Coronavirus Vaccine: What are the Dangers of a Quickly Developed Vaccine?

Coronavirus Vaccine: What are the Dangers of a Quickly Developed Vaccine?

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Many of us have heard about the new Coronavirus vaccine, and as much as some people are looking forward to one, we are also worried about how quickly it was developed. The reason this is an important concept in the prepper world is that you never know if you refuse to take the vaccine if you will be allowed in public places.

You could have to prove you had a vaccine just as children have to be vaccinated to go to school. The bottom line is that being informed will help you to prepare for the future. Here’s what you need to know about the Coronavirus vaccine and the dangers of a quickly developed vaccine! 

Please note, I am not a doctor, nurse, or anyone in the medical field. I am not stating I’m for or against any vaccines, let me make that clear, my friends.

Coronavirus Vaccine: What are the Dangers of a Quickly Developed Vaccine

What is the Coronavirus Vaccine?

The Coronavirus vaccine is like all other vaccines. It is a product that was created to stimulate a person’s immune system to produce immunity to COVID-19. According to the National Institutes of Health, in their trials, they are seeing a strong immune response. Antibody levels were higher with higher doses of the vaccine. 

What are the Side Effects?

During the trials, they have found that there are side effects. However, side effects were not life threatening. It is important to note that more than half of the participants did have one or more of the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Pain at the injection site

When Will We Have the Coronavirus Vaccine Available?

As of September 14, Pfizer and BioNTech are planning to expand their enrollment of the phase 3 Coronavirus Vaccine trial. Instead of doing trials on 30,000 people, they will now be doing 44,000 people. They have recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will roll out by the end of the year. In fact, they are really hoping to have it by October. 

How Long Do Vaccines Usually Take to Make?

This vaccine is rolling out in record time. We only started to work on a vaccine 6 months ago. So, the fact that it could be available by October or the end of the year means this is a quickly developed vaccine. 

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Did you know that most vaccines generally take about 10-years?! There is the discovery period that takes 1-2 years. Then, you move to the preclinical stage which is another 2-years. Next, you have the clinical development which comes in 3 stages. These stages take 5-9 years to complete. Finally, the FDA must approve it which can take about a year. 

As stated above, we are already on stage 3 of the clinical development for the Coronavirus vaccine in only 6-months! So, this is a very quick development of the vaccine!

What are the Dangers of a Quickly Developed Vaccine?

As you can see, the Coronavirus vaccine is rolling out in unprecedented time. So, it is only normal that we are a little fearful of the dangers of a quickly developed vaccine. Here are just a few of the dangers of rolling it out too quickly!

The Trials Have Less People

When you are rushing a vaccine, there really isn’t time to test millions of people. With any vaccine, scientists worry about the safety of the vaccine itself. So, even if there are no serious side effects in the first few trials, there may be bad ones that are experienced when more people are tested. 

The Vaccine Could Worsen the Infection

Some vaccines actually worsen the effects of an infection rather than protect it. This is called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). In previous Coronavirus vaccines that have been developed, ADE was observed. In fact, antibodies typical of ADE are present in the blood of some COVID-19 patients. So, if you had it and didn’t know you had it, and you take the vaccine, you could potentially have worsening effects. 

We Don’t Know Long Term Effects

We have no clue what the COVID-19 vaccine could do a year, 2 years, or 5 years from now. When you take time to develop a vaccine, by the next trial you are able to know if anything changed in patients 2-years later. When it is rushed through the clinical trials we have no way of knowing the long term side effects of taking the vaccine until after we have already made it available to everyone. 

They May Miss Certain Adverse Effects

If trials are only lasting a month or so, scientists may miss adverse effects that people could have a few weeks or months later. Additionally, they may just miss the side effects completely if they aren’t paying attention or if they are affected less than others. The quicker you move on things, the less time you have to really investigate everything a participant is telling you. 

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Little is Known about Immunity

We don’t even know that if you get COVID-19 whether you are immune from getting it again. In fact, we have heard stories of people getting COVID 2 or 3 times. So, we don’t know how long a vaccine will keep us immune to the disease. It could be a few months, a year, or not at all. 

We Don’t Know if the Virus will Mutate

When the virus finds vaccinated hosts, will it mutate? If the virus is capable of mutating, then it could become worse for a person who has been vaccinated than it would have been before. Mutated viruses can be a scary thing. 

We Have Never Successfully Made a Coronavirus Vaccine

By now, we should all know that there are different Coronaviruses out there. We have never been able to successfully make a vaccine to prevent the virus. The structures are wrong, meaning the chance of a COVID vaccine working effectively or long term is questionable. 

Something to Know about Vaccines

In addition to the dangers of rushing a vaccine, it is important to know a few things about how vaccines work. Beyond scientists’ control, the older we get the poorer our ability is to respond to vaccines. In fact, resistance to vaccines begins at approximately age 30 and becomes more profound with time. 

What is concerning about this is that the Coronavirus is especially attacking those over 60, and they are the ones who have a higher chance of resistance to the vaccine. This is why we typically vaccinate our children early. 

How to Prepare for the Coronavirus Vaccine

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to know about the Coronavirus vaccine because we could be told we can’t go out in public without the vaccine. I would hope that would not happen. I would hope that constitutional rights would be upheld. However, history has shown us that government agencies do not always allow you to keep your rights. With that being said, it is important to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

What does this mean for preppers? This means you want to have your storage in order. For example, if you can’t go to the store without proof you have taken the vaccine, how will you survive? Make sure you have at least 6 months of food and water stocked up, especially if you have decided against taking the vaccine. 

Check out some of my other posts on how to prepare, below:

Final Word

We all hope that we will not be forced to take a vaccine we don’t want to take. With that being said, we never know what could happen. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, my friends!  What do you think about the rushed coronavirus vaccine? Stay safe, stay well. Please keep prepping, we must. May God bless this world, Linda

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      1. Yeah it all starts with the miracle cure vaccine lol
        Ya know in my career fields I’ve not had a choice on vaccines. Huh I gotta make a decision. It’s not a hard one for me but sure hate it for all the others who aren’t gonna get a choice.

  1. Yep, I am not eager to get a vaccine that has been developed in record time, even though I am 60 and at high risk. Hopefully, working remotely has become such a big thing that no one will be asked to take the vaccine unless traveling to other countries.

  2. Linda as always your remarks are spot on. I am in the medical field, in fact I have a doctorate degree. I am extremely concerned about the speed of the vaccine potentially coming to market for all of the reasons you stated. In addition clinical trials generally include young healthy adults as they should. The study populations have not included those over the age of 65 and they shouldn’t until much more is known about the vaccine. That being said we all know that is the population at greatest risk from the infection.Those with underlying health conditions are not included in the clinical trials. Again they shouldn’t be until we have more safety data. That population has also been shown to be at a greater risk from the infection. This is why for every other vaccine it has taken 10 to 20 years for it to be available to the general public including children because again they are not included in clinical trials. I think another very important thing to consider is that Covid-19 was discovered less than a year ago. We do not know much about the disease. Everyday medical professionals are learning something new. Linda please keep spreading truth and stay safe. Please keep questioning things that do not sit right with you. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge more than you will ever know.

    1. Hi Analee, thank you for your kind words. I am very concerned with the speed of the clinical trials and the making of this vaccine. It doesn’t make safety sense to me. Stay well, stay safe, Linda

  3. For me personally, I’m not one to take vaccines, period. And, at 74, I have a super healthy immune system. The last time I have the flu was in the 70s. Can’t tell you the last time I had a cold. So, unless I’m forced to take this vaccine, I will choose to refrain from taking it. Besides, I don’t know what they have put into it and if it’s healthy for my body.

    Something else that helps me is, I’m not really a people person. I prefer to stay in the comforts of my home, so I’ve not had any issues with these lock downs. I’ve done it for years so I’ve had a lot of practice, lol. Oh, I do go out to run a few errands now and then, but I’m never gone more than an hour or two. I enjoy my home and yard. I do go on hikes in the woods with my dog and especially love it when there’s no one else on the trails and I can let him off leash and allow him to run and explore all he wants. Oh, I do visit with some of my neighbors now and then, but not often. But, that’s me.

    I don’t trust how fast these vaccines have been produced especially knowing how long it normally takes. I don’t trust what they have used to produce these vaccines. Are the ingredients natural or synthetic? Did they use baby parts or not? But most important, as far as I’m concerned, Is it healthy for my body?

    1. Hi Pam, great comment, thank you. I LOVE your very last statement “Is it healthy for my body”. I doubt it, that’s my biggest concern. Keep living the life you love! It sounds wonderful! Linda

      1. Hi Linda, I’m not one that trusts doctors either. Far too many of them are “pill pushers” and in the pockets of Big Pharma. Besides they only treat the symptom and not the root cause of the issue. I can honestly say I’ve only run into one physician in my lifetime that got angry because I refused to take something he wanted to prescribe for me because I know it wasn’t going to help me one bit. I’d say that nearly all issues people have are caused by their diets (far too many carbs, sugar, and fast food) and lack of exercise (walking, etc.). Like I said before, this is me and I can only speak for myself.

        1. Hi Pam, I have to agree with you on this one. I really believe diet and exercise are key to good health. I just told my husband (74 years old) that we are putting on weight and we need to do something ASAP or one of us may become Diabetic. We need to move more, walking is free except for the shoes. And we have those. I worry about Big Pharma, this is why I only go to the doctor once a year. I just need blood tests for my cholesterol prescription renewal for the year. I did go twice this year because I got double pneumonia. I went the first week of February before the doctors were even aware of COVID. I still wonder if I didn’t have that after the fact. Oh well, life goes on. I totally agree with you, stay safe, stay well. Linda

  4. I’m almost 69 years old and have never had a flu vaccine. Not planning on a Covid one either. I did get a pneumonia vaccine the last two years. Yea, they hurt for a week or so after. I totally dislike shots! I’m also an at risk person for the Covid.

    1. Hi Deborah, you know I just hope they give us a choice, to me something is off if the government forces us to get a vaccine. God help us all if it comes to that. It will not go well……stay safe, Linda

      1. Linda, I agree. I don’t want a take an unproven vaccine. It’s bad enough that I’ve taken meds that now have lawsuits for life threatening side effects. Luckily I don’t have any. It’s crazy times were living in and scary, too.

        1. Hi Deborah, I’m so glad you brought this up. Mark and I look at each other when a BIG Pharma commercial shows all the “adverse effects”, we look at each other, wow, why would take that prescription??? LOL! Not funny but funny. We are living in crazy times, the prescriptions bug me, I wish I could stop Crestor. I never should have started on it looking back. But doctors are not trained on diets, as far as I know. Stay well, Linda

          1. We all need to be educated on portions, and what foods do what. Nutrition is important to know too. I feel they should teach this in schools. I didn’t learn much about it in high school. Oh, and scratch cooking. From making bread to canning. Just my opinion. And every child needs it. And how to do basic clothing repairs and sewing. As well as car maintenance. How to check fluids to how to pump gas and change a tire.

          2. Hi Deborah, you are so right we all need to be educated on cooking from scratch, making bread, making biscuits, canning, sewing, and car repairs. It’s so funny you mentioned this today, I had a flat tire last night. And the spare was flat, thank goodness for tire pumps. My dad made brake pads and repaired brakes and I grew up working in his shop. I understand a school was built right here in Southern Utah with many of the classes (life skills, etc.) they removed from the public schools years ago. Thank goodness, and I hear the classes are full, imagine that. Stay safe, Linda

  5. When I get the flu vaccine (had to because I work in the health field), every so often I will have a negative reaction, throwing me into an Asthma attack. So, I’m not looking forward to a vaccine that is rushed and could cause me serious complications. Not to mention that we won’t know how they affect us down the road.
    It feels too rushed and unsafe.

    1. HI Stephanie, I have children and grandkids that have to get the flu vaccine because they work in hospitals. I think the difference is, those shots were tested longer (I can only assume). The sad thing is the flu vaccines don’t always contain what they need for the flu at hand. Viruses change so quickly. It feels too rushed and unsafe for me as well. Linda

  6. Hi Linda, liked your article. I for one, will NOT get a vaccination. It has been many years since I got a flu shot. As I’ve told you in the past, I’m 82 and normally very healthy. Since I want to stay that way,I will not get flu shots of any kind. I hope that you and yours are well and stay safe.

    1. Hi Suzanne, thank you for your kind words. I love hearing you are 82 and normally very healthy. That speaks for itself in my mind. Keep doing what you are doing my friend, it works. Linda

  7. Thank you for this excellent information Linda. You are so good at informing us intelligently.
    Though I’m not at all against meds and doctors where needed, I have never had a flu shot. I take immunity herbs each season. Did get pneumonia but was able to get through it using medicinal herbs, and since herbs are a natural medicine, I use them respectfully, taking them every 4 hours (my background is as a certified family herbalist, plus have studied/used herbs all of my adult life).
    Will not get this unproven vaccine. So concerned it will be forced upon us, whoch isn’t gonna be too pretty with so many (thank goodness) already saying they’ll refuse. Force isn’t the way of a true government, we may be in for some rough times.

    1. Hi Janet, I totally agree with you on your thoughts. I love hearing you are certified in medicinal herbs and natural medicine. I know Leanne is very knowledgeable and trained in herbs, etc. I need to get on board with that. I use essential oils but that’s about it. I am really concerned it will be forced on it, I may be off my rocker but if that happens watch out for some kind of major unrest. There are too many people for AND against any kind of shot or vaccine. Yes, indeed we are in for some rough times. Stay safe, Linda

  8. I think a lot of folks are missing the point that taking the vaccine may be required if you want to go out in public. My cynical mind tells me a vaccine that really didn’t help old people would do a lot toward restoring solvency to the Social Security System. When it comes to “public safety” our Constitutional rights no longer exist because fools have traded actual liberty for presumed safety.

    1. Hi Ray, I tend to question everything. Is it because I’m left-handed, does my brain work that way? I don’t know but I do not like the word “forced” to do anything. That is taking away my rights as a person, that does not go well with me. Stay safe, Linda

      1. Linda,

        Agreed, but this is not a good time to be a lover of freedom, or to hold opinions that are not in agreement with those espoused by the mainstream media. All of the freedoms we hold dear are under threat and when we speak up about it, we are placed in Facebook jail, accused of providing false or misleading information. Like you, I research the facts before posting information online, but far too many people care nothing for facts that dispute their opinions. Those of us who have read Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 and Atlas Shrugged are seeing them become real before out eyes. Aside from speaking truth, I know of no way to stop it.

  9. Thank you so much for this great information on vaccines. I can see how possibly taking the vaccine could be a concern for the immunosuppressed as well.
    I think one of the only medical procedures I may consent too that is rushed, is an epidural. :))

  10. Linda ~
    …side effects were not life threatening. It is important to note that more than half of the participants did have one or more of the following side effects:

    Pain at the injection site

    These are the same “side effects” that I generally get when I get flu and pneumonia shots. One way to eliminate or reduce the “pain at the injection site” issue is to rub the area just after the injection. I was told to do this after my first flu shot to reduce the pain. I was told that injections leave the vaccine in a local area and swelling/pain is a muscular result. By rubbing the area, it forces the medication to go deeper more quickly. Just what I was told and it works for me – as soon as they put the bandaid on, I start rubbing!

    I am also reluctant to, perhaps be forced, to take the COVID-19 vaccine. It is interesting to me that regular flu vaccines only cover a few of the known flu strains but not all of them because they mutate often. So, if the COVID-19 vaccine covers what is known at the time of production and then the strain mutates, the vaccine will not likely cover the mutation.

    I think if my Dr. recommends I get the vaccine, I will ask her to show me proof that she has had the vaccine.

    1. Hi Leanne, I think all medical personnel has to have flu shots if they work in an office or the hospitals. I have a friend that works at a clinic and she had to have one and I have two relatives who have to have the flu shot in order to work there. Every state could be different. I don’t really know. Stay safe! Linda

      1. I do realize that medical personnel are required to have flu vaccinations but with the COVID-19 vaccination I still want proof that my medical personnel have had the shot(s) and that they have no concerns about it.

        1. Hi Leanne, I totally agree with you on that one! I wonder how they would prove to us that they did in fact have them?? Hmmm, great question. No concerns, I would love to hear that as well. Linda

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