How To Tag 72-Hour Bug Out Bags For Survival

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You may want to know how to tag your 72-hour bug out bags for survival, just in case you get hurt during or after a disaster. When I first started teaching food storage and emergency preparedness classes I designed a tag so every class member could attach it to their own 72-hour kit. I wanted a tag to remind people running out the door with their 72-hour bag to grab their prescriptions, their pet care materials if they have a pet and one card with names and phone numbers and their important documents binder. The “binder” stands for the binder contents that I designed for Food Storage Moms FREE printable sheets for an emergency binder. The binder would include your important documents you wouldn’t want to leave behind in case your home was destroyed. The reason for the name and phone numbers is if someone loses their bag, or is hurt and unable to communicate, or if you get separated from your 72-hour kit you still have some critical information with you that you more than likely will need. I used cardstock and laminated mine to protect the information on the tags, and then secured them to my 72-hour bags. I have two sets of cards to choose from, one with pets and one without pets.

72 Hour-Bug Out Bag for Survival

The reason I laminated mine was so they would be sturdier and somewhat waterproof. If you don’t have a grab and go binder here are some ideas to help you get started. I would strongly suggest you get some baseball card pocket sheets and fill them with 2 pictures of each member of your family. Gather your most valuable documents that you may need and place them in an area where you could grab them as you vacate your home / apartment. As our children grow we will need to replace them as needed with more current pictures. The reason I mention two pictures because if we are separated we can paste one picture on a base camp/emergency headquarters command center and still have one with us in our bags. Please label the pictures with the person’s name, and add whatever information you feel comfortable putting on it. Remember, if we are separated from our loved ones this might make it possible to find that one missing person.

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Tags For 72-Hour Bug Out Bags

tags for 72 hour bug out bags

Free: 72 Hour Kit Emergency Tags

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Food Storage Moms FREE Printable Emergency Binder

Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected! May God bless you for your efforts! This is one more step to be prepared.

Emergency bed bag

My favorite items for the binder:

Avery Trading Card Pages, Acid Free, Pack of 10 (76016) (perfect for pictures)

Avery Diamond Clear Multi-Page Capacity Sheet Protectors, PVC Free, Pack of 25 (74171)

Avery Ready Index Table of Contents Dividers, 10-Tab Set, 6 Sets (11188)

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