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Does Prepping Mean You Don’t Have Faith

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Does prepping mean you don’t have faith? I sometimes wonder how people really feel about the word prepping. Prepping to me is being prepared for the unexpected. It’s a way of life for my family and has been our entire life. Please realize that this has not been an overnight feat. It has taken me years to learn to garden, to can, and dehydrate the fruits of my labors, and learn the skills needed to survive. I had to learn the best way to store water and preserve it the best way. I had to learn how to properly purify the water I stored when needed.  I learned to use small stoves, solar ovens, and outside cooking devices besides a gas barbecue. I learned how valuable a Dutch oven with a lid is to have stored. I researched all the important fuels that will work and which ones will burn longer, thus using less fuel. I could go on and on but I want to share some thoughts today with you.

I remember being at a neighborhood luncheon several years ago and asking if there was anyone there that has some food storage in case of an emergency. I had responses like, “I’m too old to start now.” Another lady said, “I have vitamins that will keep me healthy.” A few said, “I have a few #10 cans of food on a shelf.” Then I asked about water, it was silent. Several ladies mentioned our homes are so small here, I don’t know where I would store water let alone any food storage. This is when I became a real prepper, in a sense. Who did they think would take care of them? Did they think God or their supreme being would just take care of them? Did they assume the government would swoop in with pallets of food and water? I didn’t ask that question.

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What does prepping mean:

When I was a young girl I heard the statement that God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. I don’t know where I heard it or where it originated, but it really had an impact on me. I’ve tried to apply that concept in how I live my life and use my talents and energy.

I’ve heard people say that if there was a God and if he loved us he wouldn’t let terrible things happen to us, particularly to innocent little children. I’ve also heard about a book titled something like “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I haven’t read the book but hear it is worth reading. I do feel that life can be a real test of our willingness to do our best, work hard, look out for others, and be willing to follow our own understanding of what our creator expects of us. Based on my own life experiences I’ve determined I need to look out for myself, and my loved ones and do what I can for those around me, given the limited resources I have. That is what prompted me to start this blog and my website, to help others to be prepared, as best they can, for those unexpected events and situations that will come our way. No one is exempt from challenges, no matter how “faithful” they try to be. We see great people lose a job, get sick and unable to work, lose a loved one, have their homes torn apart by natural disasters and more. I believe that God won’t throw anything in our path that we can’t deal with, given our best efforts and energy.

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I’m not one of those who want to live in some remote area away from family, friends, and most modern conveniences. I’m not afraid to let people know where I live. You won’t be seeing me write about skinning a squirrel or making possum stew. What you will hear me repeat over and over is that we can be prepared one can of food or gallon of water at a time to deal with disasters and unexpected events in our lives. I’m not fearful since I’m prepared. I think God would be proud of any of us who use our initiative and resources to store things and learn how to use them now, before disaster strikes!

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  1. It took Noah 100 years to build an ark, because God said trouble was coming. It took Joseph 7 years to store up grain for the famine that was coming. In the New Testament, Paul took up a collection for the coming famine in Jerusalem. There are a lot of Biblical reasons to store up for bad times.

    Proverbs 21:20Living Bible (TLB)

    20 The wise man saves for the future,[a] but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.

    Sorry for the sermon, but this is something I feel strongly about.

    1. Hi, Janet, I totally agree. I keep getting asked to speak at churches to “light the fire” under people. Really? I can’t wrap my head around why people are not getting it. It’s so frustrating to me, do they not hear the news or see what’s going on around the world? We have been told time and time again to be prepared for the unexpected. I’m trying to understand why some people are doing nothing. It really concerns me. We can’t take care of everyone. Your sermon is awesome! I agree! Linda

  2. Prepping is not a matter of faith, but rather a matter of obedience. We have been told for years to be prepared and there are many things to be prepared for. When we obey we are blessed. Obedience is also a show of faith. Even if one is prepared and were to lose it all in a disaster we were obedient and faithful and will be blessed for that.

    1. Hi, Cathy, I totally agree with you. I’m just frustrated when I teach class after class and so few understand the importance of preparedness. I am trying to figure out why they don’t prepare for anything. The government can’t help everyone and either can we. I believe it is obedience as well. Thank you, Linda

  3. Proverbs 27:12 “A prudent person forsees the dangers ahead and Takes precautions. the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

    1. Hi Maggi, oh I love getting scriptures, thank you! This one is great because it’s so simple and yet so true. Suffers the consequences, good one. Linda

  4. Than k you for your efforts to try to teach people and to share your experience and knowledge. It is VERY FRUSTRATING I realize because I know oh so well that when you try to explain the basics to people about this in hopes that they will take a harder, clearer look at what is happening all around us and to try to make some effort to help themselves, it just seems to fly past them so many times or with some really poor excuses . Common sense if anything else, faith or no faith, seems to be lacking in our world. That may sound harsh, but it is truth. People have this attitude that they are exempt from danger, sickness and just plain bad decisions on their part that got them many times into the mess they’re in and because they don’t want to be responsible for themselves or family and then God becomes so easy to blame for all of it, now isn’t HE? However, with what you said in this post how people will say why they don’t understand how God could allow some of these things to happen, always makes me stand back and ask why in the world is this GOD’s doing or fault?! Why do they think that GOD is responsible for every bad thing? My response is this….GOD is LIGHT. GOD is NOT DARKNESS. GOD is not mean or wants to see us hurt. He gives us instruction with hope that you will follow, but on the other hand HE doesn’t force us. He allows us to make our choices. The other point I’d like to make is when people blame GOD for everything that goes wrong or bad it makes me cringe. What they’re not seeing or wanting to see is there is a dark spiritual side that is causing great pain, suffering throughout this world and that dark spirit is Satan and the many fallen angels of his. Why is it that their eyes have been blinded? So, I choose to believe what GOD counsels us to do as well as take heed to those in the past that have been through tough times and they saw the signs and listened to God’s counsel and those He gave the WORD to so we could be prepared for what is ahead for us now and in the future. Material prep is good, but spiritual faith and understanding is the best and goes hand in hand with the material side of prepping to accomplish what we need for those emergencies. God is also having faith in us to accomplish what He has given to us. We just need to pick it up and go with it. You’re doing a great job and I look at it as God put you here with your blog to help inform people and give them hope. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for all that you do. Just my two cents

    1. Hi, Lisa, your comment brought tears to my eyes, thank you for your wonderful two cents! I really want to teach the world and learn from my readers at the same time. It’s people like you that keep me going. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are the example God needs to show the world. Linda

  5. GOOD points from everyone!!  I remember hearing from someone in Rexburg after the dam failed there.  She said as her food storage floated away, “I was told to store it.  I was not told I would get to use it!”  I so agree it’s a matter of obedience just like the Word of Wisdom and Tithing.

    1. Hi Joanne, oh my gosh I still remember seeing the pictures of Rexburg dam failing. It gives me shivers. My husband’s family comes from Rexburg and one other city I can’t remember. I love the comment, I was told to store food storage but I was not told I would get to use it! That is a good one! Hugs, Linda

  6. I think the Spirit is nudging so many of us to prepare. I prepare because I am a person of faith. If you think about it, animals “prepare” because they have an intuition that tells them to. Last year I taught a class for continuing education for our state caregivers. I just simply ask them “Whose responsibility is it to take care of you? Is it the governments? Is it your neighbors that have sacrificed and saved for a rainy day? You wouldn’t ask your neighbor to pay your car payment, that is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to take care of your self and your family. You also need to with your home care patient about what they can do to be prepared. “

    1. Gayle, oh my gosh, I love the comment “would you ask a neighbor to make your car payment?” Oh man, this comment helped me so much. I’m still trying to figure out why people don’t prepare. If you put it the way you did about the car payment, it’s the same thing. We need to take care of ourselves. You are so awesome, thank you for that great comment. I am going to use that when I give classes and teach. THANK YOU! Linda

  7. Linda, thank you for writing this post. Much needed to combat the “I have faith so I will be taken care of” phenomenon so prevalent in today’s society. Where do they get that idea? I believe that the Bible is full of examples of making preparations as many have quoted here. I am very concerned about the elderly not being prepared after moving to a 55+ community in the Southwest. Water storage is so important, as is knowing how to keep cool and warm without power, and to have medications on hand. When looking into water storage for us, I realize that we can’t get something too heavy that we can’t move around. I will be purchasing the water bricks as this seems the best option for us and maybe a 30 gallon storage barrel with a wheeled base to be able to move it around. Since moving here 11 months ago, I have started my food storage again and am reading recommendations that you have made regarding multiple cooking sources. It is exciting to know that I can do my best to take care of us.

    1. Hi Carol, oh, how I love your comment. I too am very concerned with the 55+ communities. I don’t live in one but we have about 50% over the age of 60 living here in my neighborhood. Some “get it” like you do but most do not. I don’t understand it but then they probably think I’m a hoarder. LOL! I was asked that once in an emergency preparedness class I was teaching. LOL! That’s a great idea about the 30-gallon on wheels. I love hearing you are preparing for the unexpected, we must, there is no question. Hugs! Linda

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