College Students Need Emergency Survival Kits

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I have several reasons why college students need emergency survival kits today. I have sent more than one grandchild off to college with my College First Aid Kit. You know when you send a child off to trade school or college, money is tight in most cases.

First of all, they need to buy their books, pay tuition, and all the small expensive items they need to get set up their new apartment or dorm. I’m sure you can imagine all the fever reducers, band-aids, Neosporin, etc. that is needed when you no longer live at home.

This is why I decided instead of giving money as a college student gift, I would give first-aid kits, and now college student emergency survival kits.

I remember one grandson was totally taken care of at the college he attended because he was an athlete. He was monitored physically every day by a doctor in order to play on the team. He had a scholarship, food provided and medical care whenever needed. Whew, I didn’t worry about him as much as some of my other grandchildren.

Well, then the next grandchild went off to college. This is when it donned on me to put together a first aid kit for this college student. She lived off campus and had to cook her meals in her apartment. Okay, this is when I decided I HAD to put together a college student survival kit.

This is the list I put together, and now I give these kits, along with my book “Prepare You Family For Survival”. The Kindle version will not be useful if we have a power outage, just giving you the heads-up here.

College Students Emergency Survival Kit

  1. “Prepare your family For Survival” by Linda Loosli
  2. Medical handbook, this is one I’m giving to all my college student family members.
  3. Flashlight. I prefer solar ones without batteries, remember the word, starving students.
  4. Dr. Alton’s new book, “Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease”
  5. Heavy Duty Work Gloves
  6. Toilet paper, the more the better. You can never have too much toilet paper. They can put it under the bed if they have too. Paper towels are a plus as well.
  7. Menstrual supplies for the young ladies, yep they need them.
  8. Fever reducers, send the ones they are used to using.
  9. N-95 masks
  10. Imodium or other anti-diarrhea medicine, you never know when some food or bug will be passed around. I also tell them to watch for chapped lips (this may mean they are dehydrated from the throwing up or diarrhea). When in doubt call mom or dad and go to the ER if you get really sick.
  11. Cough syrup, or any other OTC product they are used to using at home.
  12. Water, now this is what I feel the most anxious about. I want my grandkids to store water and learn to rotate it. I tell them they need a minimum of one gallon per person per day. I give them two gallons per person per day due to the size of their small living quarters. I buy at least two weeks of water for them. It fits under their bed.
  13. The college students need to know how to purify water, I gave these as Christmas gifts one year: Berkey Sport Bottles
  14. Food, this is where the starving student really learns how fast the food disappears, especially if they have roommates. I tell them to share and share alike and I will replace what they need, within reason. These are the things my grandkids eat: freeze-dried fruits, strawberries and pineapple are their favorites. I do not buy #10 cans because they are too expensive, but I do buy the smaller pantry size containers from Thrive Life. Peanut butter, jam, canned beans, and other canned food that they will eat and rotate. If the stores are closed or the roads shut down, they will have food for a week or two.
  15. Can openers, to open the cans of food they have stored.
  16. Matches, you never know when you may need some matches.
  17. Mini office supplies, scissors, yep everyone needs a pair of scissors for all different things that may come up. A stapler, and some scotch tape with a dispenser.
  18. I made a small sewing kit what I put in a bag: scissors, thread, needles, needle threader, safety pins, pins, thread remover.
  19. Lantern, I hate the dark, this one is my favorite Goal Zero Lantern
  20. Emergency Hand Crank Radio American Red Cross NOAA
  21. Stainless steel camping set  Backpacking Set
  22. Emergency blanket Swiss Thermal Mylar Blankets
  23. Lightsticks
  24. Zip ties
  25. Car Emergency Kit  Lifeline Emergency Kit
  26. 33-gallon black garbage bags (give a box from Costco or Sam’s Club)
  27. Extra batteries, D, C, A, AA, and AAA (all sizes)
  28. Laundry detergent, fabric softener. Here’s the deal, they can wash their underwear in the bathtub if the power is out. Throw in a laundry basket complete with a few hand towels, wash rags and bath towels.
  29. Hand sanitizer, bars of hand soap and dishwasher soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.
  30. Blankets, layering is awesome, and I love homemade quilted quilts. They are sturdy and keep you warm if the heater won’t work.
  31. Small bills of cash, two pictures of themselves, and contact information.
  32. Essential oils, these are the ones I like to send: DoTerra brand, Peppermint, Oregano, Breathe, and Deep Blue
  33. Hopefully, they keep their cell phones charged or have an adaptor with solar to keep it charged.
  34. Slow Cooker, so they can make a large batch of food and freeze portions.
  35. Tupperware type containers to freeze those portions of food made in the slow cooker.
  36. Purchase a bus pass for them, so they can save on gas money and won’t have to find a parking place.
  37. A recipe book with your family’s recipes, they will feel less homesick, I promise.
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Final Word

Here’s the deal, with all that’s going on in this country and around the world, I want everyone to be prepared for the unexpected. Yes, even college students. They are actually very vulnerable. First of all, because they are more than likely living miles away from home.

Can you imagine how they’d feel if they have a disaster hit their neighborhood? Are they prepared if there is an ice storm, power outage, flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, or any other unforeseen emergency?

Have they been taught to survive without power or how to be self-reliant? I’m sure they have been, but it would give me peace of mind if my grandchildren are prepared with a few supplies. I feel it’s critical they have a few supplies if and when they need them. May God bless this world, Linda

One thought on “College Students Need Emergency Survival Kits

  • May 4, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    In addition to the preparations you advise, I think that if you can get the future college students attention and can talk with them a few times before they go off, it would be helpful to impart a bit of knowledge and maybe give them a few lessons or even give them a book on some of the more advanced areas of prepping.

    This way if there is an emergency, they’ll have a better idea of what to do and hopefully avoid putting themselves into danger or not having supplies or items they might need. Maybe you can’t be there or go get them, but they’ll be able to stay as safe as comfortable as possible if they know what steps to take and care for themselves.


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