Why You Need To Know Your Point Of Distribution-FEMA

Why You Need To Know Your Point Of Distribution-FEMA

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You may wonder what I am talking about with this statement: Why you need to know your point of distribution by FEMA. I live in Southwestern Utah and the county I live in had a meeting last week to discuss the point of distribution in our area. It’s also called a POD. The meeting was put together to train about 100 people in our area/neighborhood that covers all the people in our geographic area, not just the estimated 2,500 people who may be members of the church facility being used as the POD location. The Washington County (Utah) Health Department asked for people in our neighborhoods that would understand and be qualified to help after a major disaster. They started with people who are knowledgeable about preparedness and asked different churches to set up training for the people in the different locations.

They will have limited PODS because they can only manage and distribute prescriptions or supplies to so many areas after a major disaster. It is our understanding that FEMA plans to ultimately locate and train people all over the country to be used in local PODS like the one here where I live. If you are interested in finding your local health department point of distribution, you will want to Google: Health Department Point of Distribution. The problem is you may have to make a phone call to your health department to inquiry about them because in most cases it is NOT on the internet.

Point of Distribution For Shots and Prescriptions

They also asked for dentists, doctors, nurses, EMT’s intermediate and above, paramedics and anyone else who is qualified to give injections based on training and/or license. I want you to picture in your mind what we did that night. The 100 people who came, including my husband and myself, were trained in the procedures following a disaster. We were shown picture slides as part of a PowerPoint demonstration to show us what will be required by all of us after a disaster. They had tables and chairs set up all over the large church gymnasium. They provided orange vests to show what we will wear as we direct our community members when and if needed. We will have greeters at the doors to make sure no one is sick and no children will be allowed in the building or POD. Children may spread germs and no one that is sick will be allowed inside the POD. If someone who is sick comes to the POD they will be directed to go see their doctor or local Instacare type facility.

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Here’s the deal with a POD or point of distribution. These PODs will be set up by FEMA and your local health department after a disaster, earthquake, pandemic or whatever major situation our neighborhoods may have. We will have a certain number of people from each neighborhood come to the center to get the needed prescriptions or emergency supplies. For instance, they gave a short example that if Las Vegas, Nevada was sabotaged by a terrorist group by maybe setting canisters all over the city and then they started letting the Anthrax disperse the people affected would only have 36 hours to get the needed prescription to save their lives. We will dispense those needed drugs. Yes, you heard that right. This is why they are setting up PODS wherever possible. Now this is not an easy thing to do. Lawyers from the different churches and our county/state people had to agree on the required legal documents to facilitate this to happen since the FEMA and county health department personnel will be in charge of the church facility that’s being provided for the benefit of the public at large.

These PODS are designed for three types of events:

  1. Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, etc.
  2. Biological agents-terrorism incidents
  3. Disease outbreaks

The PODS will be open to everyone no matter what faith they believe or where they may live. All the facilities will open and close at the exact same time each day. The reason for this is quite simple, they do not want everyone running (driving) to the facility that happens to open first. The news media or social media will let everyone know (if we have electricity or they will use Ham radios) where these PODS are located and when they will be open.


These people will be hand picked from the 100 volunteers above. These people must be calm and attentive, but not too talkative since it’s important to process as many people as possible in as short a time as can be accommodated. We can’t have a “chatty patty” greeting people at the door. We need to keep the lines moving.

Triage and Registration Area

  1. Handout forms for attendees to fill out and sign
  2. Ask questions about health and family considerations
  3. Direct people to the next station area where the forms are double checked
  4. Keep sick people out of the POD, no kids allowed, direct sick people to go see their physician or InstaCare
  5. Special needs and counseling areas may be available
  6. Handout information about the prescriptions-no limit on prescriptions you can pick up but you must list who will be given the meds
  7. Review the medications with the people
  8. Direct to exit area after medications are dispensed
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Security People Will Be At The Doors

Obviously, people are going to be anxious to get the medications that they need and may lose patience. We will look for strong burly type people to man the doors. Plus they must keep control of the situation at hand.

Yep-It’s All FREE

No Insurance-No Medicare-No Medicaid necessary.

No insurance cards whatsoever will be needed or required. This is all FREE via our government tax dollars. No expense will be incurred.

CDC states we need 63 people to run a POD. We need to be able to “push” 150 people through the process to get the medications within one hour start to finish.

We can only set up a POD if we know what the disease is for sure, then we will know what antibiotics we will dispense. The county is constantly monitoring the diseases in our area. Additional medications can be shipped to us within 12 hours and as long as the roads are open. We will dispense vaccinations and medications as needed and required per the disease.

Anthrax Tidbit

Once exposed to Anthrax you have 36 hours to get the medication to save your life. Time is of the essence. We will hand out Cipro and Doxy. Cipro is not for children, pregnant women or breastfeeding moms. These are the two drugs we need if exposed to Anthrax.

Please check your city, county, and state to see where your local health department and FEMA will have you go in case of emergency, disaster or disease outbreak. Please check places for your POD or Point of Distribution placement before the need arises so you know where to go, and hopefully, the roads will be open. Hopefully, you will never have to use it. May God bless you and our country.

Food Storage by Linda

CDC-ANTHRAX Information

POD-FEMA Information


  1. This is an excellent article. The PODs will come in handy for short term disaster or emergency situations. Long term or Very long term is another story.

    • Ray, I totally agree. I am extremely worried about long term survival. I am worried about an EMP and the trucks not working to deliver the antibiotics and other supplies we need. I am also concerned about the rioting that will occur. We have to be able to take care of ourselves. Now if we can only get the world to do their part for survival. Thanks for your comment, Linda

  2. This is kind of scary, and I hope I never have to go to a POD. But thank you for your services to the community, Linda. You’re a good person.

    • Hi Lindsay, I hope we never have to use a POD either but I am sure we will sooner than later with all that’s going on in this crazy world. I am extremely worried about the chaos that will happen when we do have to use a POD. I am prepared for most anything but some my neighbors have no clue or desire to be prepared for the unexpected. May God bless them when they need food and water.

  3. Our Stake is having its POD training this Tuesday night. We’re in Hurricane. Thanks for your blog and the insights on what we can expect. 🙂

    • Hi Janet, oh you are so lucky you live in Hurricane, Utah! You have a lot of great people who are prepared for the unexpected! Thanks for letting me know your city is having a POD training! Hugs, Linda

  4. Interesting information I had never heard about. I tried to look up on the FEMA website where my POD would be, only to find that there there isn’t one. Living out in the sticks, not sure if FEMA will bother with a POD for us…I am preparing as much as I can and sure do appreciate the information I get from you!!

    • Hi Susan, I would love to live out in the sticks! It sounds wonderful. I am not sure FEMA has the sites all listed online as of right now. I would call your local county health department. They work with FEMA and the local churches to set them up. We have three different churches (different faiths) prepared here in Southern Utah with people ready to set up the PODS in those buildings. They should know about the Point of Distribution (PODS) in your area. They may be working on it right now. Blessings to you, Linda

  5. Kareb Sewell says:

    Hi and Thank you Linda!

    I have been helping to organize a CERT in Ivins the past few months and this is very helpful information. We have a surgical nurse on our team that I think would like to know more. The person who posted about a Tuesday meeting this week in Hurricane may I have the location?

    • Hi Karen, how are you? I would call this phone number to see when they are doing one in Ivins: Southwest Utah Public Health Dept. #435-673-3528 The whole county is setting them up in different church locations of different faiths. I miss you, hugs! Linda

  6. Katie Short says:

    No expense will be incurred? Where do you think the money comes from for this stuff? It’s expensive, and I’m paying for it. Why not organize the private organizations already doing this type of work, and give them more freedom to do it?

    • Hi Katie, your right the taxpayer money is spent on this program, but there is no additional out of pocket expense for the recipient. We have no control over the program and how it’s being run. Linda

  7. I live in Oregon. You know, where we’re expecting the BIG ONE earthquake/tsunami as in Japan and Indonesia. Our state has been working to catch up. One of the best ideas (from my perspective) is a little booklet in which a person can take to the pharmacy where they can put labels of all prescription meds. This will save time during a crisis. Now that is carried with ID and/or passports. This way there is no doubt as to what is needed or who needs it/them.

    • HI Dee, this is a great idea! I know I have a sheet in my emergency preparedness download that has spaces to fill this out. The labels could be put in there as well. Great tip! Linda

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