoy some very unique entrees prepared by neighbors from all over the world.
  14. Take a road trip. The blessing of fall is that kids are back in school and the tourists have gone home, for the most part. Take a trip when you have things all to yourself or with a significant other.
  15. Make a homemade pie. With the various holdidays this time of year, we are often asked to bring a treat to a church or neighborhood function. Get busy and surprise yourself and others with a delicious pie or two. No need for just pumpkin, apple, pecan, and others are favorites for every occasion.
  16. Experiment with a new pumpkin recipe. I was introduced to pumpkin cookies by Mark’s mom. We also like pumpkin cupcakes. Give them a whirl.
  17. Have friends over for a game night. There is nothing as fun as a group playing some fun board games, putting puzzles together, or Charades.
  18. Roast marshmallows. I wrote a post recently about starting and using a fire pit. I still remember our kids wanting to have a fire when we camped, and we for sure made roasting marshmallows part of the evening.
  19. Try a new restaurant. Are you as tired as I am of staying away from your favorite eating spot. Things are probably still pretty quiet, give a new place a call.
  20. Call an old friend. We are hearing about how lonely people feel right now. Call an old friend and get up to date about life’s happenings.
  21. Take a nap. Mark and I have been very busy doing some packing and cleaning house. I’ve been taking lots of naps lately and found them to be a real delight. Don’t feel guilty, relish the chance to unwind and regroup.
  22. Buy fresh flowers and enjoy them. Fresh flowers often show up during the summer, but it’s not too late to enjoy some late bloomers this time of year.
  23. Watch an old movie. When I can sneek some TV time, particularly when Mark’s sports viewing has ended, we’ll pull up Netflix and watch an old favorite, or one we haven’t ever seen. Funny, but we end up talking about the movie all day the next day.
  24. Declutter one room completely. With all the stay at home time we’ve experienced, sometimes we get complacent with how things look. Take some time to declutter at least one room. Who knows, you might get inspired to work on the whole house, just one room at a time.
  25. Go to a corn maze. Yup, in many places the corn has been harvested, or is really close. We have Staheli Farms here that has an elabrate maze every fall, it’s a blast!
  26. Carve a pumpkin. As Grandma and Grandpa we haven’t carved a pumpkin for years. One of the challenges of living away from family. Looking forward to future years with grandkids and great grandkids to have that fun experience again.
  27. Go to the zoo. Although some of the animals may be getting ready to hibernate this time of year, most are still active and fun to interact with. Invite a neighbor and her kids to join you for a fun day.
  28. Visit a Farmer’s Market. So many things are harvested and ready to purchase. Whether for fall meals, or to dehydrate for the future, get out and save some money while providing financial support for our struggling farmers. With floods and/or drought, it’s been a challenging year for many of them.
  29. Bake Halloween cookies. In a recent post about Hallowing I mention few people still give out freshly baked goods to the trick-or-treat kids. Get busy and be the exception in your neighborhood. Hopefully, parents will let their kids eat freshly baked cookies, it’s worth a try.
  30. Dehydrate some sliced apples. Many varieties of apples are being picked right now. Before I dehydrate mine, I’m going to enjoy some slices with cinnamon or soft caramel. A great treat this time of year.
  31. Do something nice for someone. With so many people feeling like they need to stay close to home, reach out to those you feel may need help shopping, help taking their dog for a walk, sharing a home prepared meal, or just a sit down visit. We all could use a lift!
  32. Listen to the birds. Yes, many of the birds are starting their flight south. Take some time to sit in your backyard and look for and listen to them as they travel through.
  33. Bake a cake. I had someone tell me recently they hadn’t eaten a freashly baked, made from scratch, neatly decorated cake in ages. I was able to fill the bill and loved every minute of the experience, and so did they.
  34. Cuddle with a pet. We’ve been so busy lately with packing and cleaning our dogs are feeling neglected. Mark is better at it than I am, but we’re trying to do better.
  35. Make your favorite squash soup. Many varieties of squash have done well this year. Mark and I have enjoyed our zuccini bread, but with the cooler weather we’ll be putting our garden squash to work adding flavor and texture to our next batch of homemade soup.
  36. Make a loaf of pumpkin bread. As mentioned above, pumpkin can be used in so many baked goods. Bake some loaves and take them around to neighbors, saving one or two for your family, of course.
  37. Rotate your pantry items. With all the case good sales going on right now, it’s a perfect time to check your pantry inventory and do the annual rotation to use up those items that are near their “use by” date.
  38. Restock your pantry as needed. While you’re at it, stock up on those case good sales items to replenish the pantry, you’ll be glad you did with the increase in food prices we are seeing right now.
  39. Stock up on water. It’s hard to believe, but there are places in the western US that have literally run out of water and need the government to haul it in. Don’t get caught short if your area is running tight during the drought, get some water.
  40. Replenish your OTC medications. With cold and flu season upon us, many stores are stocking up and putting lots of OTC meds on sale. Take advantage while you can.
  41. Turn on the news. I know it can get a little iritating at times to hear what’s being said, but I do feel, even with the downer info, we all need to stay informed.
  42. Stay off social media for 24 hours. I hit the limit earlier this week. Too many questions and crazy comments on Facebook. I’m taking a breather.
  43. Make a batch of muffins. Muffins are a great comfort food I truly enjoy. If you can make your own from scratch you are a superstar!
  44. Organize your garage. During summer months with all the yardwork, or after a few camping trips, our garages tend to get pretty cluttered. Take some time and put things back such that you can easily find what you need next time.
  45. Use your Dutch oven outside. I love to cook with my Dutch oven, and when you add a campfire as part of the cooking experience it’s twice as good.
  46. Change out your car or truck windshield wipers. With winter just around the corner we’ll all be dealing with rain, snow, ice and more. Those windshield wipers need to be in the best shape possible so you can see your way around. What an inexpensive way to make travel that much safer.
  47. Have your tires checked. I had a flat tire this time of year last year. Tough thing was my spare was also flat, but I didn’t know it. You’ll need to make sure your tires are the right pressure and with lots of tread to get around. It’s money well spent to be safe and not sorry.
  48. Fill your tank with gas. I’ve always told my readers to have their tanks close to full all the time. You never know when an emergency will affect your travel.
  49. Plant some garlic. Although Mark can’t tolerate much garlic and still make it through the night, I love garlic as a seasoning. Plant some now so you can enjoy it next year. You’ll be glad you did.
  50. Make some cornbread. I didn’t realize it, but many people really enjoy their cornbread with meals. I’ve been able to round up some great recipes. You should do the same.
  51. Make caramel apples. I mentioned earlier in this post to dip apple slices in caramel. Now I’m suggesting you dip your whole apple in that caramel, oh my!
  52. Indulge in caramel popcorn: How To Make The Best Caramel Popcorn Ever Mark’s dad’s favorite treat was caramel popcorn. I miss him and the chance to make it for him on special occasions.
  53. Pick apples. With apples coming into harvest/picking time, why not make picking apples a family event. Be careful on that ladder, but you may actually save some money if you pick your own.
  54. Go shopping for a Halloween costume. Studies have shown that in the US people spend more on costumes than they do on decorations and candy. Join the wave and have some fun this year!
  55. Bring your cozy sweaters out so they are ready to wear. Yup, evenings are cooler now. Why not bring out some of your “cool” sweaters and show them off?
  56. Roast some pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds can be used for more than just cooking. Roast some seeds and chew them as a special treat, you’ll love them.
  57. Have a warm cup of apple cider. Just like hot chocolate, a cup of warm apple cider can be a drink to enjoy at parties, but also on your porch or patio as you wind down your day. Right now most stores will have it on sale with Halloween coming soon.
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Final Word

I hope you have a wonderful day today! If you have some ideas to add to the best bucket list, please share them. Please keep prepping. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Fall is almost as busy as spring. Not only am I trying to do things with the family and have fun my work my load grows.
    I also do annual handgun qualifying with my mom, mother in law and anyone else who doesn’t shoot a lot in the family. They always hate it going in and always come out grinning ear to ear. It’s just a mental thing.

    1. Hi Matt, oh my gosh, I love hearing this! My granddaughter sent me a picture of her practicing with her new husband. Proud grandma here! I love hearing you are training others! Linda

  2. Fall in New England where I live is absolutely beautiful. It saved our sanity during Covid just to go for a ride and enjoy Mother Nature’s gift. Great list BTY.

  3. Linda,

    This is a pretty good list.

    I trained my son in firearms safety when I trained my wife. My daughter was never interested at all and she seems to have passed that gun aversion on to my grandson. Too bad, as they live in Nebraska where there’s some pretty good deer and pheasant hunting. not to mention duck and geese.

    I miss the gold and red fall colors of Aspen leaves from when we lived in Colorado. I do NOT miss shoveling snow.

    Thank God for FOOTBALL! Oh, and pumpkin pie, can’t forget that.

    1. Hi Ray, oh yeah, pumpkin pie! I love it with lots of whipping cream! I love seeing the Fall colors wherever we go. It’s like looking at the most beautiful painting in the world. And it doesn’t matter where they are beautiful. We are moving back to the snow, thankfully our son-in-law will use his snow-blower. And shovel. I do not miss the snow either. Mark is a huge football fan, well any sports actually. I love to watch him really get into the game. Life is so good when we can cheer on others. Linda

  4. The Small town about 5 miles from me has their annual Pumpkin Festival the second weekend of October.
    I usually go down the week before and get the items I want like little pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut squash
    and maybe a few other little things. I DO NOT attempt to go down the weekend of the festival, it is WAY to
    crowded for me. It is a little river town so sometimes I take the backway home and just enjoy the fields and maybe
    go down to the river. I enjoy doing that anytime of year but I like doing it in the fall.

    1. Hi June, oh the leaves would be beautiful to look at as you drive, I love this! I wish we had a pumpkin festival here! I made pumpkin dinner rolls today! I was wishing I had a small pumpkin or two to put in the picture, oh well. That post goes out next week. Linda

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