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7 Reasons An Empty House Is The Best Kind Of Home

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Are you wondering what an empty home is? I’m not talking about a home without people. I’m talking about a home without the junk. An empty house is the best kind of home because when your house is clutter-free, there is so much freedom in that! 

You may not know all of the benefits of having an empty house. You may not know how amazing it is to have no clutter on your countertops or junk piled up in the corner. Here are 7 reasons an empty house is the best kind of home. 

Why an Empty House is the Best Kind of Home 

1. Less to Clean, My Favorite Part! 

When I think of having an empty home, I think there are some major positives. For example, an empty house means that I don’t have to clean as much, dust around those nick-nacks, polish extra shoes, or deal with a kitchen counter covered with seldom-used appliances and jars. Sure, there will still be cleaning to do. However, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning. 

An empty house works better because you’re cleaning less and spending time with your family more. No one really understands how much time cleaning takes up until you empty your home of everything that doesn’t matter. 

2. No More Stress from Clutter

As ironic as it sounds, anxiety can end up leading to clutter and in return, clutter can end up making you feel anxious. When you take the time to get rid of the clutter in your home, you are reducing the amount of stress that you feel. 

An empty house is the best kind of home because you get to feel free from all that stress. When you walk into your home, you’re stress-free and that’s so important. When you’re in your house, you want to feel like you’re at home. You want to feel as though you’re welcome! 

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Clutter has a tendency to make us feel unwelcome in our own home. The clutter and chaos in our home can get so bad, that we don’t even want to be home. Think about it! Perhaps having an empty home is worth it, so you don’t get these anxious feelings that you don’t need to have. 

3. You Can Save Money in the Long Run

If you’re a shopper, you may have a hard time stopping. It could be why your house is so FULL. When it comes down to having an empty home, I’m motivated because I know I’m going to save money. I don’t feel stressed about going out to spend money to fill up my home with things that I will no longer need. 

Saving money is super important to me because that means I can put money into the things that matter. If you’re on the fence about clearing your home from clutter, then you should know that you’re going to save money in this transition.

A lot of minimalists focus on having less stuff because it means that they also spend less money. 

4. This Allows You to Focus on Higher Quality Items

When I say having an empty house is the best kind of home, I don’t mean you don’t have anything in your home. Instead, it’s all about focusing on higher quality items. Instead of overbuying on items you seldom use, you can focus on buying higher quality items that will last for many years to come and bring you satisfaction at the same time. 

A good example would be sturdy furniture. Instead of having furniture in your home that will break down earlier than you thought possible, focus on furniture that will last a long time. The same could go for the dining room set, bedroom matress, and kitchen appliances too, quality over quantity. 

5. You Can Enjoy Your Home Again

One hundred years ago, most people were just trying to survive. In today’s society, it’s so easy to get a credit card and shop until your heart’s content. It’s important for you to enjoy your home again and you can do that when you aren’t pressured. 

Pressured by what? Pressured to buy the most expensive house on the block. Pressured to have the nicest things in your house. Pressured to have the cleanest house. Pressured to “keep up with the Jones.”

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When you have minimal things in your house, it’s super easy to keep things clean. When you like an empty house, without much in it, you’re not pressured to go out and buy a ton of stuff to put in it. 

6. You Can Focus on Important Projects

How many projects do you have at home? How many have you been able to finish? As a minimalist, it’s important to have less stuff because this means you can focus on what matters. For example, you are able to focus on fixing things that break down or doing fun stuff you enjoy like working in your garden, reading a good book, having friends or family over, and more. 

When you have a ton of stuff in your home, you may be too tired or anxious to even think about doing the things that matter. When you peel back the layers and layers of junk, you can see what needs to be done and then tackle it.

7. You’re Reminded That People Make the Home, Not the Stuff

In a world where Apple Watches and iPhones are what people spend their money on, there is a big lesson to be learned when you say no to that stuff. Focusing on YOUR family is more important than anything you’d ever be able to fill your home with. 

When we stop and think about what is most important in life…we realize that it’s not the cars, fancy phones, or how fancy our furniture is, it’s about who we eat at the table with. It’s about the time spent with those who matter most.

Final Word

I have to say that an empty house is the best kind of home for all SEVEN of these reasons and more. I no longer have the time or energy to go shopping for “things” and fill my house with items that don’t matter. 

I now take the time to de-clutter a corner or give something away that I’m no longer using. It’s amazing how a clear and calm house can also give us a clear and calm mind. Minimalism is a tool to be used to better your life.

The journey to get here isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.  Are you living a minimalist life? Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless this world, Linda

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  1. No More Stress from Clutter? Not so. With all that empty space, you will probably feel the need to fill it up with more “STUFF”!

    1. Sorry misspelled my last name in my last comment. Should have been Woods! Thinking about all that “stuff” cluttered my thinking!

  2. I so can understand the anxiety with the clutter and also clutter being created by anxiety. Definitely would love to see it cleaned up but every time I seem to give something up I need it 5 minutes later. I hate to buy things the second time around. Any suggestions

    1. Hi lh, I think I understand where you are coming from. I would hate to buy something a second time if I just donated it or sold it. This is when I place items in a box and label for future use and date it. If I haven’t used it in 12 months I want to let it go. Every item will be different. My point is there are so many “things” we think we need, but do we really? I always think now, whatever I have I have to take care of it. That could be washing, dusting, ironing, cleaning, etc. I really want a simple life. It’s all new to me, but it feels awesome. Letting go is so rewarding. Less stuff. Less clutter. Less stuff. Less to take care of. It feels awesome. Good luck, you will find what is right for YOU! Linda

  3. I feel so guilty. I was in my basement, trying to declutter, and i gave away a baby stroller, my daughter had in our basement. Im so afraid to tell her. It was an impulse thing. Shes going to be very mad at me.

    1. Hi Carol, you can always buy another one. Lesson learned. It’s too bad she wasn’t the one “storing it”. Life is too short. I bet you feel awesome after decluttering, remember that great feeling. Letting go is the best thing ever. Linda

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