Unforeseen Disaster

How To Be Prepared For An Unforeseen Disaster

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Are you prepared for an unforeseen disaster? Our country, our whole world for that matter is in an interesting situation, to say the least. I’m not a doomsday prepper, but if you listen to the radio or watch the news on TV, it’s pretty obvious, life may be very different sooner than later. This may seem like I’m on a soapbox, which occasionally I admit to standing on, but when I receive over 100 emails from readers after our President spoke on “Breaking News” about Syria and the recent action to try and eliminate that country’s ability to manufacture chemical weapons, how can any of us think we are safe from the effects of events throughout the world. I stay away from religion and politics on my blog, but I try to teach people to be prepared for the unexpected.

If you don’t have water stored, why not? If you don’t have some food stored for at least 30 days at the very least, why not? Please remember, the government will not step in and deliver water, food, over-the-counter pharmacy needs, or first aid supplies for days, weeks, or months, if at all, where you are.

If you think that the grocery store right around the corner will be open, it will not be after an unforeseen disaster. The shelves will be empty and you will not be able to buy anything even with cash, OR the 20-ounce water bottle maybe $20.00 CASH ONLY. I think you understand what I’m saying.

Unforeseen Disaster

Unforeseen Disaster

Let me be clear today, you cannot depend on the government, your church, the food bank, or your neighbors to take care of you. You are responsible for your family, yes YOU. You MUST be prepared for an unforeseen disaster today, not next month. I have people say to me, “Now Linda, how could you turn away a small child after a disaster that needs water or food?” My reply is this, it would be very hard, but it’s been very hard for me to save money to prepare for myself and Mark.

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I’m not saying I will be ruthless, I want that to be very clear. I have written almost 1200 posts trying to teach people to be prepared. I have taught classes for many years showing people how to make bread, be self-reliant, food storage, and emergency preparedness.


You know the drill, 4 gallons per person per day.


I do not count calories, I fill a pantry with staples in order to cook and bake from scratch. I store #10 cans of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and a few #10 cans of dehydrated foods. I store cans and packages of beans, rice, quinoa and so much more.

Gas Tank

I highly recommend you keep your gas tanks 3/4 to nearly full at all times. Please keep your car, truck, or other vehicles maintained properly.

Hand Crank Radio

Please purchase an emergency radio with a crank or with batteries or some way to recharge it. We need to know what’s going on in the world. If you know someone who has a ham radio they may be your new best friend.

Phone Chargers

Please make sure you turn your cell phones off at least once a week so that when it is turned back on it will locate any new cell towers located new your current location. Keep those phones charged according to your manufacturer’s instructions. If you can afford a solar phone charger that would be awesome.


Yard lights are affordable, you can charge them during the day and bring them to your home when needed. If you choose battery-operated flashlights, please stash appropriate batteries to use with them as a backup. I prefer a solar-powered flashlight and several lanterns that can be recharged without batteries.

First Aid Kit

Here is my post on first aid kits: Linda’s First Aid Kit

Essential Oils

This may be controversial but I love love love essential oils. I prefer the brand DoTerra. I do not sell them. You must decide what is right for you. They work for me and can possibly make me feel better during tough times.

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OTC Drug Needs/Prescriptions

I want you to think of the (OTC) over-the-counter drugs you use often, or those prescriptions you need on a consistent basis. Some may be on my first aid kit list above. If the pharmacies are closed and you need a fever or cough reducer, do you have some? Do you have some Gatorade with electrolytes? Influenza may hit, please be prepared to keep your family hydrated.

Dog/Cat/Pet Supplies

Don’t forget about our furry friends, they need water, food, and items that will comfort them. Keep in mind, you may want a 72-hour kit for your pet in your car as well as your own 72-hour kits.

Pantry Supplies

Here is a post I wrote about how to fill your pantry with some necessary items: Pantry Supplies

Butane Stove and Fuel

This is a great Mother’s Day, birthday, or any holiday gift, or just a love gift for those you care about. Check the links below for the stove and fuel.

Outdoor Cooking Devices

I have written many posts on outdoor cooking devices. Here is one: Stoves by Linda

Outdoor Fuel

Fuel is critical: Fuel by Linda


Please store one-dollar and five-dollar bills in a safe secure place, you may need cash when the banks are closed. It’s possible no pension, social security, or paychecks will be mailed or deposited if the issuing agent or government is shut down for a while. Trust me on this, it can and will happen. You can count on it.

Anxiety-Learning To Breathe

This is something I had a friend send me about anxiety:

Breathing to the square:
• breathe in & count to 4
• hold and count to 4
• breathe out & count to 4
• hold and count to 4


I hope today’s post helps those getting started prepping to start, baby steps, just start, it’s easy. You don’t have to be a millionaire and have a pallet of food delivered to your home. Start with one can at a time. You can do it. Please do not be overwhelmed, get my book and get going. Please read Ted Koppel’s book “Lights Out” and my book “Prepare Your Family For Survival”. May God bless this world.

Cooking with a Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens, Butane Stove, Butane Fuel, Fire Starter, Matches, Cast Iron Cookware, Charcoal

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  1. Linda! I love your posts on preparedness. This was a great reminder and the Grandchildren First Aid kit was something I didn’t think about. Also another great series of books is Bobby Akart’s Blackout series, a post-apocalyptic story following a massive solar flare. I know it’s 6 volumes but they are quick reads and once you start (you know, the potato chip theory…once you start) you can’t wait to read the next. Amazon has them cheap. Very,very eye opening. He has done his research, albeit in a fictional world. Keep up the great work and keep us prepared!

    1. Oh, Pam, I need to check these books out! I have read some that I thought to myself, really? I donated the books. Thanks for the heads-up on these. The potato chips, oh I totally get it! LOL! Linda

  2. For hydration I store the ingredients for making oral rehydration solution. The formula I use is:
    0.5 liter water
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon baking soda
    1 tablespoon sugar

    I substitute Morton’s Lite Salt for regular salt so I get potassium as well as sodium. A few drops of lemon juice or other juice can improve the taste. Note that if it tastes salty then you just need water and not ORS. When stored seperately the ingredients last a long time. If you premix the dry ingredients then you should use them in a couple of months at most. But once mixed into water you need to use it in 24 hours for best effects.
    After a scare from dehydration a few years ago, I always travel in the summer with the ingredients and usually have one bottle of solution ready if I’m planning on being outdoors in the heat.

  3. Linda, you and I were separated at birth! lol. I love your no nonsense practical advice. You have helped me tremendously. I recently ordered your book and I can’t put it down. I have already read Tim Koppel’s book. Hopefully non preppers will see that even he prepares. I do have the butane stove and need more canisters. This question is vague because I don’t remember where in YouTube land I saw it. Someone said that some canisters have something I need them or on them so that they won’t explode while attached to the stove. Are you familiar with this? Do the 12 pack canisters you get have this? Clear as mud. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gram to 6, LOL! I’m so glad you ordered my book, thank you so much!! I love Ted Koppel’s book, but you know that. Hmmm, the clear as mud question, yikes! I have used them for years and never heard this. I bought the Camp Chef brand stove and the cans say GasOne, I remove the red caps an insert the canisters in the stove. My stove is so old but clean and workable I have to use a match to start it like an old gas stove. Linda I’m going to go look for some YouTubes, I have never heard of this but anything is possible we have to be careful.

    2. Okay, I looked at a YouTube butane explosion, the brands were unknown companies to me. I never buy off-brands, you can look for Butane Stove Explosions, the brands I see are none I have ever heard of in the US but I tend to buy well-known brands. Linda

  4. I know folks have an almost religious attachment to their brand of essential oils & I never try to “change” them, but I find DoTerra to be quite expensive. For someone still looking I suggest Starwest. When I had my herb & aromatherapy business that’s the brand we carried exclusively. The company has a great reputation & they’re much more affordable. They only sell wholesale but if you have a tax # (or know someone who does) you can purchase from them. Thanks for the article!

  5. Rude awakening when I opened a 5 gallon bucket of a named brand dry dog food and found it RANCID. What a waste. Did everything properly, (I think), put 2 large oxygen absorbers in the mylar bag with the food. What did I do wrong? I had to dump the food into the woods for the wild critters. The buckets were stored only 3 years with an average temp of 63 deg.

    1. Hi Arthur, I’m so sorry this happened to you!! Here’s the deal, there is a real trick to using oxygen absorbers and mylar bags. I refuse to use any of them. The dog food or any food for that matter has a shelf-life printed on the bags for a reason. It may have flour, corn or whatever filler that will go rancid. Oil in the food goes rancid as well. You and I cannot process the food for long-term storage. I took a class on using oxygen absorbers and its all based on weight, volume, and content. I wrote a post about my husband and I going to a local volunteer church cannery to “seal cans with oxygen absorbers”. I decided one Christmas I wanted to give my four daughters and their families food storage that they could make soup after a disaster, beans, celery, onions, carrots, all dehydrated. I spent $1200.00. After one year my daughter opened one can of the carrots. It was rancid, I started opening all of my cans, rancid, the beans were so full of rocks at the time of “canning” I was not happy but I thought I was giving my family food they could live on. NOPE! We were given bad oxygen absorbers as well as the wrong size that were no longer working that were put back into open bags. My mistake, I went to a volunteer group that had no idea how to use oxygen absorbers. Luckily they have shut down ALL of the church canneries across the US. They now sell products but I ONLY buy #10 cans from reputable companies such as Thrive Life or Honeyville. It was a costly mistake. I hope this helps. You are not alone. I buy only enough dog food for one year for my puppies. Linda

  6. We are the first generation, that hasn’t had a full pantry. We may pay for that sometime. Linda, I wish you had an even bigger soapbox. It could be one big natural disaster, or governments at war, or any of the millions of things we haven’t even thought about. Don’t wait until the next time there is a conflict with another country. Do it now, when the stores have plenty on their shelves. If there is never an emergency, you still have the convenience of not running to the store every minute.

    1. Hi, Janet, I appreciate your comment, I live in a community where several neighbors within one mile expect food stamps and handouts from the government. When we semi-retired here ten years ago we had no idea the community where we purchased a home has little or no desire to prepare for the unexpected. Unfortunately, we purchased the home in 2005, thinking this would be a great retirement neighborhood.We paid way too much money for the home, we could sell but would lose so much equity. The neighbors are nice but we have more rentals where people move in and move out when their six-month or one-year lease expires. My point is this, so many of these people I’m sure most have little to no food storage or water storage. It’s so frustrating to me to think the people think the government will deliver food and water. I will try and make my soapbox larger! LOL! Linda

  7. Thank you for your book “Prepare Your Family For Survival”. It has arrived safely and will be used very much.

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