What Is Wrong With People-Can We Just Get Along?

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What is wrong with people, can we just get along? This statement isn’t the first time we’ve heard it. I try to never write anything controversial on my blog. I’m nice, yes, nice. Do I get ticked off sometimes, of course, I do. But I will not go on a rampage and post on FaceBook, or Tweet negative comments. I scroll through FaceBook and sometimes think to myself, wow, are these people super angry or what? I then unfollow AND unfriend that person. I wonder why I ever followed them in the first place. Some of the people pop up that I don’t even know. Thank goodness I can move on to other things when they are so angry and I don’t have to deal with them or their approach to things. I don’t need that in my life. You’ll understand about the hot chocolate below.

Here’s the deal, we are all different. I’m talking about different work ethics, lifestyles, and religious beliefs, and we are not always treated fairly and or equally. You may or not believe in God, but I’m asking today to please pray for our country and the world.

Who would have ever guessed that groups would set up protests against our Commander in Chief, yes, the President of the United States? Let me tell you right here if you write a negative comment about President Trump it will be deleted. Period. If you think I have my head in the sand, think twice, my friend.

People-Water and Food Storage-Protests

I received a phone call last night from someone that asked me if I had heard we all need water and food storage because all “hell” is going to break through tomorrow, November 4th, yes, today. She asked me if I had heard about the Antifa Protests. I said I had heard the term and saw the locations where these protests would take place on Saturday. This isn’t the first time these so-called rallies pop up.

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Sometimes, I wonder if these people have a job? I read and I quote from Time Magazine (Nash Jenkins):

“By some accounts spreading online, the civil war begins on Saturday, when far-left radicals will gather in America’s streets. The only problem: That’s simply not true.

For weeks, rumors have circulated among conspiratorial conservatives on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and some right-wing news sites that the loose coalition of anti-Trump demonstrators known as “Antifa” are plotting a revolution to begin on Nov. 4. A website called Silence is Consent, citing “sources,” reports that “Antifa … is planning to purge every single Trump voter, Republican, and conservative American in this country… raiding houses, seizing weapons, and causing absolute chaos.”

To be blunt, that’s not true. At all.

Many doomsday conspiracies have some kernel of truth — there really was a “Y2k bug” in computer systems 18 years ago, though it failed to bring down the global tech infrastructure as predicted — this one is pretty far afield from its origins. Here’s the link to the article. Time Magazine

Water and Food Storage

I write this blog to encourage people to store water and food storage for unforeseen disasters or emergencies. I want people to get to know their neighbors and work together as a team. I have always had a porch on my former homes. I bet you can picture what I’m going to say. I used to love to sit out on my porch and visit and laugh with neighbors or wave to them as they drove by.

There are so many rumors going around that the world will end on this date or that date and that people need to have tents to be ready to go to a certain place. It’s simply not true. If you believe this, go for it.

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This blog is for people to learn to be self-reliant and not depend on the government for anything other than to protect us from a foreign power, try to make our neighborhoods and streets safe, and build infrastructure. We must work together as a neighborhood or community to help one another should a disaster happen. Maybe it’s a job loss, or someone is unemployed, please take them a meal or two. Or a bag of rice and some beans. You know what I’m saying. I don’t want my readers to be afraid, if we are prepared we will survive. We learned skills from our ancestors to take care of ourselves.

Please do not live in fear people, we know how to be self-reliant, I promise. Thanks again for being prepared. Please teach the world the skills you know. We must not lose those pioneer skills or in my case vintage skills. Have a great day and make some hot chocolate with some whipped cream on top. P.S. I grew up with marshmallows in mine. Hmmm, yummy. Invite your neighbors over for a cup.

Hot Chocolate/Hot Cocoa by Linda

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  1. Thank you Linda, very thoughtful post. It surprises me how readily people believe these rumors. I hadn’t even heard this particular one so I’m planning to have a pretty typical Saturday. For hot chocolate with marshmallows I d be at your house in a minute, but since  you live pretty far away, guess I’ll make my own. I am prepared;) Have a great Saturday.

      1. If everyone had a nice hot chocolate in the morning, I think things would be a lot brighter for all… as for stocking, I have stocked and found the relief of having a cupboard of food and laundry needs when My job quit for the summer( I drove school bus during the year) and when I was ill and not able to work, I had food and needs stored.. a better feeling that I had not let my family down. Now as I have aged, the younger ones when they have it a bit rough know great grandma has a box of goodies to get them thru the hard times… When the earthquake came, I did need water, never having enough in containers in the house so now have many 50 gallon water barrels around the yard, some for drinking and others for the chickens, dogs, cats, fish and plants… bathing and toilet and washing clothes too as the pipes might break and we could be without for a long time. Yes, I know that we could have a war, we could have a disaster here, we could have many things happen but if prepared it will be so much easier for us and for our families.. Yesterday I went to the hospital to be with my youngest daughter, in her 50’s, she had fallen and broke the ball joint in her right hip, surgery for hours during the night and she looked in so much pain, I asked if she had any money, she said a little, I didn’t push it any further than that as I handed her a 99cent only bag of goodies, I had picked up on the road to go see her, comb and hairbrush, nail clippers and files, razor blades and deodorant and other odds and ends that I remembered I missed when I had been a patient and a couple of puzzle books and a pen and a pair of slightly magnified glasses.. Under $8 and she had what she needed for now.. Being prepared to go to Emergency hospital by ambulance is not the time to start gathering what you might need . The same with every day stocking… a little at a time and it is all there and most worries are gone. Love this site, feel so at home here, thanks for allowing me to join..

        1. Oh Jeanne, you are so sweet, I hope your daughter is better. I love the idea of the $8.00 goodie bag for the hospital. Mark and I visit people almost weekly at the hospital. That is a great idea. Back to your daughters hip surgery, that is not fun. I’m so afraid I will fall, and I’m 67. I had both knees replaced and I am petrified I will fall. I sure hope she has healed and is on the mend. May God bless you and your family. Hugs, Linda

  2. You kind of covered everything. I have felt that ever since people began to make fun of George Bush for mistakenly leaving a stage the wrong way that it escalated and got out of hand for a while until Obama took office. Then it was “hand off” or the person was persecuted, fired or called a racist. But the name bashing and written articles or the typed out tweets continued to push pass the border of we normally considered rude and would even be considered acts of libel and slander. It still continued anyway.
    Here we were making fun of our own president and then post 911 complaining and putting down our own government. And people forget how we all rallied for justice and rebirth after 911, but then fancy pants took office and the country became more interested in speeches and posturing yet was becoming void of substance and unproductive. Then people complained it was the other guy’s fault when things didn’t get done. And I recall a few years where people were getting fired left and right for minor offenses or improprieties. Again, selective persecution and punishment led by those who want so badly to be right, to be “the good guy” that they would viciously ruin another person’s life over a minor incident or comment.
    We seem to be led by the novelty of sipping fancy coffee, being ignorant of the facts and living inside some type of new age, college liberal, computer geek, hipster inspired world. A society of people who know what is right, but are too damn busy playing with their phones to actually solve any problems. It’s easier to jump on the bandwagon that’s passing by than to get on the one that is productive and going somewhere.
    And one more thing, personal annoying to me, I wish guys would stop shaving themselves like little dolls, wearing ridiculous hair do’s and pull up their pants. I don’t like demonstrations of machisimo or bullying and everyone should be themselves, and everyone treated with courtesy, but really, what or how does this effeminization of the male species help or elevate men beyond looking like clowns. What happened to basic pride, patriotism and treating people with courtesy and dignity by practicing good manners and not being offensive.

    1. Hi Frank, I LOVE your comment, you took the words right out of my mouth or brain either way. I feel exactly the same. What happened to being kind to one another. We were raised by the rule “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. I hope you have marshmallows and whipped cream on your hot chocolate. If we lived closer to each other I would deliver it. You made my day! Linda

    2. Frank, The entire point of Linda’s post (the one you are answering) was to get along with each other, and to be respectful of each other. Your comment includes this sentence: “We seem to be led by the novelty of sipping fancy coffee, being ignorant of the facts and living inside some type of new age, college liberal, computer geek, hipster inspired world. A society of people who know what is right, but are too damn busy playing with their phones to actually solve any problems.” As a liberal, I take offense at this sentence and I do wish you hadn’t said it. The sword cuts both ways: we’ll never get anywhere if we cannot get along. And that means kindness and politeness need to be demonstrated *on both sides of the political divide*. And I do not have a smart phone. Only a dumb phone. 🙂

      1. I agree wholeheartedly. I got to that part of Frank’s diatribe and thought how unaware he is of his own prejudices.

  3. Linda,
    love your post and the previous comments. I could expound on my feelings, but you do not have enough space to do that and it would take me until the end of next week to key it all in. I turned 69 on All Saints Day. I think you are about a decade behind me, but that is immaterial you young whippersnapper. LOL! Suffice to say, this certainly is not the country I grew up in and I am fairly certain that you feel the same way. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Hi, Harry, you know I love the term young whippersnapper!! I wish I was that young! My blog always has room for ALL your comments, you should know that by now, I love you words! Blessings to you and yours as well. Linda

  4. Linda – you are the voice of reason and I agree with everything written. I appreciate your blog because it isn’t derisive and full of hate and criticism. It is completely useful and intended for everyone. Thanks for all you do for those who will listen!

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks so much for your kind words, I just had to get on my soapbox before I had my hot chocolate. We don’t need to hear hate and criticism, life is good and we need to remind ourselves. Have a great day, Linda

  5. Linda, thanks for your thoughts. People seem to be so afraid of everything that they’re primed to believe the fear mongering. I hadn’t heard this most recent rumor but I’m going to a local holiday bazaar anyway ;o) I can’t imagine living my life in fear and knowing that I’m prepared makes that so much easier. Even in the face of adversity, there is goodness to be found, joy and helpers. For some people they have to look a lot harder than the average but once they get the hang of it, they get it. Here’s a date to spread around – Monday, November 13th – it’s National Kindness Day. Let’s stretch it to a week and promise to be kinder than we need to be.

    1. One other thing I’d like to share that gives me some hope. My 12 year old grandson is raising money for Puerto Rico through his rural youth group next weekend. They are fasting for 30 hours and during that time they’ll be doing community service for their neighbors. Everybody wins when kids are involved in these kinds of activities.

    2. Oh Debbie, I love this comment, I am going to write a post about kindness on Monday, I love knowing that is Kindness Day! Thank you and have a fun day at the holiday bazaar, those are the best! Linda

  6. Way to go, Linda! You took the words right out of my mouth (and so did Frank!) It’s time to give our President the chance to do his job without having to defend himself or his family for every little thing that they do. Do I agree with everything? No! I don’t have my head buried in the sand, but I grew up believing in supporting our President, respecting law enforcement, and honoring our veterans. We need a designated hot chocolate day!

  7. Linda, thank you for taking up and speaking out for our Commander in Chief. I admire you for that more than you know. We must respect the title and seat or else we are headed for a lawless society.

    November 4-6 is a drill with DOD (Department of Defense) and the Ham operators (AARL) throughout the USA to find out just exactly what could and would happen if there were an EMP that knocked out all communications. I know this because I am studying for my Ham Technical license in December.

    First and foremost, we must remain calm at all times and we will certainly be the ones who will be helping if anything did happen, not because we are so smart, but because we know. We know things. I may know more than I am going to speak of because people are not ready to hear the truth, however, I will say that the conservatives are being poked at to get them upset, riled up, and ready to fight. They have not done that. They just watch quietly. That type of patience upsets the beast, (whoever the beast may be). I know this because I am part of “they”.

    Now, I have no doubt there WILL be things happening this week or soon that will catch our attention and make us go “oh no” but I dare say most of it is mostly a dangerous theater. I have said enough Linda.
    Yes, you are nice and I love you and pray for your family’s safety.

    People of liked minds must stay in close contact during these days. Because as we all know there is power in numbers. God bless you and God bless America. We MUST, MUST begin saying these words out loud and more often despite the fact that some will say it is inappropriate and unacceptable. So, keep speaking up and helping out. Our precious homeland is at risk. You are doing such a wonderful job Linda and now may be the time to do just that.
    Love you GF,

    1. Vivian, I feel so close to you even though we have never met personally but we have a love and respect for each other because we are of like minds. You always make my days with your comments, first because you are always kind but you get it. You know exactly what I mean. We both get it. Hugs and love GF, Linda

  8. I agree and that is really important now a days. Yeah I feel close to you too GF and I have no doubt that we are strong women. We have not been put in this position for naught. There is a bigger reason just on the horizon my friend and I think you know it. Take good care of yourself now as soon we will be feeling the sting of the arrows.
    Hugs back

  9. Not afraid today and we actually did make some hot chocolate. I think there are several neighbors nearby that can count on each other, but there are a few that we don’t really know and well whose lifestyles are well a bit shaky to say the least. However they are few in number.

    1. Hi Lauralee, I love hearing from you! I’m glad to hear you had some hot chocolate too! I’m concerned where I live but I zero options due to the neighborhood we purchased a home to live in has declined every year since we purchased. This is the worst home investment we’ve made since we were married some 48 years ago. Some of our neighbors are shaky, a few are awesome. I have one neighbor on the street that has food storage and water out of maybe 40 homes besides me. I have few in number as well. We can survive because we know what to do. Keep going, Laurlalee, you rock! Linda

  10. Oh how often I want to throw my hands up and scream those words! I remind myself to be the change I want to see in the world. I pray often for our country and for our president. Please, whatever you think of the president, we need to pray for him and for wisdom as he leads this country. Right now he is dealing with so many important issues on this Asian trip. I believe one lit candle lights up the darkness. Thanks for being a light Linda and I’m shining here in my corner of the world.

    1. Hi, Gayle, I love your sweet message, I totally agree we need to support our president, our country is in turmoil and we have to light the darkness as you mentioned. I love that statement. Thanks for your kind words and lighting your corner of the world. God bless you, my friend, Linda

  11. Thank you – – Thank you – – Thank you. You have quite a following here in Georgia. We often forward your blog to each other. I don’t have my head in the sand either but I really detest that every time anybody comments on ANYTHING that it is a cue for someone to be ugly or political. I have gotten so many good ideas from your blog and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this particular one. I teach Relief Society (for your non-LDS folks, that’s our women’s organization) and I just recently taught Lesson 20, which is basically BE NICE. And BE NICE to everyone. Again, thank you.

    1. Hi, Ida, oh how you melt my heart with your kind words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just don’t understand why some people are so angry about everything. I’m writing a post right now for tomorrow about a power outage. I read a comment on FaceBook that blew me away. I have to giggle because I thought to myself, are you kidding me??? Stay tuned because I’m going to share her comment but not her name. I don’t know her but wow, is all I can say! LOL! I love that you taught a lesson on being NICE, we all need lessons on that word. Hugs, Linda

  12. I am more grieved about someone shooting up a church, than I am about protesters. I make a project when something gets to me. So far I have cleaned and painted 3 Closets.

    You are correct that the world has gone nuts.

    1. Oh, Janet, you are so like me, I have to clean stuff when I see junk like that on the TV. I am appalled that some guy thinks he is upset at his in-laws and needs to kill people. The world has indeed gone nuts. WOW, painted 3 closets, woohoo! Closets are now clean….love it! Hugs, Linda

  13. Ahh that Hot chocolate made me mild and mellow.. but was thinking, when we do stockpile, best not to let the neighbors know. I had a lady that came in and did the cleaning and of course she snooped into the room that always had the door closed. also noticed I had a lot of towels and sheets… checked out the bathroom and all my needed meds were slowly taken, those that would bring money on the outside.. my canned goods slowly snuck out the door and also my batteries, 4 cases of batteries for I could not watch her all the time.. taking trash out I am sure was filled with needs of mine… She is well gone now but she told her family how I had all the extra food too.. Now must keep gate and house locked up at all time.. Nothing I can prove but she was the only one coming and going.. and found some food in the broom closet next to the back door… Hmmm. if she was hungry I fed her.. even let her stay here when she was between apartments,, just beware..

    1. Hi Jeanne, I totally agree with you. I know a few “prepper” colleagues use fake names on their blogs and addresses for their email newsletters. I realize I may be vulnerable first because I write this blog, second because I teach classes and third I was asked to write my book “Prepare Your Family For Survival”. I really wish I lived in another location, my backyard is close to a freeway. I have spoken with the emergency preparedness county people here in my city and they are expecting most of Southern Utah and Southern Nevada will have to head here if a major disaster happens. The city is gearing up for riots on the freeway that I can see from my back door. I want to move more than anything but we bought high and this area continues to go down in value. I sometimes say to Mark, lets cut our losses and move on. Life is so crazy right now, Jeanne, I am not sure where I would move. I had a woman clean my house for 20 years up north when I worked. I’m glad your house cleaning lady is now gone. We must be vigilant and keep all doors locked. Thanks for the reminder to be aware, we must all be careful. Linda

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