How to Prep on a Budget

How to Prep on a Budget

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When you’re first starting out with prepping, it’s pretty easy to get distracted by the neat toys and other survival gear that you think you need to survive any given “doomsday” scenario. Before you know it, you’ve loaded up a cart of emergency supplies that are going to cost you a small fortune and you’re contemplating using your credit card. Let’s talk about how to prep on a budget.

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How to Prep on a Budget

How to Prep on a Budget

Maybe you have yet to get started with your emergency supplies because you currently don’t have the finances to even get headed in the right direction. While you’re right, prepping can be expensive, there are still ways to get around that.    

Prepping on a budget is actually easier than it sounds. Even if you are tight with your finances, or have a spouse that isn’t completely thrilled that you are prepping, these are ways to keep your costs down low. Read on to find out more about prepping on a budget. 

Prioritize Food and Water 

Without food or water, your family will become dehydrated and hungry. So it’s critical that you start out by focusing all your prepping energy on stockpiling enough of these two items first. In case you missed this post, Freeze-Dried Food Pantry Size Cans For Emergencies

  • You can save yourself a bunch of money without breaking the bank by buying canned foods or dry food items in bulk. 
  • Off-brand food items are another option, and most of them are just as good as the national labels. 
  • You should also consider shopping at stores like Aldi, where you can keep your costs low on your prepping food and other supplies.  
  • You can choose to buy your drinking water in gallons or in water bottle cases. Again, there’s nothing wrong with getting generic brands. 
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I’d also encourage you to get yourself a portable water filter remember you get what you pay for, but it could end up being a huge lifesaver should your water supply run out.  

Focus on Essential Supplies

Once you have your stockpile of food and water figured out, you then need to shift your attention to supplies that you can’t live without. These are some essential supplies for you to consider: 

Don’t Forget Sanitary Items

Sanitary items are typically the supplies that are most often overlooked among new preppers, but you certainly don’t want to be one of those people, even when you’re trying to stay on budget. Keeping your family clean is a great way to avoid becoming sick after an emergency has taken place. And should doctors be unavailable during this time, a simple illness could turn into something serious fairly quickly. These are cheap sanitary supplies you should also consider:

Wait for Good Deals

Budget prepping has a lot to do with being patient and not hoarding everything that you can as quickly as you can. That means waiting for the best deals to come around and then jumping on them as your finances allow.  

It may surprise you that you can find survival gear at your local retail thrift stores. You’ll pay only a fraction for lightly used survival gear that will do just as good a job as if you were to buy it brand new. Garage sales are another cost-effective avenue to track down survival gear. 

Ask Yourself, “What Can I Give Up?” 

If you’re currently strapped with your finances, there may still be some leeway within your budget. After all, do you really need to keep paying for that expensive local line phone or cable service when times are tough? 

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Simply call these companies and tell them about your situation. Most of the time they’d be willing to offer you a discount or a different plan to keep you on as a customer!

Maybe you eat out too often or spend too much money on entertainment. If you simply cut back a little each month, you’ll have more money to spend on your prepping supplies.   

Learn to Live Off the Land

What happens if you’re forced to leave your home and aren’t able to bring every last can of food that you’ve stockpiled? How will you make it? Living off the land is another great way to be kind to your budget. 

This will also keep you from being dependent on just your stockpile of food and cause it to dwindle down nearly as quickly. Learn what types of berries, nuts, and plants are edible for calories. Also, find a location that is near a freshwater source, and where you can possibly hunt and fish for your meals.  You can also consider planting seeds in a garden so that you’ll have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some preppers have joined a “community garden” to take advantage of locally grown food items.

Choose a Cheap Bug-out Location 

Maybe a bug-out location is extremely important to you, but it could be several years in the future if money is tight. After giving up those areas in your budget, you’ll be able to save and then put that money towards cheap land. Here’s cheaper land for sale all across the country that’s outside of urban areas and other heavily populated areas.  

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Final Word

You see, prepping on a budget isn’t as terrible as you thought it was going to be. And if you’re patient and follow these tips, you’ll save yourself a ton of money. Once you’ve gathered all your essentials, that’s when you can then go and buy that nifty survival gear that has been calling your name. How do you prep on a budget? May God Bless this world, Linda. 

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  1. Dollar Tree can get most folks off the ground quickly to the 3 week to 3 month mark.
    Your mindset must be right first though. Food is fuel not pleasure. “Stuff” is resources. Physical fitness is key. Mental fitness is a must. Knowledge goes a long ways but ability combined with it goes further.

  2. Dollar Tree is my go to store for most things I need for my first aid kit and some canned food. It helps out the budget a lot. I love yard sales in the summer along with thrift stores. Those are a God send.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Hi Audrey, I totally agree with you! The Dollar Tree stores have items we can all use at reduced prices. I love garage sales and thrift stores. Sometimes you can find things that are brand new and never been used. Or slightly used. We can find things we need at a fraction of the price. Merry Christmas! Lidn a

  3. Even now, after prepping for several years, I wait for sales on a good many items – especially food. When I can get a really good deal on pasta, pasta goes into storage; if beans or rice are on sale, those are the things I buy.

    That is a good way to get a number of food items pretty quickly – even if you can only purchase one extra box or can or bag. But, I still think the easiest way was how I started with a menu plan and purchase enough for 2 weeks of that menu. Of course my budget wasn’t quite as tight as it is now!! But if one can do that for a couple of months, you end up with a few months worth of food on the shelf and all of it what you and your family will eat.

    1. Hi Leanne, I do the same thing. I watch the sales and stock up on those things I know I will eat. Those extra boxes or bags soon add up. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our pantry stocked with foods we will eat. Linda

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