Dealing with Parasites: How to Heal Yourself

Dealing with Parasites: How to Heal Yourself

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If you’re like me, then you probably get the heebie-jeebies every time you hear someone talking about parasites. After all, nobody wants to imagine worm-like creatures that are actually living inside of them and have the capability of surviving for several decades while growing several feet in length. Yuck! Check out these tips for dealing with parasites. Learn how to heal yourself. Of course, you must always check with your doctor to be safe, when in doubt, call your physician. In case you missed this post, How To Clean Your House And Stay Healthy

Dealing with Parasites


Dealing with Parasites: How to Heal Yourself

Unfortunately, parasites are even more common than you might think. Get this. Of the world’s entire 7.6 billion people, over half of us are infected with some type of parasite. That’s over 3.5 billion people! What’s even more startling, is that most people don’t even realize they have them. With these disturbing odds, chances are very likely you may be one of those people.    

Parasites are nasty organisms that are, for the most part, microscopic, but oftentimes quite visible to the naked eye. You can become infected by them in a number of different ways. They are completely dependent on their “host” for their own survival. 

While they don’t typically kill the host, they are capable of spreading diseases and causing a number of undesirable symptoms amongst humans. If you are dealing with a number of the following symptoms, there’s a chance that you may have parasites. Here’s more on how to deal with them while you are cleansing and healing your body.   

Symptoms of Parasites

There are many different types of parasites out there that can find their way inside of people, and they all bring different symptoms that you need to watch out for. They may develop similar conditions to what you would experience with food poisoning, pneumonia, or a hormone deficiency. 

  • Parasites can cause brain fog, headaches, fatigue, weakness, aches and pains, sleeping problems, skin bumps, rashes, allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and fever. 
  • You may even notice an increase in appetite or weight loss, sometimes both. As gross as it may sound, it’s possible to pass worms that are visible in your stool. People that deal with these issues for years can develop anger, depression, and other neurological issues.  
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For many people, parasites can go undetected because those individuals don’t experience any symptoms for a long time, and if they do, it’s long after they’ve been infected. Many people don’t know this, but parasites can be transmitted from one person to another. 

Intestinal Cleansing

Most parasites that find their way inside of us tend to navigate towards and latch on to our inner intestines. Because of that, many people choose to cleanse their intestines by detoxing. 

If this is something that you’re interested in, you should start out by getting on a high fiber diet, along with taking supplements that provide aid in helping clear out the parasites. A few of these supplements include flaxseeds, psyllium, and beetroot.    

Foods You Should Avoid/Add to Your Diet

Stomach acids play a key role in fighting off parasites in our bodies, and one way of making sure that they are working properly is by having the right kind of diet. During this time period, it’s best if you stay away from foods with refined sugar, refined grains, greasy foods, processed foods, coffee, raw meats, and alcohol. (This will prove a challenge for some of us.) 

Experts and doctors say that you should add foods with higher traces of beta-carotene, such as sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. These help to add Vitamin A to your system, providing your body with the resistance it needs to fight off certain parasites. 

Other foods that you should consider eating include ones rich in vitamins C and B. Probiotic foods such as yogurt and kefir, are also helpful in providing important bacteria for your gut. Eating more garlic may also have some benefit.       

Natural Remedies (Dealing with Parasites)

Parasites can be treated in a number of different ways. Certain practitioners will recommend adding natural remedies to your diet, though others will say that there isn’t enough clinical proof to back these claims. Here’s a look at several natural remedies that very well may help heal your body from parasites.

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Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are chocked full of fatty acids, amino acids, and certain compounds such as berberine, palatine, and cucurbitine. With that said, pumpkin seeds contain anti-parasitic properties. 

Papaya Seeds

A number of years ago there was testing done on over 60 children who had intestinal parasites. Some were given honey, or a mixture of papaya seeds and honey, or an elixir of papaya seeds alone. After 7 days, those who had been given the extraction of papaya seeds showed greater results, where most of these childrens’ stool was cleared of parasites.   


There have been a number of different studies that have shown that berberine extracted from barberries appeared to protect the body against tapeworm infection. Berberine can also be found in herbs such as coptis and goldenseal. 


The herb known as “wormwood” contains a compound called sesquiterpene lactones, which is believed to help weaken the membrane of a parasite. Wormwood may also help kill off certain intestinal parasites such as helminth, or Heterobranchus longifilis. 

Other Herbs, Spices, and Plants 

There are dozens of other herbs and spices that are thought to help cleanse your gut of parasites. Along with garlic, eating more ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory agents in them that could prove useful. Plants such as olive leaf, oregano oil, clove, black walnut, grapefruit seed extract, and neem, may be natural medicines that help kill parasites in your body.    

Final Word

If you believe that you may have a parasite, it’s imperative that you get in to see your physician so that they can get you quickly diagnosed. If left untreated, parasites can cause your condition to worsen, or you may even experience more severe complications later on down the road. 

After you’ve been treated for parasites, don’t think that you are out of the clear forever. Parasites can still return at any time, so switching to a healthier diet and taking parasite cleansing supplements can keep not only your gut healthier, but improve your overall health as well. May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. If you really have parasites you need medical treatment. Some of your “natural” cures are toxic, many are ineffective. The best way to address parasites is to avoid getting them!!! Perhaps that should be the focus of your commentary. You have some good posts but please stay away from medical topics when you have no expertise. Do you realize that you may be liable if someone follows your suggestions and gets more sick or dies?

    1. Hi Monics, thank you for commenting. That was my focus of today was to keep from getting them. If we are in a situation that there are no doctors, we must be prepared. Linda

  2. I like how you show us ways and remedies to prevent getting parasites. This is really good to know if we ever get in a situation that could make it difficult to see a doctor. We need to know how to keep ourselves healthy in any SHTF scenario.

  3. I love this. When I was a kid, I was in a neglected home and always had worms. I wish that I knew this info so I could at least try and take care of it naturally since my mother would never take us to the doctor. The Internet is an amazing place where you can learn valuable info like this to help you grow.

  4. I haven’t deleted a single article you’ve sent since I discovered your site years ago. I’m amazed at the daily subjects and their diverse subjects and the “I can use this” to educate myself. I know there are alternatives to just about everything when it comes to education along these lines. You don’t have a more grateful reader than me. I sincerely thank you for your efforts and for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Hi Dave, oh my gosh, you made my day!! I work really hard to share everything I research. I LOVE learning new things. Your kindness means so much to me. Thanks again for following me. Stay well, Linda

  5. Like Dave above I also appreciate your diverse articles. I am also aware of these alternative methods of dealing with parasites. I take food grade diatomaceous earth sometimes too for gut health and on occasion take Activated Charcoal for general wellness. You can bet the bank that I would take it for food poisoning. We all need to do our own research and be our own advocates where health care is concerned. I have a health care provider but, do not always agree with what is said. I have no problem speaking up for myself. Knowledge is power and I hope anyone reading these articles will do their own research. Thank you for continually shining the spotlight on things that need said.

    1. HI Carolyn, oh I LOVE food grade diatomaceous earth it stops diarrhea and food poisoning in its tracks. And if you make a paste with it, its the best diaper rash butt paste ever for babies! We really do need to be our own advocates, where I go once a year for blood tests, I just shake my head, all the mistakes they make. There are not a lot of options where I live so I keep going there, luckily only once a year. Knowledge is power. Great comment, Linda

  6. In response to all of the commenters: It is our individual responsibility to make sure that when we read articles such as this, that we do our own research. Knowing herbal medicine and using herbal medicine (i.e. natural remedies) is largely a personal choice.

    I know that in a SHTF situation where medical treatment is not available for love nor money, I will be able to use herbal/natural remedies BECAUSE I have chosen to learn about them and practice them on myself. If I am around others that I do not know well, I may make suggestions but it would always come with a “if you choose to..” clause!

    With that being said, Linda – YIKES! I don’t even like to THINK about this subject!!! LOL! But, I am happy to get some information for me to research on my own and add to my repertoire of herbal/natural remedies. Shoot – I even research things my medical doctor prescribes, before I ever take it! I also ask about natural remedies and my doctor, having been born and raised in Russia, is so very open to herbs and other natural remedies and healing. I told her that I research, weigh my options and when I discuss with her the use of herbals rather than pharmaceuticals, she is open to having me try them and retest (if it is determined by bloodwork) a few months later.

    Always enjoy your articles.

    1. Linda, thank you for this. If we can’t get to a doctor, this is good info to have. Yes, if we can see a doctor, we should, but if we can’t we need to know how to take care of ourselves and our families.

    2. Hi Leanne, great comment as always. You know I have so much respect for you on prepping but especially the knowledge you have on herbal medicine and natural remedies. Thank you, Linda

  7. Hi Linda, I appreciate you and your post of information. I too, save all of your post. Thank you so much for all post shared. I’ve learned so much from you and have exercised some of the information.
    Keep sharing and don’t hold back.

    1. Hi Sabrina, oh you made my day! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I work really hard to get the word out to my readers. I learn from my readers as well. Thank you for your kind words. Linda

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