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What You Need To Survive When A Disaster Strikes

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Have you thought about personal hygiene in your community after disaster strikes? There would be a number of things we might need. I like to store extra toothbrushes and toothpaste. Yep, that is one thing I would not like to have to share with anyone else. I want my own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. You might laugh, but in an emergency or after a disaster strikes our neighborhood,  I am picturing popping lots of popcorn to share with everyone.

Yep, this is why we need floss, razor blades, and other personal hygiene items. Let’s be realistic here, these would probably be on the bottom of the list for critical items in an emergency. But some people might want to shave. Who knows, if so, I am prepared with a few extras for those who might need them. I am updating this post from a few years ago. I learn from readers what they think we need after disaster strikes. These tips are awesome for the world to know. I had not even thought of adult diapers, but thanks to a reader, I’m adding this to my list

Here’s the deal, we all need a little reminder to be prepared with paper products, whether it be paper plates, cups, or women’s monthly menstrual items. Some adults need adult diapers, so I would buy a few of those to help those you know who may need them. Pride goes out the door after disaster strikes. We need to keep our morale up or all hell will break loose, literally. If we can brush our teeth, use some deodorant and brush our hair, life will be better for a day or two.

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We all know we need toilet paper, hand soap, and shampoo. You can make your own or buy some extras for the storage pantry.  I’ve determined I won’t make my own toilet paper (update-I am making family cloth) but have made soap for home use.  If we watch the sales we can get these products for next to nothing, or at a very discounted price. Dollar-type stores are great for these sorts of products. Coupons help as well because I usually always get my stuff for pennies on the dollar, so to speak. Yep, it’s all about personal hygiene.

disaster strikes

Next, I wanted to show those items that might be needed each month for some people. Here’s the deal, I don’t know about you but we are not pioneers. These items will be needed by lots of women. But, they can also be used as pressure pads if someone is bleeding from a deep cut or wound. Yep, these puppies are good for more than one thing.

disaster strikes

Okay, I was making some homemade monthly pads or pads that can be used for so many things. I took some 3 ply pre-folded diapers 20 inches by 14 inches and cut them in half. I started serging the pieces I had cut in half. Man, these can be used for so many things besides monthly issues, like cloth bandages, small slings, etc. The great thing is that we can reuse them, just put them through a wash cycle when you can. I know it probably sounds gross, but I am sure some people would love to have these. Just saying…. please note I realize the products above might have some chemicals that might not be acceptable to a lot of people, but I am storing them anyway. It’s about personal hygiene.

disaster strikes

You can use these cloth diapers for so many things. Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count

disaster strikes

I know for sure I would have a stash of diapers. These can be cloth diapers, and I did find some waterproof pants to go with them. I would stock up on some extra disposable diapers as well. It’s all about personal hygiene for the babies and toddlers in our life, be it family, friends, or neighbors. I have been at homes I am visiting and the little ones are there and they are totally out of diapers….wow. What if all the roads are shut down? What if the stores where you normally buy disposable diapers are cleared out in an unforeseen disaster? Something to think about. Grab an extra package. I would also buy some cloth diapers, waterproof pants, and safety pins. My kids were raised with cloth diapers. It might sound gross, but we didn’t have disposable diapers, they were too expensive. I know a lot of mothers are going back to cloth diapers and they love it! It saves them so much money in the long run.

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My favorite things:

Georgia-Pacific Envision 19880/01 White 2-Ply Embossed Bathroom Tissue, 4.05″ Length x 4″ Width (Case of 80 Rolls)

Stayfree Maxi Pads for Women, Super – 66 Count

Kirkland Signature Crystal Clear Cutlery – 360 ct

Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, 8-1/2 Inch, 300 Count

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