25 Prepping Items to Hoard

25 Prepping Items to Hoard

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When disaster strikes, it’s typically too late to start planning, making a list, and then heading to the grocery store to pick up your needs. By the time you get there, people will likely already be out of control, ransacking foods, and supplies that you should have already stockpiled. This doesn’t have to be you in this type of situation. Be prepared. It’s time to talk about these 25 prepping items to hoard. 

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25 Prepping Items to Hoard

25 Prepping Items to Hoard

25 Prepping Items to Hoard

1. Pain Relievers

Having aspirin on hand can be useful for relieving not only headaches and reducing fevers. Applying it directly to burns, scrapes, and cuts can reduce pain directly to your skin. It even works well on a bug bite or bee sting. Without a doubt, this is one of those prepping items to hoard! 

2. Electrolytes

Catching a fever with flu-like symptoms during a crisis is not only bad, but can be deadly. Stocking up on electrolyte drinks, such as Gatorade or Pedialyte can help replenish your electrolytes and keep you from becoming dehydrated.   

3. Hand Crank Radio

Not being informed during an emergency can be even scarier without any information from the outside world. Purchase a hand-crank radio to help with this problem. No batteries required. Having two may seem like hoarding, but it is good to have a backup unit, or one you can share with a neighbor.

4. Multi-tool 

Having a multi-tool on hand during a crisis is much more effective than carrying around a toolbox full of heavy tools everywhere you go. Most of them have knives, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, and pliers. Having more than one gives you the option of having other family members work on things at the same time.


Unfortunately, bad times usually bring out the bad actions in people. Having firearms stashed away for protecting your family is important, even if you aren’t fond of them. If you are totally against guns, find some other solution or form of protection to help keep your family safe. 

6. Extra Blankets 

Heaven forbid if an emergency were to strike in winter. But if it did, make sure that you are ready. Electricity and keeping your home heated might not even be an option. Make sure to have plenty of extra blankets stored away, just in case. 

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7. Duct Tape

Duct tape has so many uses. You could patch a tent, patch a hose, better insulate your shoes, and so on. Mythbusters even made a kayak with duct tape and a few pieces of wood. 

8. Paracord

Paracord, like duct tape, has many uses. It’s much stronger and lighter than typical rope. You can use it to tie sticks together to make a shelter. Paracord can also be used for climbing, a fishing line,  a sling, and countless other survival uses.  

9. Batteries

You’re going to go through a bunch of batteries if you lose power. Make sure you stockpile batteries of all kinds while preparing for an emergency. If someone in your family uses a breathing machine or respirator, be sure to stock up on the appropriate batteries.  

Those batteries you see up above were sent to me by my friend, Harry from Texas. He heard I couldn’t get “C” and “D” batteries where I live and the next thing I know , a package was delivered to me. Although, I have never met him and his wife, I know if we ever met in person we would be great friends! Life is so good with people looking out for you. Consider “paying it forward” by providing prepping supplies to friends and neighbors.

10. Flashlight

Having extra flashlights hoarded away will keep your family out of dark situations at night. Flashlights with Batteries and Solar Flashlight

11. Can Openers

Canned food is about the only source of food you will find that hasn’t spoiled. So when hard times hit, make sure to have more than one handy can opener available. Can Openers

12. Charcoal/Lighter Fluid/Campfire Fuel 

Charcoal is a great way for cooking your food. Be sure to have plenty of lighter fluid or campfire fuel to help speed up the process. If you have a fireplace in your home or apartment, figure out how to have firewood stacked somewhere close so you can put it to use. We used to have a fireplace insert and we’d have two or three cords of wood stacked on the side of our house. It made us feel so confident that we’d make it through most any wintertime emergency. And don’t forget lanterns with fuel as well.

13. Camp Stove 

Camp stoves are not only great for camping, but having stoves for use in case of an emergency just makes sense. They don’t give off smoke like a campfire does, keeping you from giving away your location if you don’t want to be found.  I bought one of these for all four of my daughters. Butane Stoves and Butane Fuel

14. Water Filters

Not having clean water to drink will get you sick or dehydrated in a hurry. Have several survival water filters to keep your drinking water fresh. 

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15. Hand Sanitizer

Stock up on hand sanitizer ahead of time to keep germs away. You can also make your own if you read my post. Why You Should Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer + DIY Recipe

16. Freezer Bags

Freezer bags will not only store your food and keep it fresh longer, but they work great for storing other things as well. You can even use them like a mixing bowl or for marinating your meat. 

17. Garbage Bags

Garbage bags serve many purposes, not just for taking out the trash. They can be worn as rain ponchos, shelter covers, and human waste removal for proper sanitation.  

18. Paper Cups/Plates/Towels

Don’t eat like an animal just because the end of the world seems to have taken place. Eat and drink like a king and queen on paper plates, cups, and use paper towels to clean your mugs and utensils. 

19. Toilet Paper

Just imagine not having toilet paper during a crisis. Now that’s talking about “the end of the world” scenario. Stockpile toilet paper for a much softer, more sanitary way of cleaning yourself. Remember, when the pandemic was first announced toilet paper was one of the first things that you couldn’t find at most any store. Plan ahead and have plenty on hand, just in case.

20. Laundry Detergent

Another great item to hoard for an emergency is laundry detergent. You might not have a working washing machine, but you can still clean your clothes the old fashioned way, with laundry detergent and your two hands. 

21. Shampoo/Soap

Taking a shower every day after a catastrophic event might not be an option. Yet, when someone in your party begins looking at you funny or is avoiding you, at least you collected plenty of shampoo and soap to get the job done. 

22. Vaseline (AKA Petroleum Jelly)

If you’re already in a miserable situation, getting an injury sure doesn’t help. Vaseline works great on soothing cuts, burns, and scrapes. 

23. Tooth Brushes/Toothpaste

Gather several toothbrushes and toothpaste to keep your teeth pearly white on the grayest of days that you can remember. Staying clean is so important not only for your physical health, but also for mental wellbeing.

24. Lysol 

Lysol helps to kill germs and lice, helping keep you safe from sickness. Consider Lysol your new best friend during an emergency. 

25. Gasoline/Propane

Having various ways to prepare your meals or keep an automobile running might be tricky without gasoline or propane. When an emergency strikes, you can count on them not being available. If stored properly, gasoline should be good for up to one year. Have extra propane tanks on hand stored in a cool dark space like a garage. Never store these in your home. This is without a doubt one of those prepping items to hoard.

25 Prepping Items to Hoard

Final Word

These are 25 things that everyone should hoard in case of an emergency. If you’ve taken measures to prep for the unexpected, what other items would be crucial for survival? What are some other prepping items to hoard that you have in place? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. PRI-G and D will keep fuel for several years.
    I opted to stock up on oxy clean as a detergent rather than perfume ones that draw in bugs or give away positions. Cleaning will become more important than smell.
    I filled up a large trash can with charcoal, lighter fluid and one of those charcoal starter chimney.

    1. Hi Matt, oh, I like the trash can idea for charcoal, lighter, and the chimney! I LOVE it! Great reminder on the detergent. You nailed it again on the smell of cleaning products and detergent. Wow, you rock! Great tip on the fuel stabilizer stuff, thank you, Matt. As always, stay safe. We are all praying for your safety and all the others protecting our country right now in many different ways. Linda

      1. Linda, we are trying our best to. I do what I can to stay safe. I have to do the errand running so I do take precautions. Hubby and I are both seniors and have health issues that put us at risk. So, I have to be careful and safe.

    1. One of our favorite items is a solar shower. They’re lightweight, can be easily moved & get the job done! As you stated, keeping clean is important for both physical & mental health.

  2. Please eveveryone, pray for our police and National Guard. While we stay safe, men and women like my son are putting their lives on the line for us. Radical elements of our country are poised to do as much damage as possible. Please stay safe and healthy aND pray.

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for reminding all of us to pray for our police and National Guard. Praying for your son, and Matt who is in our group! Our hearts are sickened about what is happening in this country right now. Praying for all who protect our country. Linda

  3. Linda my husband and I are seniors and also have health issues. Walmart opens at 0600 and usually there is no body there. It is worth getting up early one day a week to be safe. Also try to save the lint from the dryer and old candle wax inorder to make fire starters. If you have a computer watch as many Youtube videos that you can on things you may not know there are a lot of preppers out there willing to share their knowledge.

      1. Sams Club and Costco have senior hours. They are before hours when they have sanitized. Store is less empty and can get in and out.

    1. I love YouTube! I watch people who are into prepping. They have reminded me, as does Linda, on what I may be missing in my preps. I am prepping as much as I can but I seem to be running out of space. I am even trying to be creative with it. I just need a bigger place to live. LOL. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment. We are looking to either a bigger apartment or a house within the city. It is not ideal but we can not afford to move to the outskirts. But yes watching people on YouTube has helped me go back to my roots and not forget how I was raised. I am rusty on things which is why I watch so many videos. But enough about that. Have a wonderful day!

      1. Audrey, of course I don’t know where you live but have you considered a ‘mobile home park’? These have often had a bad reputation (well-deserved in many instances), but there are also those that are very nice! Generally speaking, a person can buy a used double-wide for cheaper per month than rent a 2 bedroom apt, even a New smaller double-wide is about the same price. Many have single, even double garages. Most all parks offer the space to set up a storage shed, right next to the home. I looked recently at a trailer park in my town who have been upgrading their property: a used but newer 26×52 3 br/2 bath/8×10 shed is for sale for $650/mo including lot rent. 10 yr contract. Water, sewer and garbage is included in lot rent. I think a lot of people don’t ever think of buying or even renting a mobile home, due to ‘trailer trash’ monikers. Lol, I’m a landowner and I put a Big mfgd home on it for me and my family in ’03. (32x 80, 4 br, 3 bath, office, very energy efficient). I was the General Contractor as far as doing the building permit/hiring the subs for well/septic/excavation/foundation. I also drew a rough plan for my mfg co, with which they had no problem. My house and all the above cost me $81g versus more than $200g if I’d stick-built. It’s been over 17 yrs since we moved in and I have not one complaint about its construction. I suggested to a friend and her hubby that they look at ‘trailer house’ parks when they wanted more space, was met with a scoff…until they checked it out (thanks to her frustration). They just bought a large single wide, used but in Great shape. Big storage shed. Oh, and also a Community Garden, a community room with entertainment room/full kitchen and grills/picnic tables outdoors; a playground (for their grands/guests). Their monthly payment is $600 including lot rent. 5 yr contract to pay off house, then will be $300/mo lot rent. $55/yr taxes btw, but again water, sewer, garbage included in lot rent. I’m just giving a suggestion if you are tired of renting an apt.

        1. Hi Wendy, I LOVE your comment! I actually grew up in a single-wide trailer back in 1960. We loved it! Then my parents bought a home. But where I live now, in Southern Utah, there are some really nice trailer mobile home parks. They have a clubhouse and get-togethers (before Covid) all the time. The payments are a lot cheaper than rent. We also have low-income rentals here as well. They are really nice. I love hearing how you were your own general contractor! Linda

          1. I wanted to put this info out there as many don’t realize a ‘trailer house’ isn’t what we grew up hearing about. Nowadays, this is a very good option to apt living, I think. Especially for those who want to do a garden for their own use. I don’t know of a single place where people can’t plant a garden instead of having a sitting yard area.

          2. Hi Wendy, I totally agree with you. I have a brother-in-law that is selling his right now only because he needs some help and will move in with his son. He enjoyed the people in the park where he lived. It’s a great option. Linda

  4. Okay, Linda,
    I’m blushing now. LOL!!! Great list though. We are fairly well supplied on everything except the electrolytes. Gotta get that done soon. Hope we have room in the “big” pantry since the one in the house is full. Everyone pray harder!!

    1. Hi Harry, you are so nice and so good to me! What a blessing it has been to know you and your wife through my website. God works in mysterious ways. Yes indeed, pray harder. Stay well, my friend, Linda

    2. Harry- (ICU RN here) you can make your own “Gatorade” and “Pedialyte”. If diarrheal illness should impact a family member, (most common illness in a shtf scenario), here are some tips on mixing ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) and treatment with zinc supplements: This can also be used for prolonged nausea and vomiting, where electrolyte imbalances
      A child with diarrhea should receive oral rehydration salts (ORS) solution and a daily zinc supplement for 10–14 days. Give after each loose stool.
      Give the child a drink made with 6 level teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 level teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 litre of clean water. Be very careful to mix the correct amounts. Too much sugar can make the diarrhea worse. (it creates an hyperosmolar fluid shift and subsequent diarrhea and dehydration). Babies can become Very dehydrated in as little as 24 hours) Too much salt can be extremely harmful to the child. Making the mixture a little too diluted (with more than 1 litre of clean water) is not harmful.

      Zinc (gluconate) supplements have been shown to be very helpful in treating diarrheal illness. Give in divided doses over each day:
      10 mg (2 tabs, crushed) daily,for babies <6 mos. x 10-14 days
      20 mg for children 6 most to 5 yrs x 10-14 days
      40 mg x 10-14 days for adults

  5. I must say that I have everything on the list except lighter fluid!! at least the kind for starting charcoal. I have always used newspaper and have quite a lot of that stored for various purposes as well as homemade fire starters in abundance – could probably start 500 fires with what I have made!

    I am with Matt on the unscented cleaning. I don’t necessarily have unscented laundry or other cleaning supplies for SHTF but for my nose! I simply cannot tolerate the scents and they seem so strong now days. I find it hard to even walk down the aisle at the stores when I need to purchase something from the cleaning aisle. By the time I am away from that section of the store, I am feeling like I am suffocating. That is also the reason that I use disinfecting wipes rather than sprays – sprays make me feel like I am suffocating!

    I have a great radio – Kaito Voyager KA600 – it is crank, solar as well as battery operated, can be charged with included usb cord. It has 7 weather bands, AM, FM, 2 short wave bands. It charges cell phones and also has a built in flashlight and SOS light. It was almost $60 when I purchased it a couple of years ago so may be more now. What really impressed me about this relatively inexpensive radio is that I can actually get reception in my apartment without the use of the antenna!! Unheard of!

    Anyway – great post as always.

    1. Hi Leanne, you do not need lighter fluid! You have some homemade fire starters and newspapers!! I’ve heard the Kaito Voyager are good ones!! The antenna, I totally understand that statement!! LOL! Linda

      1. Leanne, you can make your own laundry soap if you need to. I buy Fels Naptha or Zote or even Ivory soap. All three work. You just grate a bar or cut it in smaller pieces, about 1-1 1/2 square and put in a blender or food processor with a cup of Washing soda and Borax Laundry booster. Grind it up well. Do smaller increments at a time. You can add scent crystals or not, as well as a box of Oxyclean. Pour into a big bowl or bucket and mix well. For fabric softener, I use vinegar. I have wool dryer balls for static cling. I’ve been using this for a long while. My clothes are whiter and cleaner than ever.
        Oh, and you use about a quarter of a cup or so per large load.

  6. Hi Linda, I thank our Dear Lord for finding your site! You give so much to those of us who are starting to prepare for a SHTF event. Your loyal followers (you know who you are) also add their life experiences to the wonderful advice you share so that I can learn from them as well. I pray for our country and all those who protect it and want it to be the America our forefathers intended it to be. May God bless you and continue to provide you with the wisdom you need to do His work. Aloha!

    1. Hi Carol, oh, thank you for your kind words. We truly are a great group of people who are kind to one another and we help each other with knowledge and ideas. Hawaii is a beautiful state, stay safe, Linda

  7. Not sure many know this but Gatorade does do a powder version of their electrolyte formula, just add to water individual packets. Not sure about Pedialyte though, any one see the Pedialyte in packets anywhere? Couple of friends said they have put back (vac sealed) some of the Gatorade packets in their storage.They picked them up this last November, some went to the hunting camp for the gang and the rest they put back. They just did it so they aren’t sure how long they will last but we’ll find out. They will be doing a test to see how long it will last. If this old lady can remember, I’ll let ya all know what they find out about time in storage.

    1. Hi Kathy, I didn’t know Gatorade made a powder version!!! I order the electrolyte stuff online because the town I live in never has stuff in stock. Keep us posted on the storage. I buy boxes of Emergen-C and it’s hard to come by in this town. So I have to order it online. I live in Southern Utah. Stay safe, Linda

      1. I think they came out with it in 2018/2019. I’ve seen it at Meijers (Michigan chain) and it’s in the camping area of the store. But I haven’t seen it this year so far, possibly due to the virus. A lot of stuff like that is in short supply now a days as we all know.You might check with the manufacturer as to where you can get some IF they are still producing it. Some of the things in the stores around here aren’t available any more as the companies have been trying to get just the basics out to customers. If you can’t get Emergen-C, I’ve found Ester C is as good (if not better) than Emergen-C. Pricing on it is comparable I believe AND it’s Non-GMO. No wheat, no soy. I like the lemon lime myself but the other flavors are too bad either.

  8. Linda, I’d add matches, especially storm proof matches to the list of items to hoard, and I ditto Amy’s solar shower suggestion. When my wife and I were rehabbing an 1880’s homestead on our Colorado mountain property we’d get filthy. Our water supply came from a spring fed cistern that was positively glacial. I got a solar shower and my wife proclaimed it the best $15 I’d ever spent.

    Just be sure when you get one you look for one with a good, strong handle as you’ll be hanging 4-5 gallons of water. And if you want to use yours indoors, do NOT hang it from your shower head as you’ll probably end up breaking your shower head.

    Also, leave some room in the solar shower bag for cold water. Our solar shower would heat the water up to 114 F which is way too hot for me, so we’d add cold water to bring the temp down to a comfortable range.

    1. Hi Ray, I need to go order one of those right now. I bought a Lavario washing machine unit (it’s the best one out there). I need a solar shower to put on my clean clothes! Great reminder. I need to go add matches and a solar shower. Thank you, Linda

  9. I have some drip drops for us to use. Need to stock up on more. I also have Gatorade and Powerade, too. I do need to get more drip drops.

  10. One thing I didn’t see and I might have missed it is candles. On New years day we had a ice storm,
    and I lost power for 5 1/2 hours. It was just becoming daylight but the one thing I needed was
    a little warmth ( I can’t afford a generator yet) so I found some candles and lit them and carefully
    held my hands over the flame for heat. I pick up candles at garage sales, some new some used a
    little for next to nothing. I have paid 25 to 50cents for some. I do have propane heat but didnt want to
    turn it on, but if it lasted much longer I would have.

  11. Thanks so much fir this article! I’ve been a big fan of your site for a while but now I really feel the urge to prep for my family. This list has some items I didn’t think about and I’ve added some to my Amazon basket! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Carrie, thank you for your kind words!! I think a lot of people are realizing how critical it is now to be prepared. Just take baby steps and before you know it, you will have what you need. You can do it! Linda

  12. I would recommend you join MeWe. They have many survival/prepping groups that you can find books, cookbooks and other books that you can download and print for your use. Some of these books are really old, but they have some really good nuggets of information that will help you. On the cookbooks they are so neat I love them. They even have some craft books to help you make things to help your prepping.

    One other thing you forgot to recommend is to order some of your important medicines so that you have some in case of emergency.

    Thanks for your wonderful site and newsletters

  13. Hello Linda, you post well thought out remedies, for SHTF situations. I would also recommend a radiation monitor monitor to measure if you are not absorbing too many gamma rays. A bottle of potassium nitrate pills, used to saturate the thyroid in case of too much radiation is still falling, and seek better shelter. These dosimeters and their chargers can be bought left over from the cold war on E-bay. About $30 if you look around. You can also find alpha, beta, as well as the gamma ray Geiger counters. Have it checked for good operation before it is needed. I wish you the best on getting the word out to many people, just in case.

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