How To Do Laundry Outside And Really Love it

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In order to be prepared for an unforeseen emergency, we can start by learning how to do laundry outside and really love it! When I was younger I can still remember seeing the sheets hanging on the clothesline. My family had one of those clotheslines with the metal “T” frames spaced about 20 feet apart with braided rope. We couldn’t use metal clothesline wires back then because it would leave rust on the clothes. This can be a great family experience doing laundry outside, I promise.

This can be a great family experience doing laundry outside, I promise.

What Is A Laundry Ball?

Just so you know, I bought this laundry ball so I could try it

How To Do Laundry Outside And Really Love it | via

You save money, your health, and the planet. The laundry ball can be used in any 18 lbs. capacity HE or regular washing machines. If you have a larger unit you can use two laundry balls. You just place the ball in your washer with your laundry and start the washer. The box states that it is only for light stains. Here’s the deal, these would be a perfect emergency preparedness product.

This laundry ball is great for people with eczema and allergies. It does not have any detergent, and it’s fragrance-free. And yes, I still make my own homemade laundry soap/detergent. This is just another option….and it’s pretty inexpensive. It does 365 loads using the 18 lbs. capacity washing machine. Remember, it is for light stains only. Plus, you do not need fabric softener. I remember paying like $45.00 dollars for it. I am going to buy one laundry ball a year until I have 5 or so in my emergency preparedness laundry stash.

I will still use my favorite fragrance of fabric softener….it’s just me. My favorite is Gain fabric softener and it smells fabulous.

Some Electric Washers or Wringer Washers

Growing up, I don’t remember our clothes being stiff, but I am thinking they must have been. We used good old detergent in a washer and we hung the clothes and sheets outside to dry. We didn’t have a laundry room or closet with a washer and dryer inside. As I think back we had very little clothes and that makes me now realize why. I am sure it was the cost, but I’m also thinking we wore our clothes more than one day. I can’t imagine that today, but I am just thinking that was the case years ago. I did grow up with a washer and dryer by the time I was eleven. We only had a washer before that and hung out our clothes to dry. Wow, I am starting to feel really old right now. LOL!

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How To Do Laundry Outside And Really Love it | via

17 Gallon Wash Tub

By now you probably know I want to be prepared for the unexpected. This means I need to know how to do my laundry if the power goes out and know that I CAN do it. I am happy to report that I found one new option, and I really enjoyed just filling the 17-gallon high-grade steel Behrens multi-purpose steel utility tub made right here in the USA with a hose!  It’s rust free, odor free, rodent free. It’s galvanized and ready for me to do laundry outside!

Now you might be thinking why don’t you just use the bathtub to do your laundry? Well, if we had water lines or sewer lines severed I don’t want to waste any water. If I use two wash tubs or buckets, I can use my detergent and use one for washing. I can use the other one for rinsing. If I use one of these laundry balls I don’t even have to rinse my clothes. What??? That’s exactly what I said when I read the box. No need to rinse clothes, really….this is fabulous for an emergency or everyday washing.

How To Do Laundry Outside And Really Love it | via www.foodstoragemoms.comLearn To Do Laundry Outside

Do you want to know why I think you will love doing your laundry outside? You can go outside to wash your clothes, granted blue jeans would be hard to do. Put your feet in the grass or earth and feel the air around you. Just think,  we can teach our kids what our grandparents used to do. They may have had a wringer washer years ago. Or they had a wash tub very similar to the ones above.

Just get away from the electronics, your cell phone, and stuff for just an hour or less. Go outside and have everyone in the family take a turn scrubbing their own clothes in a bucket of water. You can have them rinse them and hang them over chairs outside. If you have a clothesline that’s even better. You can hang a braided rope and secure it to two walls in the garage, or wherever. If you use the laundry ball there is no rinsing. Just wash with the washboard….can’t you just picture the kids doing this with their own hands. Please be careful with babies or toddlers around the filled wash tubs. I would not leave the tubs unsupervised until emptied.

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Have Your Kids Wash Their Own Laundry Outside

Trust me, the kids will learn to work and love it at the same time. Have them wash their own clothes and hang them up for a week. They will quickly learn what it would be like to live without electricity, at least when it comes to washing their clothes. I remember when my girls started doing their own laundry they were about 10 years old. They soon learned that all the clothes on the floor were now their responsibility. They actually enjoyed doing their own laundry.

Do You Have A Clothesline For Your Laundry Outside?

Here’s the deal, think about getting some braided rope that you can use to make a clothesline, when and if you need one. If you can build one that would be awesome as well. I did a YouTube with the clothesline I have. I had been looking for one for years when I found this one. My Favorite I made a YouTube so people can see how easy it is to put up and take down. It blows in the wind and dries clothes perfectly.

Another Option For Washing Laundry Outside

I did another YouTube using a 6-gallon bucket with a special plunger and a Gamma Lid.Food Storage Moms Bucket Washer With Special Plunger.

Let me know if you decide to try doing some laundry outside, I would love to share your stories.

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2 thoughts on “How To Do Laundry Outside And Really Love it

  • January 24, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    I remember my Grandmothers wringer washer and her hanging her clothes on the lines that ran across her back yard,, and a long board in the middle of each line to lift the line up and keep the clothes off the ground… My mother had a clothes line, but I don’t remember her using it much…

    As an adult I found it necessary to dry my clothes on a clothes line out doors.. But am not in the habit of it now…

    Thank you for the great reminder and help in being prepared…

    • January 25, 2015 at 7:36 am

      Hi Karen, I am thinking most of us have fond memories of growing up with clotheslines. I still remember running under the sheets that were hung and chasing my sisters by running through them. Life is good, Linda


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