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How To Keep Track Of Your Emergency Food

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Can you use some help with how to keep track of your emergency food storage? I actually had two readers mention to me that some of my links were broken in my “What Do I Have” drop-down on my navigation board at the top of my blog.

So today I’m sharing a post with all the links that have now been repaired. I really appreciate it when a reader shoots me an email to let me know some links are not working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

I have had a few issues with my website lately and with WordPress, you never know when something may go haywire. It’s life and bloggers get it. It’s what we have to deal with sometimes.

Yes, it’s very frustrating, but if you want to teach the world what you know, we learn to go with it and try to relax, but it’s hard, very hard to see your website not working. So, enough of that, thanks again for letting me know if you see a broken link. I love you for telling me, I really do.

Here’s the deal with food storage and emergency preparedness items. Typically, we will feel more confident and prepared if we have a Dutch oven, a Sun Oven or a butane stove to use in case of an unforeseen emergency.

We need fuel for some of our cooking devices and we are aware of that. Now, for me, I got a little frustrated when I started beefing up my food storage a few years ago.

Where I Started

I started with water, then dairy products, freeze-dried meats, freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, and freeze-dried cheeses. Well, you start adding to that list the basic cooking ingredients you need like sugar, honey, salt, spices, etc. that are essential and realize it would help to have some type of chart to keep track of all the items we store.

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I asked my awesome sister, Carol to help me design some FREE printables for my readers and make them so they can check off the products they have and highlight the ones they still need, and thus keep accurate track of the status their storage is in. I made them separate PDFs so you can print the ones you want.

Emergency Food Lists:

FSM WhatDoIHave-basicPDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-liquidPDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-dairyPDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-meatPDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-veggiePDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-fruitPDF

FSM WhatDoIHave-grainPDF

Please let me know if you have a system to help keep track of your emergency food supply in your pantry. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless you and your family.

My favorite things:

Camp Chef Butane 1 Burner Stove with Camping Case

12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

Lodge L12CO3 Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven, 6 quart

All American Sun Oven- The Ultimate Solar Appliance

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

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  1. I love your blog and these inventory sheets will be helpful. I actually purchased 4 copies of your book for my married kids for Christmas! What is the best way to determine how much you need of each item on these lists? I have the list put out by the church/BYU, but those are really just the basics. I have always struggled figuring out how much and what exactly I need. I know that much of it is personal preference for how I cook, like you outline in your book, but I really do better if I have a list that I can just check off. Do you have any recommendations for good food storage “list” that I can follow and check off and the personalize it from there?

    1. Hi Tara, you are so nice to have purchased four of my books. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be back home by Monday, I can call you and we can talk about it or I can email you some ideas. I will make it very easy for you to do. I promise. Hugs! Linda

  2. Hi Linda! Nice printables! I use the long term food storage calculator and inventory sheet, a customizable xls spreadsheet from Food Storage Made Easy. It’s a free download, or at least it was when I got it. If you’re interested, you can check it out on my post here: https://maresworld.us/food-storage-basics/. I give a pretty good description of how to use it. *BG* If you like it, I have a link to Jodie and Julie’s site, where you can download it. I just double checked my link and it still goes directly to the download.

    Thanks for the Christmas greetings. I hope you had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful 2017!

    Big hugs, Mare

  3. Wonderful, Linda. My husband has a spreadsheet with everything, but I like this much better. I will have to download them.

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