Super Easy Appetizers For All Your Parties

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Super easy appetizers for all your parties will be listed here today for you. I love easy appetizers I can throw together at the last minute. This weekend we will celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with food, drinks, snacks, and appetizers galore! I can’t wait!

Oh my goodness, I swear I could eat just the appetizers at parties. I decided to put as many links of my easy appetizers in this post so you can browse and see if you can make some super fast for the weekend or any other party. Plus, if you have some recipes to share I want to make them, if it’s okay with you, and put them in a future post.

Do you love going to parties or having parties where attendees scope out the table that’s all decorated? I love, love, love parties! The first thing I look for is finger foods. Yep, I grab a plate and put a few of my favorites on it. Then I walk around and love to talk to people. I love to laugh and I am known to get the giggles.

I must say I am not a sports fan like my husband. If we have a football party, or whatever, I tend to sit in another room with those who are not so sports minded and we just chitty chat. Or, we might do a simple craft. Of course, we put the appetizers in both rooms so everyone can enjoy the food.

Some of the recipes/links below are for cold and hot appetizers. Some you can make ahead of time or warm up in a slow cooker right before serving.

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Hot Easy Appetizers:

Spicy Buffalo Meatballs.

Warm Chipped Beef Dip

Mary Ellen at That’s My Home Pizza Dip

Sweet Little Smokies.

Cold Easy Appetizers:

Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip

Easy 7 Layer Vegetable Appetizer

Dinner rolls by Linda

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