Side Jobs Perfect During a Pandemic

Side Jobs Perfect During a Pandemic

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The months of March and April of 2020 were extremely hard on all of us. Many of our country’s workers were sent home without work and a paycheck as our economy came to a screeching halt. As the year slowly crept by, most of us returned back to our normal everyday jobs and continued on with our lives.

Some people have been able to get back on track with paying their bills on time and adding to their savings just as before. Keep reading to discover these side jobs that may be perfect during a pandemic.

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Side Jobs Perfect During a Pandemic 

But that has not been the story for everyone. Several businesses never opened back up, while countless job positions were no longer deemed as necessary. As of late, there are still millions of Americans that are in need of a job just to keep their family afloat. 

In the meantime, our government has been procrastinating and not able to come up with a solution to help these people. This has added a lot of financial and emotional strain on marriages and families.     

Depending on where you live, your children’s schooling may have remained online starting this new school year, forcing many moms and dads into finding jobs that they can do from home. 

Working just to pay a babysitter doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. For any one of these circumstances that you may be facing, a side hustle is something that you possibly should be thinking about. These are a handful of side jobs that may be perfect for you and your family during this pandemic. 

Food and Grocery Delivery Service

Side Jobs Perfect During a Pandemic

Are you looking for a job where you create your own hours by working at times that are best for you? Delivering food and groceries for elderly people and for those not wanting to go out in public has become a need like never before. 

There’s also the added bonus of receiving tips from your customers. This job requires you to have a dependable vehicle, a current driver’s license without any major violations on your driving record, and being reliable and courteous towards others. Here are a few to check out! 

  • Uber Eats
  • Instacart
  • Door Dash
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Personal Shoppers

There are still those who don’t want to risk being exposed to Covid-19 due to preexisting health conditions they already have. The demand for personal shoppers is at an all-time high right now, especially if you live in an urban area. There are also tips to account for as well.  

Online Surveys

You aren’t going to make a huge income out of this gig, but it’s a great way to make a little extra cash. Businesses and their related websites are always looking for people who are willing to take their online surveys in exchange for some cool cash. SurveySavvy, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie are a few websites that you should check into to get you started. If you can’t leave your house, this is one of those side jobs perfect during a pandemic. 

Blogging, Social Media, and Building Websites

Needing a job that you can do while you are at home with the kiddos? Many businesses have had to adapt and move many of their positions online just to keep up. There’s a need out there for bloggers to write articles just like this one. Businesses also need someone who can keep up with their social media or an individual who can create a website for them. 

You can make a pretty good living doing this, where earnings depend on your level of expertise and how much work you have to put into it. Brushing up on your writing skills may be the only thing that you need to work on.  

Online Tutor

Tutoring students can be a challenge when you don’t feel comfortable having strangers in your home during this pandemic. Consider tutoring online by using Skype or Zoom and using the Internet to find people who are in need of a tutor. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs (using Zoom) have also become popular and in high demand, and you can do them from home these days. This type of job gives you the flexibility of working from home and also choosing your own hours. Sounds like a win-win to me. You’ll be required to have customer service skills, good organization, both writing and verbal skills, along with motivation.  

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Answering Questions Online

Do you have a wealth of information in that brain of yours that you’d be willing to share with others? As long as you have a high school diploma and have expertise with technology, medicine, law, and other academic areas, you can share that information with others while making money. If this sounds like you, I’d encourage you to head to websites like JustAnswer and start earning money today.  

Cleaning Services

Are you skilled at cleaning and tidying up after people? This job may be one that you’re a little hesitant to do because of your family’s health and safety are important to you. But using your discretion and choosing which jobs you take can help you put food on your table. There are even businesses that need someone to tidy up their workspaces and they can be a dependable client that you can rely on to keep you busy.  


Businesses are needing extra security as we continue to move on through this pandemic. With the right training and qualifications for the position, and if you are willing to work flexible hours with different shifts, this job may be something that interests you.  

Donating Plasma

Donating plasma is another great way of making money for you each week, and it requires very little from you. There’s also the rewarding benefit that you’re giving back to your surrounding community. 

As long as you’re not overly concerned about being exposed to others that is. But it’s been proven to still be safe to do so even during a pandemic. Many plasma donation centers will pay you as much as $50 for each visit, and up to 2 times a week. 

Final Word

The times that we live in today have put many of us in a position to find other jobs so that we and your families can scrape by. Fortunately, a lot of these jobs are ones that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and also with the luxury of not having to leave your kids with a babysitter. 

What are some other side jobs that you’ve come across that would prove to provide a good temporary income for families to get by?  May God bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. I made masks for people. That paid about $100. I did give a few away. To my daughter and a few friends. I didn’t advertise at all. And I already had the fabric and other items needed. Although I did run out of elastic. There are numerous ways to make a bit of extra money.

      1. There are a lot of ways to make money. Sewing is one. Baking. Odd jobs. Small appliance repairs. Small home repairs. Bartering is also good. If you have excess of one thing and a neighbor has excess of something you need. You trade. So very many ways. Auto repairs, too.

        1. Hi Deborah, I love it when I can pay someone to do my plumbing, Mark does not like doing it. Plus, it keeps the peace in the family if we hire it out. Mark can build a house and wire it but plumbing is another story. We all have talents and we all need people to help us and if we can pay them, that’s awesome! Life is good when you know a good plumber, and we do. LOL! Linda

  2. I know I mentioned in a comment on another blog post – I have a little job that will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$500 a month. Depends on the hours. I am disinfecting a large building 2 days a week after the janitor cleans. The offices are only staffed 2 days a week (3-4 people only) so I go in when they are out of the offices. In the next couple of weeks, I will be taking over the cleaning one day a week which will give me a bit more income but will result in not much more in terms of time – I am hourly for the disinfecting and salaried for the cleaning. Clean/disinfect at the same time!!

    I’ll be frank, however. This is totally something that one of the laid off workers could be doing and I actually suggested that to the company’s representative. She said that none of them wanted to come in and do it. I believe that a company employee would be making significantly more than I do but if they don’t want to do it, I will!

    My “income” hasn’t changed since I am retired but I can certainly use the extra $$ for prepping, paying off a bill or two or just saving the money. I just hope it lasts at least through the end of the year!!

  3. A word about online surveys. I tried that after retired from teaching and found it was a scam. You do all the surveys and get nothing for them unless they decide to pay you, which they never did ! Even family members tried it and we all had the same trouble. Eve if they do decide to pay you it is with items you don’t want or need. I’ll never do it again.

  4. Regarding Donating Plasma- I’m not sure if this is all over, but in our town if you have had Covid-19, you make $100 each time you donate. You can donate twice a week. This can be good money.

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