how to use your sun oven

How To Use Your Sun Oven

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The hardest part about setting up a Sun Oven is taking it out of the box and getting it fully unpacked. People are sometimes afraid because they don’t know how to use the oven. The hardest part for me was taking the plastic wrapping off of the solar reflective panels.

I have two Sun Ovens, the first one was hard to peel off the wrapping. For the second oven I purchased, the materials came right off without any trouble. I bought a second Sun Oven because I use it all the time to keep my kitchen cool and save on my utility bills.

How To Use Your Sun Oven

I want you to look at the shadow on the ground in this first picture. The “points” do not line up so this means the Sun Oven is not pointing in the right direction to get the full sun reflection or heat. The newer ones have a positioning tool so these instructions are for this style only.

how to use your sun oven

Sun Oven-Points Are Not Squared

This second picture shows the “points” are still NOT “squared” or “even” with all four sides of the shadow. I just keep turning the stove until I get it right.

how to use your un oven

Sun Oven-Tip The Back Bar

Please notice the silver bar on the back of it. It depends on the Sun’s location as to whether or not that “leg” needs to be up or down 1-9 inches or so. Okay, check out this picture.

how to use your sun oven

Sun Oven-Squared Corners

Can you see the shadow around the Sun Oven?  Look at the three squares (you can’t see the fourth one)  on the ground. If all 4 “squares” are equal all the way around you will get the BEST Sun exposure and heat. You can see I raised the leg on the back about 6 inches to get the “squares” to line up correctly toward the Sun.

how to use your sun oven

Here is the fourth picture showing another angle with the “squares.” I learned this “TIP” from a guy who works in a store here in St. George, Utah called “Your Family Still Matters.” I love the people that work there. I learn something new every time I go in there! I hope I explained this so people can understand what the “squares” are.

I went to a friend’s house and I had to show her these squares. It will not work at 6:00 at night at least where I live. You need full sun. I like to use mine between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. I like to tell people to think about the time that is the least safe temperatures or time to swim for sunburns, yep 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Well, this is when you get the best SUN for cooking food!!! I have to tell you the temperature goes up so much faster now that I figured out how to get the best reflection from the Sun! Love it! You can bake anything in this Sun Oven that you can bake in a conventional oven if it will fit. You lock the lid closed with the wingnuts and you are good to go. Be sure and have good hot pads handy so you don’t burn your hands, just like you would with your regular oven in the kitchen.

Final Word

If you have sunshine the majority of the time in your city and state you will love using a Sun Oven. If you have limited sun rays, I would not purchase one. Please remember you must cook or bake your food item when you have the best sunshine. You can bake anything in your Sun Oven that you bake in your conventional oven if the pan size fits the unit.

Thanks for being prepared for the unexpected. Please keep prepping, one can of food or one case of water a week. May God bless this world. Linda

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  1. Thanks for this post and the pictures. I think anyone with a sun oven can tell from this post and the pictures how to line up now for the maximum solar power to be utilized.

  2. Thanks so much, Linda. I live in Brigham City and look forward to your posts. I get it! Now I know what to ask for for my birthday. Is there a way to level what is inside the oven if you have to tip it to even out the “squares”?

    1. Hi Teresa, yes there is “pan” that levels your cooking pan. It moves as you move like a hammock if that makes sense. Brigham City would be a great place to have one of these! The new ones are nicer than the one I showed you in this post. But I love it just the same! Linda

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