What You Really Need To Know About Blueberries

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Those beautiful sweet blueberries are amazing in so many ways. You don’t need to worry about losing any health benefits if you freeze your blueberries. I wouldn’t leave them in your freezer for over a year, but I bet you will eat them much sooner than that anyway since they taste so good. Of course, we all love fresh blueberries in so many drinks, salads, cereals, and smoothies.

Of course, we all love fresh blueberries in so many drinks, salads, cereals, and smoothies.

What You Need to Know About Blueberries:

Organic blueberries are actually higher in phenol antioxidants than conventional ones. A study I read compared the two and the difference was significantly higher in organic ones, so I no longer believe industry studies that state they are equal in antioxidants. I realize that sometimes organic costs more, but I believe the price is well worth the expense to buy blueberries for the extra amount of antioxidants.


For improved memory and motor function if you consume 2-3 cups of blueberries daily.  That really isn’t very many blueberries for the improved health benefits you will receive.

Blood Sugar:

They have a positive impact on blood sugar levels. They are awesome for diabetics if they eat three servings a day.


They are great for digestion and a super food for combating free radicals that cause colon cancer. This is awesome to hear for that deadly disease.


Who can’t use some help for reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia? Blueberries stimulate nerve cell processes and slow down the aging process. No wonder everyone in retirement cities is buying blueberries galore!

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They improve blood flow to our heart and significantly lowers your chance of heart disease by regulating arterial elasticity in the vascular wall.

Protect Our Eye’s:

Who would have guessed that they protect our retinas from the sun’s unwanted oxygen damage?


Wow, I love hearing they are great as an anti-inflammatory agent. Research shows that eating blueberries regularly, your inflammation will be reduced. Great for arthritis! Yay!

Natural Version Of Aspirin:

I had never heard this one before. Blueberries are like a natural version of aspirin. This is awesome for those of us with arthritis who don’t care to take some prescriptions with known side effects. They help thin the blood and therefore reduce pain.

Improve Dopamine:

They improve your dopamine levels to make you feel good! They are a natural (brain messenger).


Allergies, I had never heard this one! They contain plentiful amounts of the phytonutrient quercetin to help lower the severity of allergies. I use honey, but I love hearing this one.

Vitamin Packed:

Packed with vitamin C, E, niacin, folate, and riboflavin.

How To Dehydrate Blueberries:

All you do is wash the blueberries and place them on the dehydrator racks. I didn’t poke each blueberry. Nope, if I have to do that I will not dehydrate them. My life is too hectic to prick a thousand of them…okay several hundred. Some people say to blanch them quickly to check the skin. Nope, I don’t do that either. Wash, remove the stems and they are ready to dehydrate. Please check your dehydrator for the temperature. My dehydrator says the temperature should be set at 135 degrees until and run until they are leathery and crisp. These are fabulous snacks. Dehydrators are great to use when you need to take care of the excess fruit or vegetables you can’t eat right away. Here is the one I have: Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, BlackWhat You Need To Know About Blueberries | www.foodstoragemoms.com

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Dehydrated Blueberries:

Here is how they look when finished. The time will always vary depending on the humidity of the room where you are dehydrating them. I let them sit at room temperature before I place them in quart jars. I use my FoodSaver to remove the air in my jars when I seal them.

What You Need To Know About Blueberries | www.foodstoragemoms.com

Salad With Blueberries, Yogurt and Whipped Cream:

What You Need To Know About Blueberries | www.foodstoragemoms.comSalad With Blueberries, Yogurt and Whipped Cream:

3-4 small containers of “mixed berry” yogurt or 1 large 20-24 ounce container of mixed berry yogurt

24-ounce container Cool Whip or 1 Pint Heavy Cream-whipped or Gossner’s Shelf Stable Whip Cream-Whipped

3-4 cups of berries (fresh, frozen or freeze dried-rehydrated & drained)

1 cup sugar

Mix all together. Fold the berries in gently. Chill for 2-4 hours. You can substitute strawberries or raspberries in place of the blueberries. You can add red food color to the yogurt make the salad more festive for Valentine’s Day! I love having these ingredients to serve to last minute guests or for dinner…enjoy!

Dehydrated pineapple by Linda

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