The Best Way To Choose Apples To Eat And For Apple Recipes

The Best Way To Choose Apples To Eat And For Apple Recipes

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The best way to choose apples to eat and for apple recipes is the topic of the day. Have you walked around the produce aisle at the grocery store lately? There are so many fruits and vegetables just waiting to be picked up and purchased. I always wonder what kind of apple is good for this use…this one is my favorite flavored apple…..this one looks really shiny and delicious! You get the picture, right?

Baking, canning, snacking, etc. Did you grow up hearing that statement “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”! I know I did. I usually sent sliced apples in lunch boxes to school. We had a large bowl full of apples on the kitchen table. Washed and ready to snack on at any moment.

There are so many ways to use apples:

I wanted to write a post on the different apples I like to buy at the grocery store. I really wish we had fruit trees in our yard, but we don’t have them in our current home location. We had them for years. Life changes. See if you have eaten any of these.

1. Gala-is a mild, sweet and crisp textured apple. They are an ideal fruit for kids.

2. Granny Smith-these apples have a crisp bite and tart taste. These are good for apple pies or other baking recipes.

3. Braeburn-this apple is firm, crisp and well balanced between sweet and tart. Great for baking or eaten right off the tree. Perfect for apple recipes below.

4. Golden Delicious-these apples are softer textured so they will not store as well. They are ideal for freezing, salads, and pies.

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5. Fuji-this is a larger apple with a crisp texture. They are very sweet which makes them great for eating raw. They are great in salads. Perfect for apple recipes.

6. Jonagold-these apples are sweet with a thin skin. They are slightly tart so they are great for any recipe calling for apple recipes.

7. Jazz-these apples have a creamy yellow texture that makes them very juicy. Some people say they even have a hint of a pear flavor. They are a crisp snacking apple.

8.Ambrosia-it has a creamy yellow flesh that is juicy sweet. These apples compliment sweet and savory meals. Delicious with root vegetables.

9. Honeycrisp-this white flesh fruit is very crisp and sweet smelling. High in fiber and low in calories. This is my favorite one!

Apple Recipes

1. Mary Ellen @ RecipesFoodAndCooking-French Apple Cake

2. Mary Ellen @ RecipesFoodAndCooking-Caramel Apple Poke Cake

3. Mary Ellen @RecipesFoodAndCooking-Mom’s Apple Pie

4. Linda’s Swedish Apple Pie 

My favorite apple peeler

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  1. Linda! These recipes are fabulous! I can’t wait to try them. I especially want to try the apple bacon cobbler over at Green Eggs and Goats! That looks SO yummy! I sure enjoy visiting your site and learning all the foodie wisdom you have! Hugs, Deb

  2. Thanks for including our recipes, Linda! These all sound so yummy!

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