Why You Need Food Storage In Your Home

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Why you need food storage in your home is always part of the discussion when I teach classes about emergency preparedness. Food storage is probably something you are already doing in your home. If you have a few extra cans of food or some buckets of sugar, flour, etc. you have food storage. You have the beginning of what I call food storage. If you have more stored you are a rock star in my book. I applaud you. Some people may think we are hoarding food because we want food stored, yes I was asked that at a class I taught years ago. I had a good laugh because I understand some people may think we are a bit over the top. They may have watched a TV show that showed some very extreme ways of storing or gathering food. I want to make it clear right now I will not skin a squirrel and eat it. I will become a vegetarian and eat the vegetables and fruits I grow in my garden before that will ever happen.

I will eat eggs, beans, quinoa and chia for protein, period. I wish I could say I have 40 acres of land and raise animals for food and a HUGE garden. I don’t, I have a peanut size lot that is less than 1/4 acre. But, I can still raise enough fruits and vegetables for my husband and myself. I can also preserve food for short-term storage by dehydrating it. I have had two dehydrators in my life. The first one was harvest gold and 24 inches in height and width. It was beauty in her day. When I retired that one I bought my Excalibur dehydrator with a timer and 9 shelves. Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black Now let’s talk about why you need food storage in your home. You don’t need to go into debt to buy food, buy one extra can a week if your budget will allow it. Remember only buy the food your family will eat in an emergency and every day.

Whenever I talk about food storage I always mention the fact that you need water. Lots of water. The American Red Cross recommends one gallon per person per day. I disagree. I believe we need four gallons per person per day. My mouth is starting to get dry just thinking about rationing that one gallon per day for myself. Just saying. Please store water several different ways. I love the WaterBricks because the large ones hold 3.5 gallons. That’s close to what one person needs per day. I know they are less than the four gallons I prefer but they are close enough that I can say I need ten of those for Mark for ten days. I need ten of those for me for ten days. Are you with me? Now, remember store water in several ways so you can haul it if you need too. You can’t haul a filled 55-gallon barrel. But, you can pump water out of that barrel to drink it after you filter or purify it. You can also cook with it. It’s great for washing clothes as well. WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Water and Food Storage Container, 3.5 gal of Liquid, 27 lb of Dry Food Products, Blue

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When I talk about food storage I always mention to people to get a butane stove with fuel for short term emergencies like power outages. You can always use your barbecue but it wastes a lot of fuel to boil a pot of soup. This is the butane stove and canisters I purchased for all four of my daughters for short power outages. They can boil water, make soup, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Camp Chef Butane 1 Burner Stove with Camping Case and 12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping Stoves

Now let’s talk about why you need food storage in your home. You don’t need to go into debt to buy food, buy one extra can a week if your budget will allow it. Remember only buy the food your family will eat in an emergency and every day. Buy #10 cans commercially processed for a longer shelf-life. Always compare the ounces per can and the price per ounce plus shipping costs.

Why You Need Food Storage:

  1. Peace of mind after a disaster or unforeseen emergency, knowing you can feed your family
  2. Loss of income, you can still eat without depending on government assistance
  3. Severe weather conditions like Icy roads or snow storms you can still feed your family because your pantry is full of food items they enjoy and you won’t have to run to the supermarket on icy or snowy roads
  4. You save money because you will visit the supermarket less because you have the food you need at home (stock up on sales of food you like)
  5. You will never run out milk because you have instant milk ready to just add water
  6. If you store the items like flour, yeast, eggs (even powdered ones work), instant milk, salt, oil, sugar or honey you can bread for sandwiches and save a lot of $$$. You will never run out of bread because you can make it
  7. In an extreme disaster, the stores will be empty within 24-48 hours with some of the items you may want to purchase
  8. The power may be out and your debit card or credit card will become useless because the gas stations or supermarkets will not be able to take any cards. Cash may work if they have a generator but who knows how long it will work
  9. Truckers may not be able to deliver the needed food at your local grocery chains because of weather conditions if you have food storage you will still be able to feed your family
  10. You may be so ill you cannot go to the store and purchase food for your family
  11. War erupts and all stores are closed
  12. Terrorist attack you may not be able to leave your home
  13. Pandemic the city or county where you live may advise everyone to stay home plus people may be afraid to go outside where there are groups of people who may be sick
  14. Financial meltdown……need I say more
  15. You must take care of your family, please do not depend on anyone else to feed your family
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I quote from Thrive Life:

Thrive Life Instant Milk


Closed: 25 years

Open: 2 years
Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.

#10 (gallon-size): 57

Pantry Can: 18
Pouch: No

Ingredients: Nonfat Milk Solids, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Vitamin D3. Per serving, contains 40% daily value of Vitamin D CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE (pouch excluded)

All products are processed in a facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat and tree nut products.
Country of origin: United States 
I love the fact that I can make milk when I run out at the last minute and the taste is great. I hope my list above shows you how much you need food storage. May God bless you and your family for being prepared for the unexpected.

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