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When I Went To The Emergency Room

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I want to share with you when I went to the emergency room last March 22, 2017. I rarely go to the doctor, and I never post anything personal like this on Facebook, much less on my blog. But I feel it is critical to share what I have learned over the last few months regarding human ears and how critical they are over and above for hearing. A neighbor had died unexpectedly that very day and Mark, being clergy in his church, went over to help with the situation, as best as he could. When he returned to our home, I said: “Mark, my eyes are moving and I’m not moving them.” They were fluttering non-stop, that’s how I would explain it.

It made me feel sick and I threw up from the room spinning. I thought at first this must be vertigo, but my eyes were fluttering and I had zero control over them. What’s crazy, I had zero pain, no headache, zip, nothing. I quickly said to Mark: “Take me to the emergency room right now, this is past any InstaCare Center.” He knew I was serious because I go to the doctor once a year only to have my cholesterol checked.

We drove to the emergency room with my throw-up bucket, yes, we all have one, right? I have had vertigo a few times in my life, but it goes away within hours or a couple of days. This was totally different.

As we entered the hospital, via the emergency room entrance I was escorted to a private room within minutes. I’m 67 with gray hair so I’m assuming the medical personnel thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. When I say private room, I mean private, the last time I went to an emergency room they had curtains hanging between beds for the patients. I remember thinking to myself when did this change? Private rooms at the emergency room, right on!

Emergency Room MRI and EKG

Anyway, the doctors were ordering an MRI STAT and an EKG STAT. The doctors kept asking me: “Do you have a headache, do you have any pain?” I answered no. But I had zero balance.

Luckily, no stroke, no brain tumor, or heart issues. They tipped my whole body upside down to see if I had “crystals” out of place in my inner ears. No, crystals. The doctors told me to follow up with my primary care physician. This was not your typical vertigo.

Hearing And Balance Center

I ended up going to a hearing and balance center. The doctors of audiology said my hearing was fine for my age, but they wanted to test my balance. I came two weeks later, still no balance, using a walker or I would fall. A walker, are you kidding me, I am a tough cookie. I used one for a while when I had my knees replaced, but this was crazy.

Mark had to drive me everywhere. I could not go into grocery stores, it was overwhelming to me. I soon learned why. I had a virus hit my right ear Cochlea and that ear was only performing at 65% of its capacity to help with the balance function. My left ear was normal at 100%. My eyes (my brain) were not talking to each other. I had to go to Neuro-Rehab for weeks. It should have been months, but it cost $45.00 co-pay twice a week with insurance. I was given the tools to help my brain to work together and I could do most of the therapy at home.

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Typing Posts Was Hard

I was typing posts on my blog like I was used to and could hardly see the keyboard in a normal way. Mark proofs my posts so we try to have zero typos, etc. I would type and have to rest for an hour after typing for only 30 minutes. I was taking two three-hour naps every day. This is not me, I’m type A and never stop. I own it. My brain training was exhausting me. I had to do neurological therapy several times a day to retrain my brain to work. I learned that your eyes, ears, and feet work together to perform the balancing process for your body. Since my right ear wasn’t working at full capacity my eyes were trying to make up for it, and confusing my brain in the process.

No Driving

I could not drive. I could not drive in a car with other cars buzzing by the sides, or it would exhaust me. My brain couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t drive to see some of my kid’s activities 350 miles away because I could not drive in a car. It would exhaust me. I learned a lot through this ordeal.

Vestibular Neuritis

This is what I was diagnosed with. Here’s the deal, the doctors told me it normally takes several weeks to work through it, but it could be a year. I am still dealing with it. I can drive short distances, but it’s exhausting. I rarely drive right now, but I’m getting better. I would never have guessed this diagnosis would be so serious.

My doctor asked me if I had some sort of stress going on in my life that would have caused my immune system to be compromised. This was true and interesting to me to connect the dots.

Meniere’s Disease

The doctor told me, “I can tell you for sure you do not have Meniere’s disease.” I quote from The Mayo Clinic “Nov 26, 2015 – Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes in which you feel as if you’re spinning (vertigo), and you have fluctuating hearing loss with a progressive, ultimately permanent loss of hearing, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), and sometimes a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear.”

Now, this is interesting because Mark was outside talking to our neighbor next door. He said he had just been diagnosed with this Meniere’s disease. He can’t have salt for the rest of his life and must take medication forever. He thought it was vertigo until he went through extensive testing.

Foods to avoid are salt, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, and smoking. Glad I don’t have Meniere’s disease, I love my chocolate!


I quote this from The Mayo Clinic, “May 28, 2015 – Overview. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo — the sudden sensation that you’re spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo causes brief episodes of mild to intense dizziness.”

Anxiety and Vertigo

Yes, anxiety can cause vertigo. People with panic attacks and anxiety attacks can experience different short forms of vertigo. The room may spin causing you to be nauseous and to start vomiting. I read that even mental illness may cause vertigo. I had no idea so many people suffer from vertigo.

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I keep hearing from this friend that her friends have vertigo. My friend, Lisa, has had vertigo for almost three years. Her’s is due to crystals in her ear. I have to wonder, why are so many people getting vertigo? This is awful.

Is Vertigo Life-Threatening?

Although vertigo can be debilitating, most cases are not life-threatening. Most vertigo can be treated with exercises if it’s due to crystals in your ears that are not balanced evenly. I have friends that were diagnosed with vertigo that had crystals out of balance and I saw several YouTubes people can use to help with that.

My Biggest Fear Is Falling

The doctors worry about people falling with vertigo that lasts for weeks or months. If we fall we may break bones, and who knows what will happen with the elderly or people with balance issues.

My Neuro-Rehab Exercises

I had to use tongue depressors with an X on them to train my brain to look at them correctly (I was seeing double). I was asked to walk the “drunk line” by my therapist, which I failed. No balance. I had to learn to walk forward with my eyes open and then walk backward. Then I had to close my eyes and walk forward and backward. Yes, I had people on each side of me. I had harnesses holding me up straight to test my balance. It was very frustrating.

I had several neuro-rehab exercises and I’m extremely thankful for the doctors here in Southern Utah, who helped me get this far. I still have a way to go, but I’m so much better.

I took a good friend to the emergency room with vertigo about three months ago, she is better but not totally. She had a CT-Scan and then an MRI a few weeks later. She had to go to neuro-rehab as well. What is going on? Is there something in the air, the water? It makes me wonder.

Let Your Snot Run

This is what I learned after the emergency room visit, I have sinus issues all the time. I was told to let the snot run from my nose. I’m sorry that sounds gross, but if it helps one person today I have done my job by letting people know this critical tip. I will never use antihistamines again unless absolutely necessary. I use doTerra Breathe all the time. No, I do not sell it, but I love it. It keeps my sinuses open and clear.

Please let me know if you have had vertigo issues and what you had to do to get better. I was given Meclizine for nausea. You can get 100 tablets behind the Costco pharmacy counter for $3.00. That’s a whole lot cheaper than other stores. I didn’t need the Meclizine, but I grabbed a bottle to add to my first aid kit. I suggest you do the same.

Please remember, I am not a doctor, nurse, or anyone in the medical field. I want you to have this information if you need it after a disaster hits your neighborhood. It may help someone. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world.

Linda’s First Aid Kit

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  1. Hi!
    I’m so very sorry to read about this traumatic experience.
    I too suffer with intermittent bouts of vertigo. Crystals are my issue.
    I have found that inhaling the essential oil of Peppermint, helps me 
    tremendously! I still have to ease into my days,but the oil acts like a distraction. That’s the way that can explain its effect.It relaxes me also. Not all brands work I purchase mine from an African Organic store on Atlantic Ave.in BKLYN. Answaar Natural.
    Blessings to you and yours!

    1. Hi Deborah, oh I love your comment! We need to let readers know how others are dealing with vertigo! I’m going to check out that Peppermint Oil. I love essential oils. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Linda

  2. I consider myself fairly smart about health issues but I learned some things from this article. Thank you. Oh, & you should sell your own t-shirt line with “Let Your Snot Run” across the front. Don’t mean to make light of your troubles but I just had a vision of this army of grey-haired ladies marching in those shirts. Hope your recovery continues & thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hi, Linda, oh my gosh I love this comment! I have the giggles but I may do this! I can picture the grey-haired ladies marching in those t-shirts! Right on! Hugs! Linda

  3. Linda
    wow, that is crazy. I find it strange that the doc said you do not have Meniere’s disease yet the person next door does! wth?
    Please take care of yourself. We did not realize you had any problems do not worry about that. Letting the snot run sounds cool to me. Just got over a virus head cold something that continued to make so much that I could not figure out where it was coming from. Was blowing my nose all the time and coughing up crap. My husband said to take something for that cough. No! I had to tell him it is good to get it up and out. I am surprised that people supress a cough and then do not check into why they are coughing.
    You know we love you LInda and hope you are back to normal soon. Whatever normal is now a days! ha
    Cincinnati Girl

    1. Oh, Viv, my dear friend, the neighbor next door doesn’t live here full time. His family uses the home as a vacation home. I think the doctor made that statement because he thought I would be grateful I didn’t have that disease. I’m just amazed that I’m now hearing so many people have vertigo, good grief. I got the giggles on the “normal”, whatever that is! LOL! Stay well, hugs! Linda

  4. Linda,  
    So sorry you had to deal with this.  I, too, have had crystals, but no problems in 10 years. I keep Meclzine in my cupboard and throwing  out the old, unused bottles… that’s called  A Win!

    I’m surprised that with the vast intricacies of the human body, that so many things go right most of the time.

    Everyone.. rejoice in your successes and share your gifts with others.

    1. Hi NancyJo, great comment, I now keep Meclizine in my cabinet and will rotate as needed. I have to dwell on the fact that I did not have a brain tumor or a stroke. I’m thankful I only have this Vestibular Neuritis!! Yes, we will rejoice in our successes! Stay well, Linda

    1. Hi, Beth, you know it’s crazy because I am such a private person but I felt strongly I needed to share my ordeal with my readers because maybe they can help someone after a disaster or even just tomorrow. Stay healthy, thank you! Linda

  5. Dear Linda, God bless you for pushing through your own troubles to help the rest of us! I get vertigo that Meclizine doesn’t help, so I will try peppermint oil next time like Deborah recommended. I put a couple drops on a tissue & breathe in through my nose & mouth if I have allergies or a cold–opens those passages instantly.

  6. Wow Linda you have had a lot to deal with. Glad you are getting better, hang in there we know you are tough. Love your articles, you do great work, but don`t push yourself too hard, some things take more time then we want to give.

    God Bless………….

    1. Hi Hearl, you are so sweet, thank you. You made me laugh (I love to laugh) when you said: “you are tough”. I was just telling my friend that this morning at the dog park. I haven’t felt “tough” for a few months but I’m back in the saddle to get the word about preparedness. May God bless you, Linda

  7. Our dear Linda
    I have been reading your blog for a couple years and am always amazed at your energy and wisdom – I’ve learned so much from you!  Please, please, please take the time to let your body heal.  You are an incredible woman and are helping us with your insight and knowledge!  I know it is difficult to share your personal health issues, but admire your desire to help others in a similar situation.  Blessings to you, Linda – you rock!

    1. Hi Mary, you are so kind, thank you for reading my blog. That means a lot to me. I know God set me on this mission to teach the world how to be prepared for the unexpected and I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful friends through the internet just like you! Hugs! Linda

  8. Hi Linda, this is such great information. What a time you have had! I have to confess, I’ve had a terrible cold and have been taking cold medication. NO MORE!
    Hoping these continue to improve for you.

  9. Hi Linda. I am so sorry you have been ill. I have had vertigo a few times for short periods, but nothing like what you are talking about. I did have some frontal attack strokes in 2010 & 2011. they were not fun, but I am so fortunate they were not worse. Do take care of yourself. Thank you for the info you give us. I am sorry you had to go thru something like this.

    1. Hi Pat, oh my gosh, frontal attack strokes, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m glad you’re okay today. I’m glad they were not worse for you as well. One thing I learned from this was that I better never ever take life for granted. My health issue was not so bad, but it makes you think about life in a different way. I can’t imagine how you felt after having two strokes. It’s crazy because I have always had a bucket list (not extravagant) but I have always wanted to see Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore. Some people would love to travel the world, I would love to travel the United States, put my foot in every state. Life is good, let’s keep our health in check! Hugs, Linda

      1. Just do that bucket list!
        I’ve now been to every state via my military career and now my rving. Three continents to go and I’m caravan touring South Africa to knock one of those off the list this year.
        Just do it. Most of us don’t know how long we’ll be here…get-er-done!
        A devoted follower of you blog…

        1. Hi, Lori, I’m so jealous in a good way about you, rving!!!! South Africa sounds awesome! Thank you for serving our country! I am working on that bucket list! You rock! Linda get-er-done (LOVE THIS)

  10. Thanks Linda. With the frontal attack strokes it did a job on my short term memory, and still have a problem with my colors. I know the name of the color, but call it something else. lol At least I know I am doing it. Yes, our health is so important, and young people have a hard time realizing it could happen to them. You are such an encouragement to many. Stay well!

  11. So sorry to hear about this. I am reading a book called The Emotion Code. Pretty interesting natural healing modality. You might want to look at it. Feel better.

  12. I haven’t checked in for days, I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell. So many things can go wrong. May you have health and happiness soon.

    1. Hi, Janet, thank you so much! I’m really wanted people to realize they need to get their affairs in order. Life can change in an instant. Stay well, my friend! Linda

  13. Meniere’s girl here. If I have to have a chronic disease I’m thankful it’s not fatal. I do have my daily dark chocolate but no other caffeine and that’s OK. I notice that if I overdo on sodium, my hearing sufferers for a day or two (think eating out on vacation).  So glad to hear that you’re doing better. I keep a few Phenergan suppositories on hand to stop the vomiting. If I’m asleep I can’t feel the spinning. Glad the Meclazine works for you. Here’s to continued improvement 

    1. Hi Barbara, wow, I’m glad yours wasn’t fatal. I remember reading about sodium and caffeine. Wow, I’m sorry to hear you were diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. Your comments will help others, thank you for sharing. Hang in their my friend, Linda

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