What Should You Have Ready When The Power Goes Off

Today it’s all about being ready when the power goes off. Yesterday, about 4:20 P.M. our little town in Southern Utah lost power for a few hours. I think it was off about 3-1/2 hours. I was sitting on the couch petting my dog and sipping some limeade, yes it’s full of sugar and tasted fabulous. I heard that sound of a “beep” when the power goes off. You know, at first, you think “is it just my house or is it more widespread.” I looked on my cell phone to check out the Washington City FaceBook page. They mentioned there had been a car accident and a power transmission pole had been hit. The city had a team of people trying to get the power restored as quickly as possible. That’s cool, I was glad it wasn’t a terrorist attack or something that would be longterm.

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