How To Be Prepared With InstaFire Emergency Fuel

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Have you been looking for an easy way to start a fire? The InstaFire shown below is an added bonus to help start your charcoal and to use it as a stand-alone source of fuel as well. InstaFire will burn in snow yes you heard me right, in the snow. You can heat a cup of your favorite hot drink in a metal cup right over the InstaFire.

I buy it in individual packets and in 50-pound buckets. I changed out the lids to Gamma Lids (red ones for my fuel color). a few years ago, we actually had snow right here in Southern Utah. This is so exciting because most of the time it is really dry here and we must be careful with any kind of fire for fear of starting a real extensive fire.

Here is the snow in my front yard a few years ago, I had to take this picture because I live in the desert.

Snow in Southern Utah

Here is my InstaFire Emergency Fuel experiment in my backyard:

InstaFire Emergency Fuel

The package of Instafire is an individual package that comes in a box of 24 packets. You basically light the corner of the packets in the snow, barbecue pit, charcoal barbecue, or wherever it is safe to light a match. The materials that come in the bucket shown I just light with a match or butane lighter. The materials will last indefinitely, according to their website.

This is one of those moments I call my “cartwheel excitement” moment! I have taught classes on how to use it in barbecues and the Volcano Stove. But to have snow, so exciting for me. Yes, I have seen the video on the Instafire Emergency Fuel website, but for me, I have to try it myself!!! Oh my goodness, I love this stuff!!! I highly recommend it.

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I recommended it before the snow experiment I did, but now I can say I lit the packet in the snow myself! Yep, that’s a cartwheel moment for me! What this means is that I can start a fire without any fuel. This is my point here if you are camping you can start a fire in a secure place with rocks (where there is zero fire danger).

Okay, the fire started in a mere few seconds with my butane lighter and burned for 2 hours in the snow-ONE PACKET!

InstaFire Emergency Fuel

It might have burned longer but it was freezing outside and so I just covered the last bit of this flame with snow until I could no longer see any flames. I hope you decide to store some of this Instafire because you will always be able to start a fire easily. Thanks for being prepared for the unexpected. What are you prepping for this week?

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