Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Get You Through

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Today, it’s all about parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to get you through. There’s no denying that this pandemic has been hard on everyone. It’s undoubtedly caused a lot more stress than what you may be used to, but there’s also a good chance that it’s taken a toll on your children as well. Have you been dealing with moodier and more irrational behavior from your kids lately? In case you missed my post, 30 Items You Need To Survive A Pandemic

Or have you been experiencing anger and massive fits that seem out of character for them? It may have come to a point that they started thinking that it was funny to use a select few four-letter words? Here are tips for parenting in a pandemic: tips to get you through. 

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Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Get You Through 

While you may almost be willing to pull out all of your hair, thinking that you have children that are completely out of control, all hope isn’t lost.  Here are a few ways to get you through this pandemic as you’re parenting your children.  

Continue Meeting Their Physical and Emotional Needs 

While nothing may have changed with your parenting when it pertains to your child’s physical needs, their emotional needs may become much more sensitive throughout this pandemic period. Here’s a look at a few ways that you can provide extra reassurance and help them manage their emotions.

Acknowledge Your Child’s Feelings 

Parenting is about guiding your children and helping them find a solution to their problems. When you see that they are upset, acknowledge to them that you understand why they are upset. But then take it a step further by asking them how they can meet that disappointment head-on. You as a parent can also share some suggestions on how to deal with these issues that have made them feel upset.  

Be Honest with Them

No matter how old your kids are, they are hearing bits and pieces of information about the coronavirus from a number of sources, including the TV. Don’t try to hide what’s going on from them. Calm their fears by telling them that while people are getting sick from the virus, choosing to wash your hands and stay home is a great way of staying safe and healthy. 

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Talk with Them About What Lies Ahead

I’m not suggesting that you pull out your crystal ball to share with your child what the future holds. Yet taking the time and sharing with them that scientists are working very hard to find a cure for sick people and even a shot that could possibly improve our circumstances, is one way that you can relieve some of their fears and worries. 

Stay in Contact with Loved Ones

Not being able to visit with grandma and grandpa and other family members can be hard on children as well. It’s not uncommon for kids to want to know that their loved ones are staying well and healthy too. Video chats are a great way to lessen some of your children’s anxiety.   

Give Extra Reassurance

Take a few extra times a day to hug your children and tell them that you love them. Those three words will go further than you think. 

Incorporate Positive Discipline 

Children have a much harder time expressing themselves when they are experiencing a lot of stress. They simply don’t have the words to tell us how they feel, so they generally act out with irritable and poor behavior. A pandemic is certainly no small pill for a child to swallow. Just look around and see how hard things have been even for us as adults. 

Over the past few months, your children may have shown certain behaviors that you’ve never seen before because they’re trying to cope with fear and wrestling some of their other anxious thoughts. Here are a few different ways that you can help them manage those behaviors and emotions without using negative punishment for every circumstance. 

Redirect Their Behavior

Many times our children are simply bored or in need of one-on-one attention from their parents when they are feeling upset. They’re willing to aggravate or fight with one of their siblings, or even drive mom or dad insane just to make everyone else feel miserable too. Redirect this poor behavior by giving them something else to do, or take some time out of your day to spend it playing with your child. (Trust me, this does work.)     

Point Out Good Behavior 

Children also love to be praised for good behavior when they are doing something right. They’re looking to you for approval and praise. That way they don’t feel like you’re only pointing out their negative behavior and mistakenly labeling them as a bad kid. 

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Use Rewards 

Along with praising your child, using rewards and privileges is a great method for reinforcing good behavior. These are stressful times for your child, and it’s okay to reward them for accomplishing smaller tasks that would normally go unrewarded in less difficult times. Whether it’s simply a matter of getting along with their siblings, accomplishing a week’s worth of school assignments without throwing a fit or having to be reminded, or helping out around the house. Rewards are a great way to influence behavior.    

Ignore Wrong Behavior 

Sometimes, though not always, it’s good to simply ignore wrong behavior with your children. With kids, it’s about picking and choosing your battles and deciding what challenges are worth fighting over. You have to remind yourself that if they are not hurting themselves or others, choosing to ignore wrong behavior can sometimes be an effective way of stopping it.   

Keep Up with a Bedtime Routine

Your children getting a good night’s sleep has a lot to do with their emotions and ability to learn the next day. So, sticking to a bedtime routine and getting your kids to bed on time (even during a pandemic) is important, especially if you have smaller children. 

Find a time that works best for your family and keep a nightly routine that’s simple. Get them into pajamas, have them brush their teeth, read a story, and then off to bed. Mobile devices and cell phones should be off and not used as a method for them to fall asleep. 

Bedtime can be stressful for a child because that’s when a lot of their fears and worries start to reveal themselves. Again, that’s why keeping up with a bedtime routine can provide them with a calmer wind-down period, but also consistency, instead of rushing them off to bed in a hurry. 

Final Word

Don’t feel like you are alone as a parent as you’re struggling to keep your child’s emotions in line throughout this difficult time. I’m sure you’ve encountered behaviors and attitudes with your children that have caught you off guard over the past few months. 

This is quite common for children that don’t know how to deal with difficult circumstances. Using a number of these tips can help calm and settle some of those fears. Parenting in a pandemic: tips to get you through is an important topic to talk about. What would you add to this list? May God Bless this world, Linda.

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4 thoughts on “Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Get You Through

  • September 8, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    It has been very reassuring for my grandkids that we have had plenty of everything throughout this otherwise traumatic time. My granddaughter just told her little brother that we have LOTS of SpaghettiOs, LOL! Makes me feel good knowing they have one less thing to worry about, and thank you Linda for showing me the way.

    • September 8, 2020 at 5:17 pm

      Hi Roxanne, you are so nice, thank you for your kind words! My girls grew up on Spaghettio’s!!! Oh the great memories feeding those to me my daughters! Linda

  • September 8, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    I love these tips! I have been using these same ones to parent during the pandemic. We are closer as a family, but I have also learned a lot.

    • September 8, 2020 at 5:19 pm

      Hi Jess, thank you for your kind words! We can all use new ideas! I LOVE hearing you are closer as a family! Makes my heart happy to hear this! Linda


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