How to Really Secure Your Bug Out Location

How to Really Secure Your Bug Out Location

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Just how secure is your bug out location? Is it hard to find? Do many people know about it? What precautions have you set in place to add to its security? Or maybe you don’t even have one yet, but you’re wanting to learn what makes a good one?

There are a number of things that you need to think about when adding security to your bug out location, especially so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Here are a number of ways detailing how to really secure your bug out location. 

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Choose the Right Distance and Location

How to Really Secure Your Bug Out Location

Unless you live far out in a country setting, or an extremely isolated area, you may not want your bug out location to be on your property. Although I am not bugging out, I’m just giving you the heads up.

Especially if a natural disaster was to come through that would wipe out both your house and your bug out location, along with most other places in your region. 

  • Choosing the right distance away from your home may require you to travel dozens of miles to get there. You want it to be further away, but not so far that it’s out of reach. You’ll need an appropriate vehicle to get you there. 
  • You also want to think about knowing a couple of different routes to get there, in case the main road is no longer accessible.  
  • Besides worrying about distance, a good location is also something else to consider when you’re thinking about security. Choose a location that not only has a good vantage point, but one that is also hidden and has natural barriers surrounding it, like a mountain or a river. 

It needs to be far away from the main roads and in an isolated place away from the presence of many people. There also needs to be other strategic places and fox holes where you can scope out any possible dangers.     

Seclusion with Plenty of Tree Cover

Also related to location, seclusion will play a vital role in the security of your bug out location. Camouflage will be paramount, whether it’s in a densely tree populated area or in an abandoned garbage dump. You don’t want to advertise that a prepper is living near the premises, so keeping your area as natural as possible is a good idea.    

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Difficult to Access 

No matter how secluded or isolated of a location that you’ve come across for your bug out location, when SHTF, someone else is sure to also stumble upon it. That’s because everyone will be running for their lives, seeking shelter in locations such as yours.

It will be important that you make your bug out location as difficult to access as possible. Which brings me to my next point.   

Set Up Boobie Traps and Alarms

Creating a defense around the perimeter of your location is something that you should seriously look into. You may not want to hurt anybody, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be willing to hurt you. 

Do your best to deter them by setting up booby traps to let them know that their presence will not be tolerated. The closer one gets to your bug out’s front door, the more lethal those boobie traps should become.

There are also DIY alarms that you can easily place on the entryways of your bug out location, but also a little further away to give you more of a heads up if any people may be present.   

Have Plenty of Cameras

Another boost to your bug out location’s security would be to have plenty of cameras in place. No, i’m not talking about fake cameras that can scare away people, I’m referring to the ones that can actually record.

Cameras can provide you with enough time to take up precautions instead of being caught completely blindsided.    

Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Not only do motion sensor flood lights turn animals away, they can turn away people too.  Motion sensored flood lights are ideal for revealing trespassers after the sun has gone down. 

Plant Thorny Bushes

You could also plant thorny bushes all around your bug out property to keep people away. The only downside to this is that it’s going to take a long time for them to grow and spread out.   

Electric Shock Fence 

An electric shock fence around the perimeter of your bug out location will send a message to strangers that they are not permitted to come nearer. 

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Keep a Sentry on Patrol 

It’s also important that you set a sentry on patrol around your property at all times to give your family a much earlier alert, and also knowing more about the threat before it’s arrived, whether it’s one or two people, or more.  

Get a Dog

Having a dog can be both a good and a bad thing and you’ll need to weigh your options. On the one hand, they may bark and give away your location when you’re desperately trying to conceal it, but they can also deter, and alert you when someone unwelcome is lurking about in the dark. 

There Is Safety In Numbers 

Many preppers make the mistake and only consider bunkering down with just their family members when SHTF. But the truth is, it’s safer to have more people on your side when your current situation has forced you into your bug out location.

While you don’t want to tell strangers about your intentions, it’s only going to help you to tell your closest friends and family where you plan on bunkering down. 

Have Personal Protection

Whether we like to talk about it or not, when SHTF, people will do almost anything to ensure that they survive. Your family’s safety is the most important thing, but others may not give a hoot about that. Keeping personal protection on your person you at all times may help you survive.

This is when it’s critical you get your Concealed Weapons Permit, and follow the laws of the land. If you are not comfortable with weapons, make a plan for other options Now to help you to survive.

Know Your Property’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Last but not least, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses about your bug out location. Pay attention for strategic lookout locations, places to hide, as well as safer escape routes should you have to quickly leave your location.

Knowing your bug out’s weaknesses will allow you to keep a better eye on those areas so that you are not compromised, or surprised by potentially dangerous people. 

Final Word

Expert preppers will insist that you have more than one bug out location to turn to, but if finances are holding you back, simply having one is a great start. What are some other ways to add security to a bug out location that would be worth mentioning?

These tips are perfect for learning how to really secure your bug out location. 

Now, again, for some of us, bugging out is not an option. Mark and I will not be bugging out, unless of course, an earthquake hits our home. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. “ This is when it’s critical you get your Concealed Weapons Permit, and follow the laws of the land.” When the U.S. Congress and your State and local governments do not follow the U.S. Constitution what are your obligations to them? The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land. It is what bestows any authority for and governmental body in the United States. All else is derivative from it. If they attempt to or succeed in bypassing the U.S. Constitution their actions are null and void – that is to say, unenforceable. They are operating outside of the U.S. Constitution. They are acting as a rogue, shadow government and have no authority. The U.S. Constitution confers authority and places limitations upon the government. The Second Amendment recognizes the supreme authority of he individual in self preservation. Each individual has the sovereign right to keep (possess) and bear (have upon their person) arms (weapon(s), no description nor limitation placed upon it). It goes further to place an absolute limitation upon the government in stating SHALL NOT (a legal term forbidding any authority, in fact, denying any authority) be infringed (to interfere in any manner). When the SHTF self preservation is your responsibility, no permit needed. These permits sold by your Sheriff are removing your Constitutional rights and selling them back to you as a privilege.

    1. Hi Michael, great comment. Please explain this line to me “These permits sold by your Sheriff are removing your Constitutional rights and selling them back to you as a privilege”. I have my concealed weapons permit. Thanks for helping me understand this line. Linda

    2. Hi Michael, are you saying we shouldn’t have to get a concealed weapons permit? It’s our Constitutional Right to carry a weapon, I think this is what you’re saying. I hadn’t really thought about it this way. You’re right. Linda

      1. Did you get a permit to carry, posses, read or share a bible?
        Been more folks killed over religion than there ever will be by concealed or open carry citizens but you don’t need a permit.
        That being said for now for those of y’all without Constitutional Carry you might want to follow the law.
        Right and Law aren’t always the same and at the end of the day you will be in prison.
        It’s more important to have it, be proficient with it and get trained than discuss antics.

        1. Hi Matt, I got my permit to carry my weapon as needed. The problem is my husband was not on board with a weapon I purchased. You know by now I have a lot of respect for you and your thoughts. I wish we lived closer so I could pick your brain for just an hour. You have so much knowledge, I am so far behind what you know and can do. I acknowledge that. For health reasons, I did not go and get training to shoot. I took a few lessons but then could not continue the training. You rock Matt, Linda

          1. All we do is the best we can. Between the virus and lack of ammo I’m encouraging folks to get an air soft and practice in their yards.

  2. I agree with your messsage of last year about the 15 reasons you will not bug out and I agree with them. Unless it is a fire,etc. like that , I am staying put. I have what I need to stay safe and to portect myself . No need to leave and let the looters get in. Even in an earthquake, we will stay . We have ways to communicate without phones, as well. My husband is a Ham operator and is getting his new tower up that will let us reach back east.

    1. Hi Cheryl, that’s why I wrote this today, I know there a lot of people bugging out. You and I will not be leaving our homes. But people who are bugging out need to know they may be a target, in my opinion. I just hope people are smart and take precautions. I need to get my ham radio license. I need to write myself a note. We all must get ours. Great reminder. Thanks, Cheryl, great comment! Linda

  3. Linda, like you I don’t have a bug out location. Probably my home is what many family and friends deem Their BOL, lol. (It’d take a tornado flattening my house to get me to leave, kind of like an earthquake for you.) Your article was about securing a BOL, and somehow that always leads to armed security or perimeter natural defense, and these should certainly be taken into account. But, my thoughts are that ‘securing’ a bol is more than that. There’s another threat out there and her name is Nature…a BOL is the same and More than a ‘second home’ ,or get away cabin, as it needs to be stocked and ready to use at a moment’s notice. People thinking to set up a bol need to realize How Many precautions they need to take to achieve this. So, for those who want to set up a BOL, here’s some ideas. Be prepared to visit often and maintain it by yourself: there’s no way to keep it secreted if you hire a company to maintain it. Many cabin owners pay others to ‘open and close up’ their property. Yes, this is security too. What does this involve? A BOL needs to be secure against critters getting inside, even under a crawlspace, or coming down the chimney or even a septic pipe on the roof. Imagine stocking a safe place with food, only to discover a family of raccoons living high off the hog in the kitchen! Oh, the heirloom seeds stored? Late night snack for birds! And God only knows you wouldn’t want a bear to have taken up residence. Those suckers can smash open a can pretty easy.
    Next, there’s the water supply: I would hope most BOL’s would have a well. No matter what source you use at a bol, precautions must be taken to make sure it continues to work. Speaking of water…a bol has a roof. It should also have gutters as heavy rains can create havoc with the foundation. Use the gutter drainpipes to save water Only When you need it, otherwise, drain away from house. Break the piggy bank and put on leaf guard on these gutters. This can save your roof from heavy rains. In wintry climes, be prepared to visit to break up any ice dams on the roof. If a bol is equipped with wood burners, make sure any cut wood is stored outdoors in racks to prevent critters from making a comfy home in a pile. If a person is really preparing, they may have prepped a garden space, right? Cover that area with either commercial material or cardboard to stop weed growth. Last, oil all tools including the lowliest hoe to prevent rust. A bug out location is only as good as it’s caretaker.

    1. Hi Wendy, OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment. You nailed it. It’s really funny because when Mark and I were first married we always dreamed of having a cabin. We never had the money for a cabin, but it’s okay. We would go “help” our friends that had cabins, cut wood, shovel decks around the cabin from the snow that slid off the roof. Heavy hard snow. Then we would spend a few weekends every summer cutting back the tree suckers. Oh my gosh, hours and hours of work. Then, to keep the fire danger down we helped rake leaves, lots and lots of leaves. And we hauled them down the mountain in truck loads. That was many years ago. We loved helping them when we were younger. It sounds so awesome to have a BOL but it is no longer feasible for most of us. I love the term caretaker, cleaning up mouse poops, hoping the raccoons didn’t stop by. Wow, you nailed it. Thank you! Linda

  4. You have to have enough people for 24/365 operations and little things like duty rosters make a huge difference in making sure your people are treated fairly. In other words you don’t want Sally getting guard duty at the start or end of the sleeping period all the time while John has to get up in the middle of the night all the time.
    Remember the miltary rule 101 of Always Improve Your Position. Your BOL should get some kind of improvement constantly. You won’t show up with bobby traps, camo and fighting positions all done, mapped out and set most likely so eat the steak one bite at a time and make improvements daily.

  5. Love your ideas here…one thing you can do when planting thorny bushes is to plant blackberry brambles…You can eat the blackberries, and they can double by keeping you safe from intruders. They taste pretty good in cobblers and stewed in sugar and topped with ice cream…just sayin’. And the other thing is they’re pretty hardy plants. Once they’re going, you might have to cut them back because they can go wild. We cut a labyrinth in them so we could havest the berries…because the biggest and juiciest were always just out of reach. LOL

  6. Oh I thought of one other thing…fell trees over a driveway. More than one. If it looks difficult to break through, an intruder will try an easier target. It’s hard to effectively loot a place if you can’t drive up to it.

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