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15 Paper Products You Need To Store For Survival

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Here are 15 paper products you need to store for survival, please start with a few and add more as your budget allows. This is the minimum number of items we will need but let’s talk about these today. I have been thinking about what’s going on in the world, and I feel very strongly that we need to stockpile a few of these items. I remember teaching an emergency preparedness class in Salt Lake City, Utah and one of the class members mentioned she felt like I was hoarding stuff. We were talking about storing toilet paper and paper products that could be used after a disaster. I wasn’t offended and I got the giggles because probably in her eyes I am a hoarder. But I’m not a hoarder of junk only necessities I use every day. I do not like running to the store to buy toilet paper. Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this story, I was at a local store a few weeks ago and I saw this woman carrying a package of toilet paper with four rolls in it. Oh my goodness, that wouldn’t last a week at my house.

To be honest with you, I had forgotten companies sell only four rolls of toilet paper in a package. I tend to go overboard with paper products but that’s how I roll. No pun intended. I live about ten miles from any store as you probably know by now, I am not a shopper. I load up my paper products as needed. I never know when the stores may be closed and I feel at peace knowing I’m prepared with paper plates, cups, etc. Plus, when my family comes we use paper products because we have such a large family. We have been known to have 25-28 family members with friends come for a weekend and paper plates are the way to go. I have several refillable water jugs so we don’t use water in plastic bottles. Some have names or initials all over them, life is good when family comes to visit. Please watch for sales and stock up on the following paper products you need.

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Paper products you need

  1. Toilet paper/family cloths, facial tissues Food Storage Moms Family Cloths
  2. Paper Plates/plastic silverware
  3. Paper Cups
  4. Foil
  5. Paper Towels
  6. Washcloths or cloth diapers when the paper towels run out, I recommend these: Wash Cloth Towels by Royal, 24-Pack, 100% Natural Cotton, 12 x 12, Commercial Grade, Appropriate for use in Bathroom, Kitchen, Nursery and for Cleaning, Soft and Absorbent, Machine Washable, White Also, Costco has white washcloths pretty cheap.
  7. Bags: 33-gallon size,
  8. Baggies: these are the bread ones I buy and they’re pretty cheap, Inteplast Group IBS PB060315 Get Reddi Food & Utility Poly Bag, 6″ x 3″ x 15″, 3.5qt, 0.68mil, Clear, 1000 Bags
  9. Napkins
  10. Diapers
  11. Baby Wipes
  12. Cloth Diapers/rubber pants/diaper pins, are essential because when the “disposable ones” are gone or sold out, you will need these: Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, Pack of 10
  13. Menstrual Pads
  14. Homemade Menstrual Pads (I’m working on a post on how to make these)
  15. Tampons

Please remember this list is my suggestion to start with, please add the items you need as well. I hope my neighbors are stocking up with paper products because there is only so much toilet paper to go around! Please remember to store a lot of water, the American Red Cross recommends 1 gallon per person per day, I recommend 4 gallons of water per person per day. One idea that makes it easy to figure out how much water per person you have at a glance is to slowly purchase WaterBricks (the larger ones are 3.5 gallons). Yes, they are less than 4 gallons but you know that ONE of those is the right amount for each member of the family per day. These make it easy peasy if you don’t have a lot of room to store water. Plus, they stack on top of each other and are easy to grab and take with you. They fit nicely behind a couch, in closets, or under beds.

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Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. May God bless you and your family.

Water Bricks: Water Storage Containers – WaterBrick – 8 Pack Blue

WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Water and Food Storage Container, 3.5 gal of Liquid, 27 lb of Dry Food Products, Blue

MY BOOK: Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation

American Red Cross

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  1. I buy the commercial size rolls of foil and plastic wrap at Costco. We also buy plastic utensils and paper plates there. I buy toilet paper by the case from Amazon. (that way I don’t have to carry the heavy box by myself). I buy bath soap , toothpaste and tooth brushes in bulk also. That way I only have to buy those items a couple times a year.With so many grandkids around , I always have a spare toothbrush for when they forget to bring one. I also have a large family, sometimes we have had as many as 40 people here for dinner. Grant you that usually happens on holidays and birthdays, but still, paper plates are the way to go. Don’t forget the plastic or paper disposable bowls as well. You can’t have home made ice cream with out a bowl. I have a couple hand held vacuum sealers and bags as well as a full size sealer and bags. Thank you for another informative article. You and awesome. God Bless and keep on prepping. 

    1. Hi, Judy, I am going to start ordering toilet paper from Amazon!! I really don’t like hauling them either! You can save so much money when you buy in bulk. I love your comment about the toothbrushes, someone always forgets a toothbrush! Keep prepping, hugs, Linda

  2. I have paper and plastic, but I have fabric backups for napkins, cleaning, and personal use. I have stocked up on lighters, and have a non lighter fire starter.

    1. Hi, Linda, I thought maybe that was the reason but when I was asked to write my book, I called several families with boys and girls, young and old to see how much toilet paper they use each week. That package of 4 rolls would be perfect for some families for a month. Groceries, paper products cost so much, I really wonder how people can feed their family. Thanks for your comment, Linda

  3. A word about toilet paper. I buy them in bulk plus paper towels. I learned several years back that if you take the toilet paper off the roll (a little time consuming), start rolling it my hand, put into a plastic seal bag, suck the air out, you get more space and tissue. I can get several rolls of tissue paper in one 8 X 10 seal bag. I add them to my tote. With the towels, take them off the roll and do the same method. more space, more towels. Why stack the rolls? You will lose space.

    1. We use old freezers or refrigerators to store toilet paper etc. It keeps the mice out of them if storing in a garage or other place you might have to worry about mice.

      1. Darlene, you are so right about that! I live in the desert and we have so many critters, I store mine inside as well. Great reminder, thank you! Linda

  4. all sizes of plastic garbage bags – not just the 30 gallon size – the 13 gallon size will line a 5 gallon bucket with plenty of outside overlap – for a freebie option start stockpiling the poly retail check out bags ….

    in regard to a serious type SHTF scenario where food and supplies are at a premium – remember your OPSEC in disposing of any garbage – garbage picking will be a full time occupation for many of the unprepared sheeple – don’t pin point your survival operation for the bad guys ….

    1. Hi Illini, great tips! I store all sizes of bags! I’m very worried about the disposal of garbage and sewage!!! I wish more people would get prepared…..we can only do so much and they must step up to the plate! Linda

  5. For the feminine products getting a diva cup will save a ton of space and money. I would still recommend getting pads and liners just because they can make great bandages and some women like myself still need liners as backup. I refuse to spend the time unrolling toilet paper rolls. I just smash em and pack em. Besides the cardboard roll in the middle can also have many uses. Potty waste disposal is a must. I have some gel and bags but long term will be a problem for most folks. You don’t want to waste water so you should really know how to bury and dispose correctly. Great site!

    1. Hi Mary, I have heard of the diva cup and yes it would save space and money. Potty waste disposal is a big concern for me! I live in the desert and we need to clear a spot when needed to have a burning pit just for trash in the neighborhood should a disaster occur. Again, the potty waste must be dug and buried away from any water source. We take for granted all the sewer lines and the garbage pickup. Great comment, thank you! Linda

    1. Hi Mary, I would love the best deal on toilet paper online as well. I have seen automatic deliveries but I’m pretty well-stocked p at the moment, of course, that changes often! I’ll keep my eye open for deals! Linda

  6. Thanks Linda. Even if a disaster never happens it sure if fun prepping and saving money. Connecting with others on these things is awesome!

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