Emergency Numbers You Need in Your Cell

Emergency Numbers You Need in Your Cell Phone

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Most of us were taught as kids to be able to dial 911 in an emergency, and knowing grandma’s number so she could come to pick us up. As adults, we live in a world where all kinds of scenarios are thrown at us and we might not be prepared to know who we need to call. I’ve come up with several emergency numbers you need in your cell phone contact list.

If you’re left stranded on the highway, do you know who you could call to come to your rescue? Or what about when your family is not answering their phones? Who will you call to bail you out of your sticky situation? 

You may have a few of these emergency numbers already in your phone, but there might be other numbers on this list that you may have not thought about. Here are several emergency numbers that everyone should have located on their cell phones.    


ICE stands for in case of emergencies. If something were to happen to you, first responders would be able to track down your loved ones far quicker and fill them in on your condition.

They know to check on your phone for this information, or at least they should. So why not make it easier on the medics by having ICE contact set up on your phone? At the minimum, have at least two emergency contacts that they can use.   

Family Members

You’re sure to have these numbers on your phone anyway, but it is important to make sure all their numbers are on your phone. The more of their numbers on your phone, the better chance of someone being able to help you if you need something last minute. Besides, what are families for?  


Do you live next to neighbors that are like family? Exchanging numbers with them can be huge while you’re out of town. If something were to happen, or you needed them to check in on something in your home, you wouldn’t have the headache of trying to get ahold of someone else that lived further away.  

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Non-Emergency Police and Fire Department

Many people don’t know the non-emergency police and fire department numbers in their local area and decide to call 911 instead. You may have a concern or situation that needs to be looked into or simply needing advice, and the non-emergency number would be the number you want to call. 

Roadside Assistance

Having roadside assistance on speed dial would be a great move on your part. It seems like our vehicles always breakdown out at the most inopportune time and the worst of all places. It’s going to be hard to track down that number when your phone’s internet connection is not working and no one is around in the middle of the night. Don’t hesitate to have this number high on your list.  

Poison Control

Having poison control as an emergency number is extremely important if you have younger children or pets living with you. They’re always putting things in their mouths and getting into things when your back is turned. Poison control will be able to assist you on whether you need to rush your child or pet to the emergency room or vet. 

Power Company 

When the power goes out, you won’t have the internet to help you track down your power company’s phone number. So that makes having them as one of the emergency numbers to have on your speed dial.  

A Trusted Locksmith

Do you know a locksmith you can turn to when you make the mistake of leaving your keys in the car? Calling a random locksmith puts you in a situation where they may charge you an arm and a leg that you’ll have no choice but to pay. 

Your Children’s or Grandchildren’s School

When your children are in school, it’s important to have their school’s number on-hand and ready. No telling how many times you’ll have to call in for a sick day for them, but also so that you can identify the number if your son or daughter is having an emergency

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Car Insurance Number 

It might be in your best interest to call your car insurance company’s phone number after you’ve been involved in an accident. The event is still fresh in your mind and you’ll be able to include the details more accurately. Make sure that you have your policy number on hand also. 

Local Hospitals

Having the local hospital’s numbers on your phone is a smart thing to do as well. Do you live around a local and regional hospital, or fairly close to both? It’s best to have those hospital numbers already plugged into your phone. 

Doctor’s or Pediatrician’s Office

This might not be an emergency, but you’ll be sure to have to call this number at least once a year. Especially if you have younger children in preschool or grade school. It seems like there are all kinds of germs and bacteria flying around their schools. 


Checking in on your prescriptions, or refilling them by calling your pharmacy’s number, can save you a lot of time. You can even text them the information these days if you have their number ready to go. 

Dentist Office

As many times as your dentist office blows up your phone with constant reminders of your upcoming appointment, you may already have their number memorized. If not, you never know when a throbbing toothache may arise and you’ll need to call the dentist. 

Debit/Credit Card 1-800-numbers

You may want to add your debit/credit card 1-800 phone numbers in your phone in case you lose a debit or credit card. This way you can call to report them by giving other information to your bank to report charges you didn’t make or if your card is stolen.

Final Word

These are several emergency numbers that you need to have on your cell phone ready to go. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a number desperately but didn’t have it with you? What other emergency numbers are important to have set aside for when unexpected situations arise? Let me know your thoughts or real-life experiences. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. I have ICE numbers on my phone and in my wallet as well. I also have a HEALTH app on my phone that has all my medical conditions and medications in case I am unable to tell EMS personnel what my situation is. I think as we get older it’s very important to let your loved ones know what your wishes are should you become incapacitated. I have a medical POE (power of attorney) for both my husband and my sons just in case. Notarizing is free at my bank so why not take advantage? I also have them on file at my drs office. So many things should be done no matter what your age is but especially as we get older. Thank you for this reminder to add some numbers to my phone!

    1. Hi Stephanie, I totally agree with your comment! I have those as well. I don’t want my kids to have to make a decision when I’m not capable of stating my wishes. My paperwork IS MY decision. Thank you, great comment! Linda

  2. There you go again, reading my mind! Just this morning I sent my son, a truck driver, all the non-emergency numbers for police departments, sheriffs’ offices & State Police in the area he drives to, as well as as the state road conditions number. Who you gonna call? Now he knows!

  3. I swear by AAA for roadside assistance, towing, lockouts, etc. I have been stranded along the highway (before cell phones) and waited for hours before someone finally stopped by.

    Something I would caution everyone about – Before getting out of your vehicle, make sure you have your phone with you!! My daughter broke down one time and when she got out of the car, her purse, phone and keys were on the seat! She automatically locked her doors. SO, not only was she stranded due to a break down, she was also not able to call me or AAA or a tow truck! Someone finally stopped and they called me to rescue her!

      1. Linda – I rarely travel by auto anymore as well but…as a single woman, if I do have car issues, I don’t want to have to figure out who to call if there is an issue – like the other day when my car wouldn’t start – I just called AAA. If I have a flat tire, I call AAA. AAA is also a great place to get maps of your state or surrounding states. They also have books about regions that give you a great idea(s) for things to do and ratings on restaurants, etc.

        Having been stuck for hours on the side of a highway, broke down, I called AAA for a tow to the nearest town. It is an insurance I am not willing to give up.

  4. Having the direct numbers for the local police and fire departments in your cellphone can save a life if there is an emergency when the state dispatch system goes down or when the cellphone providers 911 system breaks. Last year around here the cell system stopped routing 911 calls for most of a day, so I immediately looked up the local direct numbers for all the towns I drive through on a regular basis. That way I can bypass the state dispatch and get to the local emergency services faster.

  5. To go along with all these numbers, i suggest having an address (phone) book too, in purse or car. I’ve broken my phone while away from home and was glad to have my handy little book with me. I’m transferring all my cellphone info to a new book I got. I’m adding some of your ideas too! This little address book is great as the first 3 pages are all about Important Numbers and Info. Just the phone numbers/acct info/contact name. This article did bring back a memory of when my youngest son and grandson (2 yrs apart) were little: I had them memorize my cell number, not our home phone’s. If they needed to reach me, they could. Grandson learned it by reading my biz card, age 4. Lol, this was when few people had cell phones, so I had to explain to their schools that this was the number they needed to know. (School and daycare were pushing on kids knowing home phone number.) Btw, I have to have written directory: if my phone breaks I can’t ever seen to remember folks numbers.

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