Which Antibiotics Work Best For Which Infection

Which Antibiotics Work Best For Which Infection

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Today I want to talk about antibiotics. I will start with a HUGE disclaimer. I’m not a doctor or a nurse, I am just a mom and a grandma wanting to know things. LOTS of things. I read, research, email, and visit with doctors to get answers. Real answers. One of my biggest fears is what will we do as a family, city, community, or even a country if for some reason we are unable to get antibiotics. Please remember antibiotics are for bacterial infections, they do not work for viruses.

Just because we have those prescription refills available does not mean we will be able to get them refilled. If we have an unforeseen disaster in the area where we live and the roads are torn up and we can’t drive our cars, then what? We are so used to just hopping in our cars and driving anywhere we want to go.

“Lights Out”

I’ve talked about an EMP where most cars will not work if we have a major attack by shutting down our power grid, and so much more. Our country is not ready to survive a hit to the power grid. Please read “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel, then you will totally understand, no fiction in that book. We will have power outages, you get the picture.

Do I have a Hummer parked in my backyard, no? Have I thought about it, yes? I understand there are some older cars without electronics that will work if and when we have a grid down, and we will. No doubt in my mind. If there is a grid down, even if we have fuel, the majority of our vehicles won’t work because the inboard computers are toast and the cars will not work.

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I am not trying to be gloom and doom today, but we need to have a plan, yes a plan. We might get a message on our phones or television, or we might not hear anything at all about the chaos in our community. A few months ago, Mark and I had some flash floods from rainstorms on our street. It’s really scary when you have zero control over the streets turning into rivers as a result of the heavier-than-usual rain.

Then we received an emergency alert message on our television. You know that beep, beep, beep sound telling us the emergency is in our area. Then our cell phones started beeping with the alert as well as our landline phones. I’m actually grateful for the message alerts.

Have Your Car Ready To Evacuate

Keep your gas tank filled 1/2 to 3/4 full or above.

Store water and food.

Have some flashlights by your beds.

My Prepper Doctor

Here are just a few items I learned from a really awesome friend who is a great doctor. He took the time to talk to me about antibiotics. I wanted to know which antibiotic we would need if we were to get sick and unable to meet with a doctor. He gave me some ideas and this is the first time I am sharing the entire list today. You know which of the antibiotics you are allergic to and aware of what you and your family can or cannot use.

Please note, I do not store Fish antibiotics.



Amoxicillin is good for strep throat, dental infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, and sometimes bladder infections.

Cephalexin (Keflex):

Skin infections, staph infections, sinus infections, bladder infections, bronchitis, Sty (eye) infection, and other chronic health conditions.

Ciprofloxacin (Cipro):

Bladder infections and an Anthrax episode.

Please note, yes I have seen the Facebook article about the woman who used Cipro and had complications. Very sad story. I don’t know all the details, but I do know it is a good antibiotic for some people. It works great for me.

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Z-Pack (Azithromycin):

Strep throat, sinus infections, Bronchitis, and Tonsilitis.

Levofloxacin (Levaquin):

Pneumonia, ultimate Diverticulitis medicine, and worst sinus infection.

Shelf-Life of Antibiotics

The doctor informed me that most antibiotics will last five to ten years beyond the listed expiration date. I am going to keep the prescribed antibiotics left over from sickness and try to build up a reserve for future use. That way if I get sick and can’t visit the doctor or clinic to get a new prescription I at least have prescribed meds in the house. The doctor told me about his experience during the Haiti earthquake disaster. He and other doctors went on a humanitarian mission in hopes they could make a difference.

They were able to take some antibiotics with them and were grateful they did since the hospitals and clinics ran out almost overnight. He realized that many victims would have lost limbs if not for the antibiotics they took along. Think about what you would do if someone in your family is cut really badly and they are getting a bad infection. You would have some antibiotics to tide you over until additional supplies become available, just some things to think about. What alternative medicines are we prepared to use?

Final Word

You may be wondering how I get extra prescriptions. I asked my doctor for them, I do not run them through my insurance, I pay cash and they are 10% of the cost if I had run them through the Big Pharma Game. I do not ask for painkillers, let me make that clear. I finish ALL prescriptions I am prescribed when and if I need them. I also ask for a 90-day supply when possible.

I have knee replacements and cannot get any infection or I will die if it goes too far, therefore I can ask for some antibiotics. I also need them when I go to the dentist twice a year. My Orthopedic doctor requires me to use them for the rest of my life if I have any dental work, including cleaning my teeth.

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  1. If you are taking antibiotics conscientiously and following doctor’s orders, you will not have antibiotics “left over.” Doctor’s orders are to take the full prescription of antibiotics.

    1. I do realize we should finish the full prescription when prescribed. Sometimes the doctor changes the prescription midway through the course because it is not working. Therefore you might have a few leftover. Today I was really was trying to let people know that some antibiotics can be used after the expiration date. Thanks so much for commenting. Linda

  2. It is important to note that tetracycline becomes toxic after its expiration date. There is buzz that newer formulations don’t have this issue, but why take the chance? While I realize you are not recommending tetracycline in particular, I think that it must be mentioned in discussions about antibiotic use after expiration dates. Luckily the three listed above should take care of most infections without having to resort to tetracycline use.

    1. Noelle, thanks for commenting on the tetracycline. I love getting feedback like this to pass onto our readers. Thanks so much! Linda

  3. I also think that is why you need to have Silver Sol in liquid and in gel form. A nasal sprayer to mix it with some water, an ear dropper to drop it into an ear. The thing with Silver Sol you need at least six minutes of contact time, so for a sore throat unless you can find some Silver Sol Lozenges (rare to find them), you’d have to gargle it for six minutes. For an ear infection you might want to warm the dropper a bit pouring a bit of warm water over the dropper for a few minutes. You’d probably have to use it 3 or 4 times a day for as long probably as you would an antibiotic. It would be valuable if there are virus’ going around, because a lot of antibiotics work on bacterial infections, but not viral ones. That’s my input.

    1. Hi Lauralee, I LOVE Silver Sol. I buy ASAP 10 in the liquid and the gel. I buy it by the case! I am so paranoid because of what virus or bacteria might go around me and I have zero health insurance!!!! I have noe use it for an ear infection. Good information girlfriend! Linda

  4. Just remember one thing. No antibiotic will cure any virus. So don’t use an antibiotic if it is a viral infection. antibiotics are only good for a bacterial infection. Also remember if you use them every time you get sick, you could build up a resistance to the antibiotic and they will not help you at all. So please use caution when taken them. Make sure of what you have and only use them if you really need them. If you just have a cold, don’t use antibiotics for that. A cold is a virus. Keep your hands washed so not to spread the cold germs to others. If it is a sinus infection, don’t take the antibiotics unless you are blowing yellow and green from nose or coughing it up. That is when you need an antibiotic. That would be bacterial. Just remember to always use caution so you don’t build up a resistance to them.

    1. Hi Mary, I take for granted people will realize they only work for bacterial infections. Thanks for the reminder, I just added that statement to the post for those who do not know this. I worry about the build-up of antibiotics in our meat and dairy. I try to buy only grass fed but the options are that great where I live. Great comment! Linda

  5. Hello Linda, that is so true about our meat. We always try to find meat that is grass fed and also organic when we can. We look for where it says no antibiotic added to our products. They are hard to find so when we do we stock up and I can a lot of the meat as well as freeze it. That way I have plenty for those times that it is hard to get.

  6. Use antibiotics the LEAST possible. They will cause DISBIOSIS. When using antibiotics, take PROBIOTICS, like Yogurt or Kefir and Prebiotics, like Asparragus or artichokes. Yogurt and Kefir PLAIN, no sugar, no fruits.

  7. Hi, I’ve heard of the anti-biotic benefits of oregano oil. I was just wondering if there is any benefits of oregano oil, and for what uses it might be helpful with.

    1. Hi Eddie, I believe oregano has some natural antibiotic benefits. If I write anything about this the FDA could shut down my website. It has happened to blogger friends of mine. I highly recommend getting a good essential oil book. One that is very reasonable such as this one. https://amzn.to/2rd7bZV Oregano is a bit strong and therefore needs a carrier. A carrier dilutes the strength of the oil. I like olive oil and coconut oil. Please be cautious and make sure it is safe for you. I use essential oils daily, I rarely go to the doctor. Linda

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