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How To Never Run Out Of Milk Ever Again

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Today, it’s all about how to never run out of milk ever again. This Thrive Instant Milk is easy to mix and drink as is with the amount of water stated on the can. WOW, instant milk has come a long way, baby! I grew up on powdered milk that was mixed with regular milk so it was fine to make the same thing for my kids.  Of course, it was powdered and yucky (sorry if you like it, I can still smell it). It was thick and hard to mix, I had to use a blender. I must put a huge disclaimer here, I do not, will not drink any milk. Okay, so now that I have disclosed this little tidbit, my family still goes through a lot of milk. My husband has it on his cereal every morning with bananas while he reads the two newspapers we have delivered (UPDATE-we canceled our newspapers), just part of his daily ritual. BUT I cannot be without it because I do bake with it or make hot chocolate, etc. Thrive instant milk

I remember getting emails a few years ago and people were upset that they could not leave their home to get milk at the store because of ice storms, etc. It was the number one thing my readers said they needed most. Interesting to me because I grew up on powdered milk. I always have instant milk and water to mix, so I thought I better get the word out about instant milk. Never run out of milk again. That’s my new motto. Yes, you can still buy powdered milk (some say it is good for baking). I use this Thrive Instant milk for everything. I still buy regular bottles of milk at the store for my husband, but I have several cans of this in my food storage stash. I do keep rice milk in my food storage stash as well. An additional positive thing about this product is the taste. My husband and neighbors who have tried it tell me they enjoy the flavor, almost as much as the real thing. If you use it as a replacement in your recipes it will never be noticed like powdered products I’ve used in the past. Give it a try, you’ll grow to love this product and the flexibility it provides.

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Never run out of milk

Let’s talk about some of the ways we can use it or substitute:

1. Use it on cereal

2. Make bread with it White-Bread-For-Two Recipe

3. Make cinnamon rolls with it Cinnamon Rolls by Food Storage Moms

4. I need it to make macaroni and cheese

5. Great to make milkshakes

6. Must have to make creamed chip beef on toast

7. Pancakes

8. Waffles

9. Popeye or Swedish hotcakes Pancake Recipes by Food Storage Moms

10. Pudding

13. Soups

14. Salad dressings

15. Make your own yogurt

16. Hot cocoa or hot chocolate

17. Creamy sauces

18. Smoothies

You know you start thinking about all the ways we use it…we do need to store some! If you think of more reasons why we should store it, I will add them to this list.

Another awesome thing about this canned product is the shelf life: 25 years unopened. Two years if opened. *the shelf life will always depend on the temperature of the room. We cannot store this in a hot garage or the shelf life will be less than stated. Remember start with one can at a time….Let’s be prepared for the unexpected.

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  1. Having some instant milk, and some freeze dried eggs are always a great idea. I don’t drink milk either, but eggs and milk go into almost every recipe I have. It could be something as commonplace as a snow storm, that would make going to the store impossible.

    1. Hi Glenda, I had a reader tell me they bought Augason Farms Instant milk at Walmart, so I bought a can. Mark thought it was good with his cereal. I do not drink milk so I have to base my favorites on the ones my husband tells me or my readers tell me they taste good. I like to look at the cost per can and the ounces. I have like 24 #10 cans of ThriveLive Instant milk, so I would have to say it is my favorite. Linda

  2. I use non-instant milk right now. The way to get any non-instant milk tasting much better is to mix 1/2 tsp. vanilla and 1 1/2 tsp. sugar. My non-instant dry milk has been in my storage for a long time and yet it tastes pretty good mixed like this. It will never tast like the milk our Jersey cow produced when our kids were young. Oh, were we spoiled! When we lost her we had to go to store milk it was hard. Now, going to dey milk is a change too, but necessary. I drinjk a lot of milk and so have gotten used to the change. Try the additives and you will find it will make the dry milk better witout paying for the ones listed. See “i Can’t Believe It’s Food Storeage” by Crystal Godfrey. She has great recipes and I can ma evap, milk, and condensed milk and carmel topping. I used those in cheesecake and caramel topping for fruit,etc. There ae also other places listed to help use dry milk. Comes in handy!!

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