Easy One-Month Food Storage Supply

Easy One-Month Food Storage Supply-Yes You Can Do It

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It’s really very easy to get started with my easy one-month food storage supply for your pantry. I have this nifty food storage chart. If you haven’t seen it before, here it is again. Where Do I Start by Food Storage Moms  You basically print the sheet out and start filling in the blanks on the page(s).

All you have to do is just start thinking of what you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would have to add some snacks because I’m a snacker. While you look at the sheet, gather your family around and write down some items you have in the pantry NOW, or could slowly add to your food storage stash for emergencies.


The list is for seven days, Sunday through Saturday. One section is for breakfasts, one for lunches, and one section for dinners. It would be great to make a trip to the local grocery store and have each family member choose the items they would like to eat. Remember, if your family won’t eat it, don’t buy it.

Garden Items

Of course, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, your local farmer’s market or grocery store are always the best, but they may not be available in an emergency situation. The facilities may all be closed. If we are quarantined, for instance, say for 30 days, what do you have in your house this very minute you can eat, and for how long?

What About Water

What about water? I know the American Red Cross states one gallon of water per person per day. I disagree. It’s better than nothing, but I get thirsty just thinking I could only have one gallon per day.

I live in the desert where it can get up to 115-120 degrees in the summer. I highly recommend a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day, but preferably 4 gallons.

Now, some of the cans or jars of fruit and vegetables have liquid in them that would help with the liquid we need to hydrate ourselves. But, I am a water drinker, big time. Just giving you the heads up, be prepared with water.

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Different Disasters

We are all aware of the different disasters like ice storms, snow storms, flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes, to name just a few that we see going on all around the country. We could also have a pandemic, and be quarantined in our homes.

I hope this never happens, but it could. I don’t know if you remember me talking about the POD (Point of Distribution) that’s been started all over the US via church facilities and controlled by your local health department. Here’s a link if you missed it: Point of Distribution

A local church leader in the neighborhood asked me if I would participate in the distribution of antibiotics in case of a pandemic as shown above. Several churches and organizations were asked to go to a local center and be trained on how to do this. I dragged Mark to the training.

I don’t agree with the location since it wasn’t the most central location for our area, but I’m not in charge, so I will duct-tape my mouth shut on that one. Our neighborhood location will cover a ten-mile radius of people and there is no way people would walk that far, well I guess I better say I can’t, and I won’t.

Can you imagine the traffic to get there in a car? We could drive there if our roads are even driveable. I’m a preparedness chick, so that’s how I think. Anyway, the US is expecting a pandemic or emergency of some sort, so if we have to be in our homes for an extended period of time, we better get our homes prepared with food, water, and first aid items at the very least.

Processed Food

Food Storage

Keep in mind, Mark and I don’t eat processed food every day, but I picked up a few items because I teach classes and I hired a professional photographer to take pictures of my stuff to show people in the class what I have available.

I’m too tired to haul Sun Ovens, butane stoves, WaterBricks, etc. to each class. Please note, I took this picture above. I am not a professional photographer.

Donate Them To The Food Bank

If you purchase some canned goods and you don’t use them by the end of the year, please donate them to your local food bank, unless they have an extended expiration date.

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One-Month Food Storage Supply

I picture having turkey and mayo on crackers like at Costco when they have samples. We all love those samples, or at least most of the stuff they give away for us to taste. All we need to do is plan 30 meals for breakfast, 30 meals for lunch, and 30 meals for dinner. We can do it, one meal at a time, I promise.


Pancakes, syrup, and applesauce or muffin mixes (if you have a way to bake them). Open the cans of fruit cocktail and see who gets the red cherry in the can. I can still remember those days with my daughters.


Crackers, turkey, and mayo or crackers with peanut butter and jam. If you have bread in the freezer, that works. If not, store some crackers. Green beans taste great right out of the can at room temperature. Peaches or applesauce taste great at room temperature.


Chili, crackers, green beans, and peaches. You can buy soup, stews, or just canned beans. If you can make tortillas, you rock!

Now, after you fill out the sheet for one week, print off three more sheets and fill them in as well. You now have one month of food storage ideas to start your easy one-month food storage supply! Please fill your shopping baskets as soon as your budget allows. You don’t have to buy #10 cans to have food storage, I promise.

Bucket Of Food

Keep in mind, if it’s easier for you, buy a bucket of food storage the next time you go to Costco’s, or Sam’s Club. Check it out and read the labels. They also sell them on Amazon like this one: Augason Farms Keep in mind when you buy the buckets of food, the serving sizes are extremely small.

Just giving you the heads-up here. I know because I have tried 99.9% of every food storage item on the market. Just start with a few cans at a time, every time you go to the store. We must be prepared. May God bless our families.

Final Word

I hope today this post helps those who are just getting started with their food storage journey and those who are totally prepared with food. If we can get one more family to have a one-month supply of food then we have done our job. May God bless this world. Please keep prepping. Linda

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    1. Hi Janet, I totally agree. I hope this post helps those getting started to realize it’s fairly easy if they just fill in the spaces on the printable sheet. Thanks Janet, Linda

  1. Love the printable sheet Linda, thank you!
    With our food supply in absolute chaos mode, this post is very important & I’m grateful that you wrote it. I’m currently working on putting several months of basics together in separate bins for each month. Your tips have given me some good ideas! I guess organizing our food storage helps me to feel more secure in these uncertain times.

    1. Hi Amy, thank you for your kind words. I feel the same way, if I’m organized and especially with y food storage and water I can sleep a little better at night. Keep up the good work! Linda

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