31 Reasons Why I Store Baby Wipes For Survival

31 Reasons Why I Store Baby Wipes For Survival

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I have 31 reasons why I store baby wipes for survival. They are inexpensive and may dry out, but you can fill the small container with water and still use them. I really want to have as many rags, towels, paper towels or whatever to have available if the store shelves are empty after an unforeseen emergency. If you have experienced a disaster, storm, hurricane or whatever, you understand this statement.

The stores will be empty within three days, some officials say. I doubt anything will be left after 24 hours, especially the critical things we need, but I’m also prepared for the unexpected.

Store Baby Wipes For Survival:

  1. Use to wipe the private areas on babies or adults.
  2. They are great for mini-baths.
  3. Wipe your brow to cool you down.
  4. If they dry out in the container, use as toilet paper.
  5. Use the dried ones as dish rags depending on how thick and absorbent they are.
  6. Wipe down door handles or doorknobs to help cut down on germs and bacteria.
  7. Great for sticky, gooey hands, not so much for greasy, but hey….
  8. Wrap one on the end of the broom to gather that dust off the corners in the ceiling.
  9. Wipe down those airplane food trays, I can’t imagine what’s on those…I better stop thinking about that.
  10. Wipe down your landline phones, cell phones, keyboards or anything else you handle often that may have some germs lurking.
  11. Keep a stash in your car glove box or somewhere else in the car. When parked grab a few of those baby wipes and wipe down the door handles and the steering wheel.
  12. Keep a stash in your pocket or purse to cut down on the germs and bacteria from shaking hands, but you have to remember to use them!
  13. Use one as a temporary face mask if you do not have any N-95 masks.
  14. Use to wipe down your pet’s feet if sore or dirty.
  15. If you go to the gym, use some to wipe down the exercise equipment handles before and after using them.
  16. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil drops on one and put it inside your pillow case and enjoy the fragrance.
  17. If stuck in a snowstorm use the whole package to help you “rock” the car out of the snowbank by putting it as close to the wheel as you can.
  18. Make a portable toilet with a #10 can and fill it with toilet paper and a container of these….place it in your car for those emergency stops when needed while traveling. Stop the car and use it when you need to “go”.
  19. Great for hemorrhoids if you add a little witch hazel to the package.
  20. Soothing on a sunburn.
  21. Soothing on windburn as well.
  22. Great to wash blood off your hands or other body parts if cut.
  23. Clean the bugs or bird poop off your windshield to give you a better visual when driving.
  24. Wipe down the tables when eating out.
  25. Wipe off your grocery cart if the store does not provide wipes.
  26. Use one on the toilet seats in public places.
  27. Use one on the changing tables in those public places.
  28. Wipe down those TV remotes at hotels or motels.
  29. Wipe off the phone handles at hotels or motels.
  30. Wipe off the counter in the hotels or motels.
  31. Wash your hands with them after using the teller machines or gas tank filler.
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I don’t know about you, but I think we all need to store baby wipes for survival, don’t you? Please tell me some items I should add to this list. Let’s be prepared for the unexpected.


John: You can also use used dried out baby wipes to help start a fire in a survival situation.  Other helpful fire starters are dryer lint, which is very lightweight for backpacks. Also, those “trick” relighting birthday candles can be helpful for getting a fire started when conditions are a little windy.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency


  1. Use to wipe your hands after petting your pet or wiping down your pet if dirty.

  2. I used them for makeup removal if in a pinch or ran out of my wipes that are made for it. It works great if you don’t have on hand and need to take off makeup or refresh makeup.

  3. what about the huge contribution to land fill that these things cause. and the blocked up sewer lines because they just do not disintergrate over time. shouldn’t you be thinking about your contribution to global warming by using so many of these things.

    • Hi June, these are not flushable wipes so they will not damage the sewer lines. The box clearly states do not put down a toilet as in do not flush. In a severe disaster, people will be burning their own trash and human waste. I buy these to store for emergencies only. Linda

  4. I read that even the flushables aren’t really flushable—time will tell.

  5. I too store baby wipes for survival. I’m sure there are hundreds of uses for them but hygiene and cleaning top the list for me. Then just throw them in a fire when done with them. Makes great sense to me. Thanks, Linda!

  6. If they dry out I refill with witch-hazel..which I also store for emergency

  7. ted youngman 111tcy111@att.net says:

    things to also store and use are Kotex pads. Are great for wounds.,and straing water before drinking.Plus many more

  8. John Davis says:

    You can also used, dried out baby wipes to help start a fire in a survival situation.

    • HI John, great tip about starting a fire with the dry baby wipes. I am going to go add this to my post! Thank you! Linda

      • And the Tencel ones shown will take a spark quickly. Pull them apart until the ends fluff up (after they’re dry) and you’ve got the perfect material to light with a ferro rod.

  9. John Davis says:

    Glad you found my comment helpful, Linda. Other helpful fire starters are dryer lint, which is very lightweight for backpacks. Also those “trick” relighting birthday candles can be helpful for getting a fire started when conditions are a little windy.

  10. John Davis says:

    I made a “typo” and said dryer lint was a good FIGHT starter. I doubt it would be good material for starting a fight. Not that I have a lot of experience starting fights….

    • Thanks John I am adding that comment as well! Thanks for the tip! I fixed the fight to fire, glad to know I am not the only one that has typos occasionally! Linda 🙂

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