Non-Lethal Ways to Defend Your Home When SHTF

Non-Lethal Ways to Defend Your Home When SHTF

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While too many of us would like to think that we live in a world where everyone would be kind and courteous, especially when following a major disaster, we’d only be fooling ourselves. That’s because there are certainly evil people out there who would only be looking out for their own interests, and they’d be willing to use whatever method necessary to get what they want.

So whether you believe in guns or not, it’s crucial that you have some way to defend yourself if those types of strangers show up at your door. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can do this without pulling a trigger. These are non-lethal ways to defend your home when SHTF. 

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Non-Lethal Ways to Defend Your Home When SHTF

Good Ole’ Fashioned Steel Baseball Bat

A cold steel baseball bat doesn’t require you to fumble over to your gun safe in the middle of the night and then struggle to get locked and loaded in the process. All you need is a good strong swing and you can do some major damage. Just be sure that you’re swinging for the fences so that it’s “lights out” for the visiting team. There’s also the possibility that you could trash your house in the process, but given the circumstances, I’d say it’s worth it. 

Pepper Spray

Just because something is non-lethal, doesn’t mean that it won’t cause a lot of pain. And that’s what you want in order to thwart an attacker. With the Sabre 3-in-1 pepper spray, you can guarantee that you will temporarily blind and cause pain to someone that’s up to 10 feet away. It can be used up to 35 times! It’s no wonder this pepper spray is the number one recommended by police forces.     

Maybe you’re looking for something to use other than pepper spray? Some people have mentioned that wasp spray also has similar effects on humans as pepper spray does. This is one of my favorite non-lethal ways to defend your home!

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Vipertek VTS-989 Stun Gun

There’s a reason why the Vipertek VTS-989 Stun Gun is labeled “very powerful,” and for special occasions such as this I can clearly hear Martha Stewart saying, “and that’s a good thing.” It’s also very affordable while administering enough volts of electricity to put your assailant on the ground. There are enough electrodes dished out to get through any thick clothing, and also shock plates on the side that makes it extremely difficult for them to snatch it away from you.   


I’m sure many of you have heard the famous line, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” While I believe that saying was metaphorically intended, the StrikePen decided to give it a new and more literal meaning. It may look deceptively like a pen, but it’s strong enough to break through windows or cause severe pain to intruders.    

Arma-100 Bean Bag Gun

Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you? If so, then you know that it stops you dead in your tracks (well…not literally). An Arma-100 Bean bag gun is a great way to greet intruders that decide to pay you with an unexpected visit. Beanbags are capable of traveling at 135 feet per second, so it’s sure to deliver a knockout punch when needed. The gun comes with a safety and a spring mechanism that makes it difficult for most children to operate. You also won’t need a license or a background check to get your hands on one, and they are legal in all 50 states.   

Barbarian Stun Baton

The Barbarian stun baton can be used to swing just like a club, or also has enough volts of electricity in it to work just like a stun gun. The baton also comes with a 3-mode CREE LED flashlight so that you can see your way around in the dark while blinding your intruder at the same time. You can be sure that this weapon will put distance between you and your enemy, but be aware that a stun gun can cause cardiac arrest in some people and death can occur in some situations. 

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

The Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun looks just like a real handgun but fires rounds of pepper spray at your target at a speed and distance of 320 feet per second. That’s about 10 times the distance of what normal spray cartridges will do! Your target will immediately be engulfed in a pepper spray cloud as you’re able to get your family away to safety. Just be sure to go over your state’s laws as to whether this form of protection is legal in your area. 

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Add an Extra Line of Defense 

If things start to take a turn for the worst, you may have to set up boobytraps around your home and property. You could always learn a brilliant trick or two while watching any of the Home Alone movies. Even though Harry and Marv (the bad guys) survived several terrible ordeals set in place by an 8-year-old, I make no promises that one of them might not put your aggressor 6 feet in the ground.    

Home Security System

Should anyone snoop around your home or decide to break into your home in the dead of night, your home security system will be ready, even if you’re not. You’ll be able to monitor your home and possibly your entire property for more peace of mind. Not only will a triggered-alarm set off a loud noise, but it will also contact your local police, which is important if you’re unable to.  

Maybe you can’t afford a home security system? There are always window and door alarms that you can install around your home that will also serve a similar purpose. Adding thorn bushes around your windows can also deter an intruder much like having motion-sensor floodlights.   

Get Your Family a Dog

Dog’s are not only “man’s best friend,” but they’re also one of the best security systems that your home could possibly have. They have excellent hearing and can deter most home invaders simply with their booming bark (depending on the breed). If an intruder makes the poor decision to continue breaking into your home, if you have a larger canine, they can attack and put their teeth into their enemy? Besides all this, they are loyal companions and great around your kids if you train them right.

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Non-Lethal Ways to Defend Your Home When SHTF  

Final Word

If the SHTF, it may not be long before unwanted guests start eyeing your home. Even if you are completely against killing another human being using a deadly weapon, or shiver at the thought of even the slightest amount of bloodshed, these are several non-lethal ways that you should consider when preparing to defend yourself and your family. What are some other non-lethal ways to defend your home that you have thought of? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. Great post today! We have some of these already in place. We don’t have bats, but I do have a long dowel rod that I can use. Plus a couple of lethal things we can use. I’m thinking of getting a sling shot with the steel balls. If Walmart still has them.

  2. Deborah, check places like Cabellas, Tractor Supply, Feed & Hardware stores too, for the slingshot & ammunition.

    I’m also recycling golf balls as ammo for my Wrist Rocket Slingshot. We have a neighbor who slices a lot of his practice balls into our pasture & ‘doesn’t need them back!’ I’m pretty fair at hitting what I aim at with the golf balls. Back home I’d use gravel but here in NW Florida, there’s just not a lot of rocks….

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  3. A can of Wasp spray next to your bed. It shoots over 20 feet and if it gets in the intruder’s eyes he has to get to a hospital or he will go blind. Best at a distance non lethal defense.

  4. This is not for immediate protection but when you are planting or landscaping your yard; plant protective plants near and under your windows. I have a vicious agave under one window, I got to close and the thorns got me thru my jeans. Rose bushes or cactus are also excellent. Before someone breaks in, usually they look around for a quick exit. Even an idiot would think twice about jumping out a window or trying to get thru a window with a big cactus or rose bush in front of it. If they do and get jabbed and hurt by the thorns, it is their own fault!

  5. I have several non-lethal methods of defense as well as several lethal methods! I am not afraid to use lethal force if pushed! Also, no matter what method of defense you prefer to use, be sure to “practice” with it. In other words, become so familiar with the use of your choice that it becomes second nature. For me, that means going to the range and target practicing, knowing how to carry a concealed weapon without giving it away – most people walk differently when carrying concealed. So, when I go to the range, the range safety officer watches me walk – we know each other pretty well and gives me tips on how to swing my arms, etc. Also if you are going to use a stun gun, you also need to practice – my stun gun is actually a powerful let light that temporarily blinds you and it only takes 2 pushes of the on/off button to get the tazer to work. I practice this every night when I take a short walk after dark. It also has a secure wrist strap that makes it more difficult for someone to take it from me.

    I am fortunate in one way that I live on the second floor of an apartment building but unfortunate in that other than jumping off my balcony, I only have one way out!

    I like some of the suggestions given in the comments – some don’t apply but they are good: thorny plants under the windows!! Good one. I do like the sock and coin idea – I think I might even have a spare sock hanging around – the matching one was eaten by the washer!!

  6. Also, keep your keys by your bed. If you hear an intruder, push the button that sends the alarm to your car. Intruders don’t want a neighbor hearing something, or you either. They want to be quiet. The alarm on your car won’t turn off until you turn it off . Makes a lot of noise! Remember this too. as you are going to your car when you shop and always lock it once you get inside it. Thieves will try to get in before you lock it . I always carry my keys in my hand when I am leaving the store so I can safely get in after loading my groceries, etc. Car keys are not just for opening your car. Excellent for safety when you need it. I also carry my keys in my pocket when I put my cart away just incase someone tries to get in at that time. You can lock your car and they can’t get in and you can set the alarm, too.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I do the same thing as you with locking the car when I put my cart back. I don’t want a stranger in my car when I get back. The alarm on the key is a great tip! Stay safe, Linda

  7. A nice large metal flashlight filled with D cells makes a good club in a pinch. I have the 3 D-cell and 4 D-cell Maglite flashlights in strategic spots in my home. Useful if the power goes out, or if an intruder is breaking in….
    And if you have a home automation system you can have it paired with a phone to make calls with just a voice command. Or some phones have the same feature, Hey Siri or OK Google are the best known. Any of these will let you dial 911, or if you have a saved contact for your local PD you can call them directly.
    But be careful about setting up booby traps. While it might be useful in a WROL situation, in normal times you might get charged for injuring the intruder depending on the jurisdiction. I don’t have any traps, but I’m a less than stellar organizer so I have tripping hazards all over the house. 😉

  8. Late to the party I was out deer hunting.
    DO NOT use wasp spray. (A) it doesn’t work. Just YouTube it and see (B) right in the can there’s a little phrase that says it is illegal to use that product in a manner it’s not meant to be used for.
    You’ll find yourself in trouble whereas pepper spray is legal.

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