How to Survive in a Cashless Society

How to Survive in a Cashless Society

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Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, the United States, along with several other countries, are strategically moving closer and closer towards the horizon of becoming “cashless society” nations. It may even be here sooner than you think. A cashless economy can seem scary.

This notion may sound a bit science fiction to some of you, or even a tad scary to others, but true nonetheless. In fact, it’s already expected to happen in the country of Sweden by the year 2023. That’s tough news for many of us folks that continue to rely on cash for all of our purchasing needs. Have you ever thought about what it takes to survive in a cashless society?

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How to Survive in a Cashless Society 

There’s no doubt that a cashless society can benefit us for a number of reasons, but what happens if a major disaster were to happen and you no longer had access to your digital bank account? That sounds terrifying, especially when you’re thinking about trying to provide for your family. Here’s how you could still survive if you were to wake up one day and find yourself living in a cashless society. 

The Pandemic Has Boosted Us Forward as a Cashless Society

Over the past couple of decades, more and more of our purchases have been made electronically, which has quickly shifted us into a less-cash oriented society already. In certain areas where we live, you may have even noticed that a number of businesses and restaurants have stopped accepting cash altogether since they don’t want to possibly have the virus passed along with the currency. 

The recent coronavirus has also forced its hand with coin shortages and spreading fear of becoming sick, forcing retailers into making the decision to post signs in their doors reading “contactless payments only.” Research has shown that as many as ⅓ of consumers have made the switch to a cashless payment method in fear of catching the virus.  

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A World Shifting Towards Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Today we are seeing more people making the switch to Bitcoin as a form of currency instead of using paper. For those of you in the dark about Bitcoin, it’s something that is entirely virtual and digital. Your wallet is connected directly to your bank, debit, or credit card. It’s been made to be so easy and convenient that consumers ask very few questions.  

People can transfer money from person to person without ever having to step foot in a bank, along with offering you incredibly low interest rates. Another perk is that it’s much more difficult for thieves to hack into and steal, though cyberattacks are a growing concern in the world we live in today. As of February 2020, Bitcoin is considered to be legal tender, but it differs from state to state. 

Overseas we are seeing countries that are starting to have a negative view on cash, while cryptocurrency is viewed as king. Banks in Britain and the United Kingdom are closing their doors at alarming rates, while ATM’s are quickly disappearing, leaving citizens with fewer options where they can go to get cash. 

Going to a Cashless Society

Before too long it seems everyone will be required and left with little choice but to go digital. That includes citizens living in the United States. Whether you like to think about it or not, a cashless society is something that we need to start preparing for now. 

While digital currency may be currently seen as an effective way to buy and sell and to continue on with our daily lives, it can be subject to interruptions due to power outages, loss of Internet access, etc. That’s why it’s so important that you have other methods set in place now so that your family can survive when both cash and digital currencies are both unavailable.   

What Happens After the Power Goes Out?

I’m not necessarily talking about an apocalyptic event, but already in the present today we’re seeing a number of major catastrophes that have left millions without power, and unable to make necessary survival purchases. 

All because digital spending was rendered useless for a short period of time. What about the possibility of a cyberattack that devastates millions of peoples’ bank accounts? But preparing for an apocalyptic scenario would still be a wise move on your part because you never know when the SHTF and we remain in the dark indefinitely.   

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Learn Survival Skills 

If a major disastrous global event were to ever occur in our lifetime, things would get more than a little “dicey” or “hairy” for you and your family. Especially when cash is no longer an option and everyone’s thinking quickly becomes, every man for themselves. 

With no one to rely on and no grocery store to supply you with meals, how will you survive? It’s imperative that you know certain basic survival skills, including how to build a shelter, finding fresh drinking water, starting a fire, using navigation, and discovering other means of how to feed your family. 

Have Items You Can Trade

During an economic meltdown, it will also be important that you are stockpiled with a number of key items that you’d be able to barter and trade with. One of the first things that you should consider getting a hold of is silver and gold. Both of them should still hold value long after the dollar holds a value of less than a ply of toilet paper. Valcambi bars may be an excellent choice to buy into, as they are easier to break off and trade with, but please do your own research to make sure it’s right for you. 

Other crucial items to have a stock of include water, food, clothing, medicines, fuel, toilet paper, duct tape, garbage bags, multi-tools, flashlights, baby supplies, and batteries. It may already be too late to gather these things up after a crisis has taken place. That’s why I strongly encourage you to prepare ahead of time so that you aren’t frantically scrambling and gathering shortly after disaster has struck.             

Final Word

There’s no denying that there are a number of good reasons for living in a cashless society, but there are so many red flags to account for as well. Hopefully, now you have a few tips up your sleeve regarding how you can survive a cashless society when it arrives, but also how you can still manage after the lights have gone out. What are your thoughts or concerns about surviving in a cashless society? Do you think we are moving towards a cashless society? I’d like to read your comments. May God bless this world, Linda.

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  1. At least 20 years ago, my bank president told me we were headed for a cashless society. He was planting the seed. It also suggests we find out how we must adjust our spending habits so we don’t drown in debt. Thanks.

    1. Hi David, wow, I can believe it!! I remember my husband worked at a bank and they introduced the ATM to their clients. The bank handed out ice cream cones to show people how to use it. Put your card in and a pin number and the money would come out! It sounds so funny now, but people were “scared” to use the ATM. LOL! Then they tried to get people to use a “debit” card instead of writing checks. There are still people in line at grocery stores writing checks….I’m 70. I can’t remember the last check I wrote. Everything is paid online and the statements come online. People are going to have to get used to it. I agree people must adjust their spending, the cards still need YOUR money in the bank. Great comment, 20 years ago, I love it! Linda

  2. Thank you and great article Linda! A cashless society will lead us to easily be controlled by a government ie a socialistic government. And that government ruled by a powerful group of people and even the AC written about in our Bibles. The system would demand we trade our dollars in for their Global Republic Credits which now sit in your bank account instead of your dollars. So you either agree to this new system or your dollars ($10-$50,000, $100,000) become worthless and you cannot buy and sell-only with their GRC’s. And along with you exchanging your dollars for these credits you get a chip to use at your grocery store and gas station that works just like our credit cards do now. So now you are either part of the system and part of the 666 society or you are not….Be careful what party you vote for, one is all for this New World Order and one party is not……We want to keep our country out of that system…God Bless!

    1. Hi John, I totally agree with you. I sure hope people think, and think again who they vote for. I’m very careful about what I write about politics and religion. We must not be dependent on the government. The dependent is not self-reliant. We MUST take care of ourselves and not depend on food stamps, free this, free that. I better get off my soapbox or I may have a heart attack. Stay safe, Linda

    1. Hi David, yep, we have to be able to barter. My biggest fear is the total electric power grid going down. Our 3 power grids that sell electricity to the entire US is so antiquated. It would take many years if ever to update. This is why I continually write about using solar, and non-electrical items. People need to read “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel. God help this country. Linda

  3. Thank you for all that you do. My fears are much greater than yours. I know that my time here is very limited, but I can’t stop worrying about all the young, ill prepared folks that think they would be better off in a dictator led country(socialism and communism are simply a dream used to control the masses.). John B. Nolen

    1. Hi John, I totally agree with you. I turned 70 this year and I have concerns for my kids and grandkids as well. I never thought I would see what is going on in our country right now. You and I were taught to work for what we earned. I’m sure you taught your kids the same thing. I am very worried about the ill-prepared people as well. Some days I think yay, people are stocking up and filling their pantries and then I come back to reality when I know sooooooo many people think the government will take care of them. It’s not going to happen. We must be self-reliant. Period. Stay safe, Linda

  4. Linda, thank you for your wise advice.
    My concern is that a cashless society leads (imo) to the mark of the beast. Which no one who is a disciple of Christ must get/do. At first the ‘drawing in’ is presented as: for our ‘convenience’ or ‘covid’ or (forced) vaccines or whatever. Then in time it becomes a demanding law we must obey or else. We now see people allowed to gather to riot to their hearts content (Joseph Smith said that would happen) but others can’t gather to worship God without threats and punishments. We see liquor store parking lots full of people hanging around visiting, but just try to gather for God and watch the outrages. Our beloved freedoms even now hang by a thread.

    1. Hi Janet, our beloved freedoms are indeed hanging by a thread. I have to keep busy posting positive things because otherwise people will get depressed and give up. We cannot give up, we have to be ready to bring back all of our freedoms and take out our illegal government leaders. I am not talking about Trump, let me make that clear, my friends. I will never bad mouth the President of our Country. Period. I am talking about corruption in many areas of government. God bless our world right now, we need it. Linda

      1. Linda…hi from Idaho… I truly don’t understand how silver and gold can be used for bartering purposes. Can you explain in more detail and give some examples???

        1. Hi Deb, great question. I know SOME people are stockpiling gold and silver who believe they can trade that for something THEY want or need after the SHTF. I do not stockpile silver or gold, it’s not in my budget. We all have the right to stockpile water, food, fuel, ammo, weapons, and toilet paper to name a few. My explanation is basic, stock up what YOU believe you can barter with. Until the time comes, no one really knows what people will want. We do know they will barter for those things they do not have. I have skills, I will barter with those. For example, if I need eggs that another family has, I will barter with a loaf of whole wheat bread I can make from scratch. I can grind wheat, so many people cannot. Would I trade for silver or gold, no. I hope this makes sense. I am not suggesting you stock up gold or silver unless you think it will be worth something in the future. Linda

      2. Thank you Linda! Your positive outlook and determination inspires me. I also refuse to bad mouth the President of our country. Yes! We must take out illegal government leaders! Well stated.

  5. I have read a number of “end times” scenarios and frankly, it frightens me. Not so much for myself but for my daughter and her family as well as all young people.

    One conspiracy theory that I read indicated that the COVID-19 vaccine was going to “implant” a chip. Another conspiracy theory was that when we go to a cashless society, the chip in our “card” would be our ID and if we don’t get one, we would be criminals and unable to “buy” our services: food, housing, medical, etc.

    I know that all these things must come to pass before the second coming but…

    1. Hi Leanne, I have heard the same thing. This concerns me as well. I truly hope the “chip” theory in our body is bogus. BUT, nothing would surprise me anymore. I never thought we would have 9-11, the 2008 economic disaster. All we can do is be positive but smart at the same time. We must stay positive, and upbeat. We must have faith and hope or we have nothing. Linda

  6. Linda, thank you for another excellent article. Two things concern me about going cashless. First, who controls the banks will control us, and the world–though it’s somewhat likely that is already the case. 🙂 And second, without cash to fall back on, an EMP or major Carrington Event could wipe out the grid for years. Say goodbye to anything you had in a bank, or a brokerage house if you own stocks, your 401k, IRA–all gone. I’ve also heard the same theories as Leanne, with the exception that the chip would be implanted at birth for newborns, and be injected with mandatory vaccinations for the rest of us.

    About Gold and silver. Having some in hand, especially in the form of collectible coins, isn’t a bad idea if you can afford it. But the reason people started banks in the first place was because gold is heavy and difficult to move in any quantity–and the presence of gold attracted thieves. Banks were more convenient and much safer. Now, of course, it’s arguable banks ARE the thieves but that’s a different discussion.

    These are the best arguments I know for having useful skills and trade goods. For example, we can swap eggs, fresh veggies, home canned veggies or meat or homemade breads, or even can meat or produce for those who don’t know how. We also have an extensive Prepper and How To library, in addition to lots of fiction to loan in exchange for services or goods. I built homes for a living and can still, in spite of my age, design and build most things folks would need, including furniture. Construction, engineering, mechanic, hunting, fishing, butchering, animal husbandry, veterinarian or medical training are among the most valuable skills to swap but there are dozens of others. My wife, for example, is a formidable seamstress. (She’s also a better shot with a pistol than I am and I’m decent).

    1. Oh my gosh, Ray, I LOVE your comment! See, we will all trade our skills and whatnot. Your wife sounds incredible, “she’s a better shot with a pistol than I am”!!!! You rock, my friend! The skills you and your wife have will carry you both through whatever happens! Stay safe, Linda

      1. I have an amusing story about how I “taught” my wife to shoot–and found out she was a natural. The story appears in my apocalyptic novel, “The Dying Time” and while the book is fiction the story is true. And you are right. She is so amazing she was the basis for the Ellen Whitebear character in that book.

  7. These are all very wonderful comments! I worry about our future. Over the years I have been witnessing our freedoms become fewer and fewer. I fear for the younger generations who were not taught to live off the land. I admit having lived in the city for many years, I am a bit rusty with it myself. But thankfully I have access to the local library until I can afford to purchase the books I need. Soon I will be doing a run to GoodWill to see what they have on their bookshelves. This year has really pushed me into making my preps and survival skills a huge priority. Thank you Linda for everything you do! It is grately appreciated!! God Bless everyone! Stay Safe, Humble and Kind to on another.

    1. HI Audrey, oh how I love your comment! Thank you for your kind words. Just think how great our world would be if people were all humble and kind to one another. God bless all of us! Linda

  8. A cashless society is a very dangerous one indeed I do not believe there ever a ‘coin shortage’ it was all contrived just as so many things are it seems.
    IF and I say if cashless occurs, shtf for sure. They who control the devices control it all.

    So many excellent comments I totally agree with.

    BTW I still write checks 🙂 I refuse to allow that form of currency to go away.

    1. Hi Ellen, we still need checks. I just wrote one today for some repairs on my house. I’m not sure how I would have paid him because I wouldn’t pay in cash, I wanted proof I paid him. Life is good, stay safe! Linda

      1. I’m always curious about the gold/silver thing: um, how much would a dozen eggs be worth in gold? In a shtf scenario, value would be found in useful goods, labor or skills…not bling, bling.

        1. Hi Wendy, I know a lot of people have stocked up on gold and silver. Not me it’s not in my budget. I will trade my skills. It’s just my humble opinion. Yeah, bling, bling does nothing for me. Everyone is different. I’m simple, Linda

  9. One thing you will have to consider is that There will be a sharp decrease in crime. Sooner or later some one will come up with a way to rob your bitcoin account. Yes; criminals have used bitcoins to conduct business. There used to be a website called Silkroad. Criminals used it to buy and sell all kinds of stuff.
    But it was eventually shut down. I don’t Think the U.S. will ever go 100% cashless.Too many people buy and sell things illegally now a days. Plus other people want to hide money from other people. Until you can shut down all those activities worldwide;there will never be a totally cashless society.

    1. Hi Elbert, good point, people get paid under the table here all the time. Yes, they are not paying taxes on it, that’s the game they play. Then they apply for food stamps and low-income housing. I have to agree, we may never go cashless how would people qualify for food stamps? Great comment, Linda

  10. Bartering or trade will soon become a common everyday event. I think spending whatever resources you have on extras for trade is essential. All these comments have great ideas. One item I rarely see is Scriptures, (probably because it is not PC). I have purchased cases of Scriptures for end times, not necessarily for barter, but because one day people will not only be hungry for food, but many will be hungry for the word of God, and I hope I can help.

  11. This will allow any government to control your life. If you disagree with them your livelihood is shut down. In Canada when the truckers protested, the Government did the following. On February 17, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a press conference that financial institutions have started freezing accounts and canceling credit cards in accordance with the Emergencies Act, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked earlier this week. Remember when they are done with Trump they will come after you.

    1. HI R William, thank you for commenting, I wrote this back in 2020. I remember the trucker strike and I also remember the accounts being frozen and credit cards being closed like BAM, no notice in most cases. Now its the end of 2023 and banks are freezing accounts for unknown reasons per the TV news again for months now. I have had readers ask me why the banks are lowering their credit card “limits” to $700.00 when they were formerly $10,000.00 limits. I remember when I did mortgages and I brokered the loans to big banks like Countrywide, which as you know, closed without warning. I knew something was up because Countrywide started calling all HELOCS due on demand. Then we all know what happened with the banks that failed and many are still failing today. May God help us all. Linda

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