How War Drastically Affects Us All

How War Drastically Affects Us All

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The war in eastern Europe drastically affects us all. It’s hard to live in a world where war is constantly breaking out and people are displaced or dying. We have to be prepared for war, both mentally and physically.

How War Drastically Affects Us All

War can take a toll on our mental health, as we witness the horrible things that happen to those directly involved. We also have to be physically fit if at an age and circumstance to be called up to fight in the war. Prepping for war is something that everyone should do, as it could one day save your life. Here are several ways that can affect you even if you aren’t fighting in it.

How War Drastically Affects Us All


War can have a huge economic toll on large populations, even those not located close to the conflict itself. When a country is at war, they have to spend a lot of money on weapons, manpower, supplies, and other things. This can lead to inflation and higher taxes. People who are against the war may also suffer, as their businesses may be boycotted. Here are a few ways the economy has been affected by war:

  1. Food shortages: One of the main ways war affects us is through food shortages. When a country is at war, they often block off supplies to their enemies. This can lead to shortages of food and other necessities for those who normally rely on the country to provide products. We may also see an increase in the prices of goods due to inflation as the demand exceeds the available supplies.
  2. Oil inflation: Oil is another big one. When a country is at war, they often block off supplies of oil to their enemies. This can lead to inflation in the prices of oil needed by those adjoining countries that have relied on the oil for years.
  3. No travel:  During war times, travel is often restricted. This means that people can’t go on vacations and businesses can’t ship their goods. This can have a huge impact on the economy.


War can take a mental toll on people. Some may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. They may also have trouble sleeping, flashbacks, and nightmares. It’s important to get help if you are suffering from any of these conditions.

We can suffer just by watching what is happening to others, but it directly affects those who are on the front lines and then come home and try to get back to a level of normalcy.


You don’t just have to be mentally prepared for war; you also have to be physically prepared, particularly if combat is your vocation. This means being in good shape and being able to handle a weapon. If you are injured in war, you may also have to deal with physical scars.

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It is also important to try and stay as healthy as possible if indirectly affected, such as having to uproot your family and travel elsewhere to live.

Changes Our Beliefs

War can also change our beliefs. For example, if we see someone die in war, we may start to believe that life is not worth living. We may also become more cynical and distrusting of people. Some former believers tend to question God and how he may influence their future.


War can also have an impact on the environment. When bombs are dropped, they can cause pollution and destruction. This can lead to changes in the living conditions and the ecology of an area.

How is the US Affected by The Ukraine War?

The United States has not been affected by the war in Ukraine as much as other countries have. However, the war has increased tensions between the US and Russia. It has also led to an increase in defense spending by the US and had an economic impact. Here’s how we are affected:

  • Gas prices:  The war in Ukraine has caused gas prices to rise as Russia has blocked off supplies to Europe.
  • Stock market: The war in Ukraine has also caused the stock market to fluctuate widely. It is fluctuating because of the tensions between the US and Russia, as well as the economic impact of the war and uncertainties that go with it.
  • Tensions with Russia:  The war in Ukraine has led to increased tensions between the US and Russia. This is because Russia is supporting the rebels in Ukraine, while the US is supporting the Ukrainian government.
  • Global economy:  The war in Ukraine has also had an impact on the global economy. This is because of the gas prices, stock market, food shortages from what has been called the “breadbasket of Europe,” and tensions between the US and Russia.
  • Defense spending: The war has led to an increase in defense spending by the US. The US is funding the Ukrainian government and is also sending military aid to Ukraine. It puts pressure on US citizens since taxes may go up, but the additional money in the currency supply available can cause additional inflation.
  • Inflation in the US: The war has also caused inflation in the US. This is because of the gas price increases, higher food costs, and other economic forces at work.

Food Shortages 2022

Currently, we are already seeing several food shortages right here in the states. And, there are several food shortages coming soon if they aren’t already, here. Here’s a list of foods you should stock when you can:

  • Baby formula- Recalls on formula are making it tough to find.
  • Meat- The chicken shortage as well as supply chain issues are causing a meat shortage.
  • Dairy- Due to a chicken shortage and the Bird flu, there is also an egg shortage.
  • Fruits and Vegetables- Imports from Mexico have been suspended which will directly affect the supply of avocados.
  • Canned goods- Due to an aluminum shortage, there is also a canned goods shortage.
  • Imported goods- We have stopped importing some things from other countries.
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Besides the war causing inflation, there are labor shortages and supply-chain issues from food manufacturers to the grocery stores. In essence, there just aren’t enough people to make the goods, move the goods, and sell the goods.

How Can We Prepare for the Effects of The Ukraine War?

There are a few things we can do to prepare for the war:

Get a Gas Card

This will help you save money on gas. A gas card is a type of credit card that gives you discounts on gas. When the price of gas goes up, any discount is appreciated. However, make sure that you pay the card off each month, so you are not paying interest on the gas you got a discount on.

Keep a Stock of Food

If there is a food shortage, it’s important to have a stock of food. This way, you will have something to eat if the prices of food go up, or there isn’t any food on the shelves. Check out my posts below if you need help getting started:

Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

Mentally, war can be very tough. It’s important to be prepared for it by getting help from a mental health professional if you are feeling depressed or have anxiety. You should also be physically prepared by being in good shape and knowing how to use a weapon, if the need arises.

Build an emergency fund

This will help you if you lose your job, have an accident, get sick, or have to deal with other financial problems.

Have a plan

Talk to your family about what they would do if war broke out close to home. This will help you be prepared and have a plan. Have a plan for what you will do if war breaks out. This includes having a place to go, food and water, and supplies.

Be informed

Stay up to date on the latest news about possible war closer to home. This will help you be prepared for what is happening.

Invest in gold

Gold is a good investment because it has been shown to hold its value even if the economy collapses. And, as inflation increases, so does the value of gold. Your paper money loses value when inflation is high.

Have a bug-out bag

A bug-out bag is a bag that has everything you need to survive for 72 hours. It should have food, water, and supplies. This will help you if you have to evacuate quickly. Make sure to use my Comprehensive Bug-Out Bag Checklist.

Have cash on hand

If the war causes the stock market to crash, it’s important to have cash on hand. This way, you will be able to buy food and supplies. In addition to the stock market crashing, there may be issues with card readers, so using a card to pay for things may not be available.

Final Word

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. If you are already seeing the effects of the Ukraine war,  or are worried about the war, use the tips above to help you prepare. If war does break out, you will be glad you did. Remember, war drastically affects us all no matter where we live.

How has the war in Ukraine affected you? Let me know in the comments below. May God Bless this world, Linda

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  1. Linda,

    While I agree with virtually everything you said in this article, I’d offer a word of caution about investing in gold. Back in the 1930’s FDR essentially confiscated private gold by requiring citizens to convert it to paper money. The same could happen again. The one exception to that mandate was “collectible” gold coins, preferably MS69 or MS70 rated. If there is a push to convert dollars to crypto currency here in the US–and I think that’s likely–the same thing could happen. So, if you’re going to invest in gold, get top quality collectible coins.

    Also, you can’t eat gold and using it as a medium of exchange will be difficult (it’s heavy, bulky and who knows how much a chunk of gold will be worth if TSHTF).

    I think it’s wiser to invest in commodities like food, or if you live in a desert, water, or alternative means of energy production, like solar, wind and hydro.

    1. Hi Ray, I totally agree with you on the gold. I can’t afford to invest in it. I think people invest now where it can’t be tracked. Literally. I have no idea how this world is going but I want food and water right now. God help all of us. Linda

      1. Matt,

        I’m unaware of any “tracking” when buying gold, whether bullion or coins. So I guess I can’t tell you how to buy it without tracking. I never had enough money to buy more than a coin or two at a time and that was decades ago when I was at peak earning. To the best of my knowledge those sales weren’t tracked, but I could be wrong. I just know that if private ownership of gold is declared illegal, like it was in the 1930’s, collectible coins will likely be an exception as the ones with high ratings like MS69 or MS70 are also considered works of art.

      1. Linda,

        My wife and I would love to have lunch with you and your hubby sometime but unless we could meet in Vegas sometime it’s unlikely to happen.

  2. We haven’t seen it on our soil yet. We will soon.
    Eggs in one basket becomes important because of indiscriminate shelling. Your lifetime of preparedness will disappear.

    Understand that you will not avoid the fight. You have to decide what you’ll do now.

    In terms of defense you have to think beyond your yard. You can’t let a tank roll down your street and think you’ll be ok. Distance Is Your Friend

    Learn hedgehogs, caltrops and other static measures. Watch how things are done in other places. Drown out the politics and watch the actual things they are doing.

    “Learn how to use a weapon” ALL weapons. Ours, yours, stuff laying around and theirs.

    PMs are only used in escaping from my experience. If you use them to barter it’ll get you killed.

    Distrust is not a bad thing. People are the issue. Distrust is not something to ignore.

    Friendly Fire Isn’t
    The untrained, unhinged and know it alls will get you killed.

    IF you survive PTSD is real. Survivors Guilt is real. How you deal with it and handle it is up to you. Do not believe your broken. That’s a lie. You are a product of your environment. You will be changed and see, smell, hear and react to things differently than other who haven’t. Roll with it and put it to use.


    1. OMG! Wolverines! I was just thinking of both Red Dawn movies (the first was the best) as I read your post and then chuckled when I saw WOLVERINES at the bottom. There’s alot of garbage in movies but if you watch carefully, you can glean a little bit of knowledge and adapt. I so love reading your posts and that of Ray White. You guys are the best!

      Linda, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful posts! You always hit the nail on the head and this site gives people ALOT of hope for our lousy future (as it stands now). I earned every gray hair on my head, and then some, worrying about what’s going on. At least I can “do” something about it! Alot of people think I’m crazy, but who will be laughing when TSHTF?!?!

    2. Learn hedgehogs, caltrops and other static measures … huh? I assume you don’t mean the little prickly critters when referring to hedgehogs and what’s caltrops? Just curious.

  3. Another aspect of warfare is that it’s now spilling over into the Internet, aka cyberwar.

    Since just before the invasion of Ukraine attacks have gone up significantly. And while no utility or banks have been noticeably impacted (yet!), cyber attackers have been working to gain footholds in systems. I work at a high school and have seen almost a doubling in daily cyber attacks. As a point of reference, in the last 24 hours the school firewall blocked over 71,000 attacks and over 13,000 spyware intrusions. Last year it was maybe 30k attacks per day if even that many….

    It just makes sense to be ready for further disruptions to our lives, whether that means the electric grid, banking payment systems, or whatever else we depend on.

    Thanks Linda!

    1. Hi DmWalsh, you nailed it as well. I worry about our power grid, a cyberattack, and food disruptions. I wish people would really understand what is going on right now, yes some do, that’s for sure. Others are oblivious, those are the people I will never understand. It’s so frustrating to me. But I have no control over their stupidity. That sounds rude, but that’s how I feel. Linda

      1. I understand your frustration completely. I think a lot of it is normalcy bias – as in, it’s never happened before why should I worry? Although after over two years of disruptions due to a pandemic you’d think even the most clueless would have some inkling, but alas that’s either not the case or they are just refusing to do anything about it. But as those of us who prep know, just the known problems are bad enough – if/when something else happens it will be very bad for a lot of folks. Sigh.
        Don’t worry about sounding rude, some of these people need a wakeup call before reality gives them an even worse slap….but we can’t let their inaction drive us crazy. We just keep on preparing and gently spreading the word in the hope that a few more folks might get ready.
        Thanks for keeping at this!

  4. I am more concerned about cyberwar than I am about the actual war. After hearing people think the world is ending because their favorite cereal is not in stock, how will they react without heat and light?

    1. Hi Janet, I’m with you on the Cyberattacks. I had someone attack me with words about what I said back in 2020 about being worried more about a Power grid outage and a cyberattack than an EMP. She was marked as spam because she wouldn’t let up. You can’t teach headstrong people who will not listen. Thank goodness I have a delete button. I sure hope people have some way to cook, cookbooks, lanterns, flashlights, well you know what I’m saying. I can make pancakes and syrup when cereal is in short supply. Great comment, Linda

  5. New to posting here..but have lurked for a while. But I think I’ve found my People!

    I work in IT – Cyber attacks have increased 100% it’s been ridiculous. I started to use a VPN at home a few years back. Also don’t forget to back up your own files and any important documents on hard copy and on a USB jump drive as well. A simple key stroke can take down a any entity with major repercussions.

    1. Hi SandraG, oh, I love hearing that you work in IT! Cyberattacks are rampant! Thanks for the reminder on backing up any and all documents. Welcome to our forum, Linda

  6. I agree with you Linda. I can’t afford Gold. I have some that a friend of my sons gave him but that is all. We got it when my son died but like my husband said You can’t eat Gold. So I will continue to fill my pantry so we will not starve if war comes to the US. They are talking about Russia and England getting into it with each other and if England gets into it we will most likely also. The only thing I can say is Come Lord Jesus.

    1. HI Jackie, I would rather have food as well. Who knows what will happen in the next few months. Nothing would surprise me these days. Nothing….Stay safe, Linda

  7. Food, “security”, water, etc. the best investment! So grateful our Lord moved us out of a metropolitan area in 2019 to be near our 4 grands. 2 acres with no restrictions!

    1. Hi Marilynne, oh, you are so lucky! That is the best investment EVER! Two acres with zero restrictions and 4 grandkids nearby sounds like a blessing to me! Love it! Linda

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