What to Take to People Who are Sick

What to Take to People Who are Sick

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Today it’s all about what to take to people who are sick. Can you remember a time when you were terribly sick and someone came to your rescue in hopes of cheering you up? Maybe it was just a quick visit and a small gift that they dropped off, but it meant the world to you. Amazingly, it may even have helped speed up your recovery time. In case you need a Chicken Noodle Soup recipe, here it is.

Now it’s time that you return the favor for someone that you care about, but you’re currently struggling to find the right thing that would help make them feel better. I’d be more than happy to help you out. Keep reading to discover what to take to people who are sick.

What to Take to People Who are Sick

What to Take to People Who are Sick 

Whether your loved one or special friend is cooped inside while quarantining themselves from the rest of the world with Covid symptoms, or sick with another drawn-out illness, these are the perfect gifts and gestures to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Some of the items are wonderful for making them warm and fuzzy on the inside, while others are sure to have the same effect on the outside. Continue reading to find out what you should take to people who are sick. In case you missed this post, 35 OTC Medications You Should Store

Here are the items in the picture (not the lemons)

I read this article from Channel 4 in Utah, it’s a good read. Please tell me what you think. I ordered a bunch of Xlear after reading this. Please stay well, my friends.


 Xlear Nasal Spray

Vicks Vaporub

My Doctor Suggests Throat Lozenges

Cox’s Honey from Shelley Idaho (raw, unfiltered honey)

Yogi Green Tea

DoTerra Breathe (I don’t sell it, but it’s my favorite)

Tasty and Delicious Goodies 

Just as long as the sick person in your life is not on a restricted diet, delicious treats and goodies are a wonderful way of brightening their day. Whether it’s a box of creamy chocolates or a plate of yummy and gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies, a quick-spell of sugar is sure to put a smile on their face. 

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There are also healthier alternatives that are also thoughtful, such as an appropriate mug filled with green tea packets and honey, or a delicious fruit basket. 

A Few Gift Cards to Some of Their Favorite Places 

Nobody ever feels like cooking when they’re sick, and maybe you don’t have enough time to whip up a casserole? This is why a handful of gift cards to some of their favorite places to eat will be an ideal gift to provide. They won’t even be required to get out in order to redeem them, as they can have delivery services bring a meal right to their front door. 

Games and Entertainment 

Being sick with not much to do can become boring real quick, especially for those who are confined to a hospital bed. The television in their room will only entertain them for so long before they’re needing something else to distract them from their illness. 

Think about getting them a few brain games, such as crossword puzzles or sudoku, to keep their mind sharp and occupied. If they enjoy reading, get them a new thrilling book that they can dive into and get lost in. You could also try a feel-good or inspirational movie that will encourage them. When you’re thinking about entertainment for younger people, maybe a coloring book with new colored pencils, a magazine, or an exciting comic book.    

Bring them Something Warm and Cozy 

If you know someone who’s going to be spending a bit of extra time in the hospital, that gown they’ll be wearing in the meantime isn’t going to bring them much comfort. Or maybe it’s someone you know that won’t be able to get out of their home for an extended period of time? 

They’d be tickled pink to receive a cozy pair of pajamas, comfy slippers, or even a snuggly bathrobe to keep them warm. Fuzzy socks or a blanket that they can wrap around them will help combat any cold chills they may be experiencing. Hot-water bottles are used less and less anymore, but they too can bring comfort.    

USB Cord 

Having a Facetime phone call with a loved one cut short because of a dead battery can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re sick and you need someone to talk to. Maybe your sick loved one already has a USB cord but it doesn’t reach far enough to the nearest outlet from where they are resting? Consider this USB cord that reaches over 4 times as far as your typical USB cord, so that they don’t have to be put in an uncomfortable position while charging their phone or another electronic device. 

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Bathtub Caddy Tray

Many people love to take baths when they’re sick, but it certainly would be nice if they were able to bring some entertainment or a glass of their favorite drink into the equation to help with the healing. How about this bathtub caddy tray so that they can rest their tablet on it while they continue watching Netflix uninterrupted. And if they’re feeling really mischievous, they can have a snack ready to go.        

A Comforting and Therapeutic Care Package

It’s next to impossible to relax when you’re feeling under the weather, especially when you’re dealing with aching and tense muscles that feel like they’re tied all up in knots. You should consider getting your sick friend or loved one therapeutic hot stones that can help ease some of the pain. Head or back massagers would also be a welcome care package gift. And if you want to go the extra mile, essential aromatic oils would also help them to enjoy relaxation during this difficult time.     

Handwritten Message

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that touch our hearts the most. A handwritten message of encouragement goes well beyond what any gift or sweets could do, especially if you have just the right words that they need to hear in order to cheer them up. 

If it’s for one of your co-workers, consider having everyone in the office sign it with you. When it’s a child that’s feeling under the weather, a nice note from their teacher, along with their classmates’ signatures, will go a long way in improving their mood. 

Final Word

There’s no good way of putting this, so here goes. Being sick sucks! But a friend or family member that pays a visit and leaves behind a word of encouragement, (and sometimes just the right gift) can be the difference-maker. These are just a few of the many things that you can do for someone when they’re under the weather. Do you know of any other thoughtful gifts that say that you’re thinking of them? I’d love to hear from you. What do you take to people who are sick? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. I’ve taken soup. Potato and Taco soups, depending on who and what is happening in their life. I also call and check on them to see if they need anything. I have also taken Gatorade or Powerade.

      1. I love all kinds of soups, too. Hubby makes what he calls a stew. It has a tomato base with lots of veggies and chunks of beef. To me, it’s more of a soup. I have a 15 bean soup package that I love. I do have to say that potato soup is my all time favorite. Baked potato soup, and broccoli cheese. Yum. Like I said, I love them all. I could eat soup and salad every day.

        1. Hi Deborah, oh I could eat soup and salad every day too! I’ve been so busy making chicken soup to take to neighbors with COVID. We are well so far, I just leave the containers (throw away type) on their porch. I don’t ring the doorbell, I just text them that I’m delivering it to them. Now, I want to make some baked potato soup! Or Stew!! Oh, for the love of soup! Linda

          1. You are such a good neighbor! Wanna move to Texas? LOL We have another day of Stew and then I’m making homemade Chili. Then, maybe some beef enchiladas, if there’s enough chili left. Homemade tastes the best to me.

  2. One of my friends just had the entire family I’ll. She said the best gift she got was phone calls on the way to the grocery store. “What can I get you when I am at the store? “ Huge. She had the money, but for two weeks people picked up her envelope and did the shopping. She texted pictures of what she needed.

    1. H Janette, what a blessing for sure for that family!! You know we are all prepared but sometimes just knowing we can pick up and deliver some “stuff” for a family in need helps them and makes our day as well! Love it! Linda

    2. Janette, my husbands nephew and his family are all sick with Covid. Husband, wife and 3 children. At least it’s mild cases so far. Prayers for all who have Covid, even the ones we don’t know about.

  3. Great article as usual. A word of caution about Xlear and anything else that has xylitol in it. Xylitol is deadly to dogs. We are all generally mindful about keeping meds secure from our pets, but I check everything for xylitol and don’t allow it in my house.

    1. Hi Lori, good to know. It’s a sugar substitute, I quote from WebMD. “Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material, including many fruits and vegetables. It is extracted from birch wood to make medicine. Xylitol is widely used as a sugar substitute and in “sugar-free” chewing gums, mints, and other candies.” I bought several boxes of the Xlear, I need all the protection I can get from COVID. Fingers crossed, we all stay well. Linda

      1. We use Stevia and sometimes Splenda, but never give it to our dogs. No kind of non-sugar sweetener goes to our dogs.

        We have made their dog food. LOL Especially when one was in Renal failure. The Vet said if we hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have lived as long as she did. When she started having seizures, we took her to the vet and had her put down. Hubby and I both cried buckets. She was our very first fur baby. Now, we have three more, all adopted. One on Dec. 28, 2014 at 9 months old. Then 2 on Jan 4, 2019 at 3 years old. All our dogs have been black. They are the hardest to get adopted. Our first was bought, but also black. LOL

        1. Hi Deborah, now I remember you saying black dogs are hard to adopt. We have a black ShihTzu and a cream/tan Shih Tzu. Boy, they sure come with different personalities. Mark and I just laugh watching them they bring so much joy to us. I’m not sure why we would give any sugar or sugar-free products to dogs. I’m fussy where I buy their dog food. I was making it for a few years but then I didn’t want to shop for the fresh ingredients since COVID. I love dogs! Linda

  4. I read the article you suggested, Linda. Interesting. I wonder why the nasal spray even has xylitol in it?? Anyway, that company’s formula. I keep Zicam nasal swabs and spray – not the same thing, I know but they seem to reduce the timeframe of a cold for me.

    I also keep a saline nasal spray – substitute for using a neti pot and saline solution.

    Also, for soups, it is best to use just clear liquids for soups when someone is ill – cold, sinus or flu. Anything with milk/dairy products can increase the mucous (at least that is what I read years ago).

    A good Lemon/Ginger tea is great and I use both Bigelow and Stash – Bigelow being my favorite. It is a great way to “treat” fever/chills as it is tasty and warming.

    I also love Doterra’s Breathe blend but I also use Vicks Vaporub on my nose if I get a cold and my nose gets sore from wiping/blowing so much.

    I have, in the past, made up a gift “basket” for friends that include tea, a cute mug, a card, etc. With COVID-19 going into the cold/flu season, I won’t be doing the gift baskets this winter. But, I have recommended to friends and family what they should keep on the shelf for treating colds/flu.

    1. Hi Leanne, I really don’t know why they have the xylitol in it but I will try anything (within reason) to stay well from this crazy virus. So far so good. We have several neighbors who have it. I agree with the clear soups, I always take chicken noodle to the sick in my neighborhood. I love Breathe and Vicks! I love hearing you use it as well! Stay well, stay safe! Linda

  5. I must say just the idea of having various items that can provide comfort or make being sick easier or at least more tolerable/less miserable seems like a good idea.

    Often when we feel ill, we start to think of what we can get or use, so having “it” on hand would be better and provide the opportunity to heal one’s self sooner than later.

    And nowadays I have been surprised to find common products out of stock in the very places that sell them meaning I have to drive to other stores to get what I need.

    1. Hi Frank, I totally agree how hard it is to find simple things we used to take for granted that we could pick up anytime or anywhere. We always think we have everything we need and then BAM sometimes we wish we had _____ or whatever. With all the sickness going on around us if we can deliver something to someone who is sick, what a blessing it is to help them. Stay safe, stay well, Linda

  6. At our church, we have people who make chicken soup and we keep it in the freezer. When someone is sick I run it over to them. Sometimes I make a loaf of bread to take along with it. I now keep it in my freezer just for family if they get sick. Every time I go to Costco I buy a chicken and then make the soup with the bone and leftover meat.

  7. I have started to prepare for this year’s cold and flu season. I put aside 4 pairs of my favorite Earth Therapeutics socks and Sherpa blankets I found on clearance at Kohls. I may not be a great cook, but I can bring some comfort to friends and family.

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