How To Use Solar To Boost Your Survival

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Today it’s all about how to use solar to boost your survival. Yes, use solar for survival. You don’t need electricity to charge the flashlight I’m highlighting in this post.  All you need is the sun shining outside to collect the power.  Goal Zero asked me to do a review on the Goal Zero Torch 250 USB Power Hub and Flashlight below. Here again, these opinions on that particular item are my own. I purchase Goal Zero items all the time because they are the best solar items I can find available, literally for camping, hiking and for survival situations. It’s all about solar, friends. No fuel or batteries needed. I have given some of the original Goal Zero flashlights to family and friends for Christmas. This new Torch 250 has more features and awesome ways we can use it for survival. It’s all about light for survival, at least for me.

Here’s the deal, if we lose all power are we prepared with at least some flashlights, at the very least? Oh, and don’t forget the batteries if your flashlights need them. Well, some flashlights do not require batteries at all. Here are some suggestions for flashlights and some other items that can be powered with solar, yay for solar. I do not like the dark, I have so many flashlights.  I would love to ask you how many flashlights do you own? Do they all work and do they need batteries? If you have a power outage for an extended time do you have some GOOD flashlights that will work?

These Use Solar:

use solar

Can you see how large this solar panel is? It’s twice the size of the old style (which I still love and use all the time). You can use this one as a flashlight, floodlight, or red emergency light! It has a built-in charging cable, solar panel, and hand crank. You can recharge it anywhere, anytime! You will have power for emergencies and activities. This would be a great emergency flashlight in your car, at the office or at your bedside.

use solar

It has an integrated USB port that will charge phones and boost tablets to stay connected. It has a long lasting lithium battery. It now has a metal feature to hang it on a hook, tree or whatever. It has a flood light, red light, and spotlight. I highly recommend getting several of these. You can’t go wrong with Goal Zero products. I promise. Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight with Integrated Solar Panel

use solar

Okay, now onto this Goal Zero Solo Flashlight. I purchased two of these. I never buy just one of anything. I wanted one for the living room window and the window by the back door. Goal Zero 90109 Solo V2 Solar Flashlight I took the Solo flashlight out of the box and placed the solar panel towards the sunshine. I am ready for any power outage or a trip outside at night with my very own flashlight ready to go with me, no batteries needed. The solar charge lasts for 2-3 hours. SOLD!!!

It’s a dependable, bright flashlight that has builtin solar panel and long-lasting internal battery. Never have a dead flashlight again. Use solar, it rocks!

Thanks again for the big or little things you are doing to get your family prepared for the unexpected. May God bless you and yours!

My favorite things:

Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

Goal Zero 32001 Lighthouse 250 Portable Battery Charger USB Power Hub and Lantern

Goal Zero 32002 Light-A-Life Mini LED Light

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2 thoughts on “How To Use Solar To Boost Your Survival

  • September 14, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Howdy, Linda.
    I don’t own one of these Goal Zero flashlights (but will soon!) but if they are built as ruggedly as their other products, I know they are a winner.
    I do own a Goal Zero 10 panel, their power pack and a number of their battery units and so far I have nothing but good to say about them.
    It is nice to be able to charge and power other small electronic devices and the bunch of rechargeable batteries I own of other brands and this soak panel works flawlessly in the bright sun we are blessed (?) with here in southern Arizona. I just make it a point to keep the batteries or device shaded by the panel to prevent them from becoming too hot.
    Regardless, thank you for your review.
    I much prefer to buy an item after I’ve read a review from someone whom I can trust to give an honest appraisal before plunking down my hard earned money on a product of unknown origin or manufacture.
    Thank you again and God Bless.

    • September 18, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Hi Howard, how are you! I’m glad to hear you have the Goal Zero 10 panel with the rechargeable batteries! WooHoo! We should have batteries for our lifetime! I love Goal Zero products! Happy Sunday! Linda


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