High School Graduates

Best Gift For High School Graduates

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Do you have some high school graduates this year? I realize we usually send money, which all graduating students can use, but for me, I like to put together an emergency preparedness kit that high school graduates can store and have available when needed. The minute those awesome kids move out and into their own living quarters, some of these items may not be available like they were at mom or dad’s house.

I have had a few grandkids move out and go to school and they quickly learned that those “Bandaids” at moms house are now 300 miles away. It’s the simple things we take for granted that a young adult who is moving out of the nest needs in their own apartment, rental home or student housing.

High School Graduates

It’s almost like they need a “graduation shower,” with items they will need if they become sick, hungry if the power goes out, or if an unforeseen emergency happens. I will add the items you suggest, so bring them to me, my friends, let’s send these young adults off with the stuff they need.

Here’s the deal, I made a first aid kit for college: First Aid Kit For College  It’s definitely a good start, but they need even more now that our country and the world are so unsettled.

Gift Ideas-High School Graduates


Everyone can use cash, right? I would recommend some ones and fives in an envelope for an emergency cash stash.

First Aid Kit

Please start with fever reducers, cough syrup, silver solution, cough drops, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or whatever your young adult uses for over-the-counter drugs. I highly recommend this medical book and other items for every member of the family, and yes, even students:

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First Aid Kit

I love essential oils, but I have to be careful or the FDA will shut down my website. Yes, it has been done to other bloggers. I will not say essential oils or a silver solution will cure anything, please use your own judgment when it comes to natural remedies. I rarely go to the doctor and my entire family is the same way. I have 17 grandchildren, so you know I have a large family.

We have learned to heal our bodies naturally, it’s not for everyone. Oh yes, we go to the doctor if there is any question. We are medical savvy, so to speak. I have had my grandchildren say, “Grandma I need some silver or Breathe essential oils.” It’s how we roll, you must do what is right for you and your family.


If you want to give a flashlight, please throw in a few extra batteries, the high school graduates will thank you! I gifted a solar one to my granddaughter that is a hand crank, USB charger, or solar. This is the one I buy for all family members: Goal Zero Lantern

Water Storage

Here’s the deal with water storage. Yes, we can give a few cases of water from the grocery store, that’s awesome. But, for the long term please consider these BlueCans. I know they are expensive, but all my grandkids will be getting these. Some already have them for emergencies. Think disaster, these will store in temperatures up to 145-150 degrees. They come in 24 cans in a box. Skip a few sodas or eating out and you can afford these.

If you live near one of their distributors you can pick them up and save on shipping. This is all I wanted for Christmas last year, BlueCans. I can sleep at night. Like a baby.

Food Storage

It would be really nice to give pantry-size containers like these for emergencies. I purchased these through Thrive Life. These could be freeze-dried and will keep for their entire college period if stored in a dark cool place.

High School Graduates

These are freeze-dried packages from Thrive Life that are great for couples for wedding gifts and high school graduates. Here is a link if you want to check these out: Thrive Life Food Storage

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A few other items that would be awesome would be items to fill a pantry, or at least partially. Please give them a can opener and a pair of scissors. They will be opening packages of pasta, beans, rice, and cans of just about any food to fill their bellies. I picture ramen noodles being a favorite. I know, I can hear some people say, “But that’s processed food.” Well, it’s also called starving students, I know, because I was there once.

Cell phone charger

Who wouldn’t love an extra cell phone charger, right?

72-Hour Kit

I’m sure you know what can go in a student 72-hour kit: toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, menstrual supplies, etc. The list is endless. I would just think to myself: “What would I need for the next three days?”

Emergency Car Kit

The best place I have found for a fairly cheap emergency car kit would be Costco or Sam’s Club. They have them once a year around Christmas time for under $35.00, typically. It’s a start, but a very good bag filled with car items for a student.

Tool Kit

You know we take for granted that we have a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, etc. A small tool kit for a student would be awesome. I have seen some really nice ones at IKEA. Or you can put together a tool kit bag for your student on your own.


If your student is lucky enough to have a food card, woohoo! If not, just think of any extra kitchen utensils like plates, cups, silverware, etc. They will gladly take them. I promise.

I hope this post today gives you several ideas for your high school graduate’s gift ideas. I will add others as I think of them. May God bless you and your family. Thanks for being prepared NOW for the unexpected.

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  1. A thermometer is a good idea. Be sure to teach them how to use it. Also include a fact sheet on how to tell if they have the flu, and how to know when it’s time to go to the doctor. I’ve seen kids walk around with severe pneumonia for days and not even know it! If they desperately need “sick” supplies, just about everything can be delivered these days but it costs money and many times kids are short on funds. Maybe tuck an emergency Visa gift card into the first aid kit to use for delivery.  But I wouldn’t tell them it was in there until it was needed!

    1. Oh, Kay, I love the emergency Visa card in the first aid kit! Great tip! I call them starving students because Mark and I were starving putting him through school but we didn’t know we were poor! Or starving, we knew how to make do. The people who are deathly ill scare me because they may not know how sick they really are. Money is in short supply for those of us who went through school working two or three jobs. No student loans. No silver spoon, but life is good! Linda

  2. I have given “Go Bags” to my son and his family and my daughter. I will be making one for one of my granddaughters that is living on her own. She has some things, but not in a bag that she can grab and go .

  3. You forgot to mention you need to be prepared for possible eye-rolling. They’ll appreciate it down the road, but at first they just think you are a nut-case. Lol

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