How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Every Time

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Have you wanted to know how to make perfect hard boiled eggs? Well, as you know I have been learning how to use a pressure cooker. I may have mentioned I took a class from Chef Brad and from that day forward I was hooked on using a pressure cooker! Well, I have cooked Quinoa, red, white and black in color. I have cooked Kamut and so many other foods in this pressure cooker. Today, I made perfect hard boiled eggs in my pressure cooker. You heard that right…hard boiled eggs.

For Hard Boiled Eggs-Add One Cup Water:

First I added one cup water into the pressure cooker. This is the minimum amount required you must add to build up the steam. Then, I placed the seven eggs in seven of my silicone cupcake holders inside the pressure cooker. I placed one egg in each cupcake holder. I learned this trick from a friend, Lisa who worked at Honeyville Grain. Just a note: you do not need the silicone holders, you can do up to ten eggs without the cute colorful holders.

Silicone Cupcake Holders For Eggs

Line Up The Pressure Lines On The Lid

Then place the lid on the cooker and lock in place. Line up the PRESSURE lines on top of the lid. Push the HIGH button until it shows 18 (minutes) then push the START button. The pressure will build up and then buzz you when it is finished.

Eggs In Silicone Cupcake Holder

Release The Steam

Release the steam button on top of the lid. Be careful and place a wash cloth over the small black cap on top to protect yourself from the steam, as well as your cabinets when steam is released.

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Fagor Pressure Cooker

It took 18 minutes to cook seven eggs in my Fagor Pressure Cooker. After releasing the steam from the pressure cooker, I used a slotted spoon to remove them from the pan inside the pressure cooker.  Next I plunged the eggs in icy cold water like we all do to make them easy to peel. These peeled so easily…the shells and skins just slipped off. These were very fresh eggs, the kind that often don’t peel easily.  I was really excited to know that going forward I can use eggs fresh off the store shelf and know they will be easy to work with.  I remember when my kids were young and wanted to have boiled eggs for a treat, I used to worry the eggs wouldn’t “shed” their shell as easily as desired.  Sure wish I’d had this Fagor Pressure Cooker back then!

Of course because it is Easter….I just had to color some of the eggs:

Colored Eggs
Here is another pressure cooker post. This is the easiest way to make hard boiled eggs! I wish every family could have a pressure cooker in the home!

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Every Time

  • March 22, 2015 at 7:47 am

    I am very excited about this! I have a non-electric pressure cooker that I use often. I am very interested in an electric pressure cooker. To be able to set it and not have to monitor it would be very nice. Thank you.

    • March 22, 2015 at 8:57 am

      Hi Sue, how are you! I wish every family could have an electric pressure cooker. I use it all the time. So glad to hear from you! Fagor is the best brand. The link to buy one is in my post today. I bought it after I watched Chef Brad teach three classes on how to use it. Its easy! I will be doing more posts soon on how to use it! Linda

  • March 22, 2015 at 8:03 am

    I’d LOVE to learn more about using the pressure cooker. I have 2 of them, but barely use them. I grew up “afraid” of them, and haven’t gotten completely past that fear yet. PLUS, I’m not sure where to find info on using them, except for canning (something else I’ve not yet got brave enough to try). Any suggestions of where to look for info would be appreciated.

    As for the eggs, this looks like alot of work for a few eggs. Here’s how I “boil” my eggs and they are EASY To peel:

    Steam them! (Yes, that’s what you did in the pressure cooker.)

    I bought a $19 steamer in Walmart. I can steam LOTS of eggs in it, if I want to. (I generally do 2 – 3 dozen at a time). It’s real simple and no “silicone holders” required.

    Just put some water in the base. Set the plastic “steamer basket” on it. Fill it up with eggs. Add another plastic steamer basket if you want more eggs. Fill it up. Put the plastic lid on it. (I’ve done 3 “levels” (steamer baskets FULL) of eggs at a time.)

    Plug it into the wall socket, turn the timer knob to however long you want it to go, and that’s it. The timer will “ding” when it’s done. I often leave them set in there til they cool down, or if I’m in a hurry, I get them out and put them individually on the counter to have some “air circulation” and let them cool.

    As soon as they are cooled down some, I put them in cartons and stick them in the fridge. Then I have boiled eggs to eat anytime I want them. They keep a long time in the fridge like that.

    The plastic steamer baskets, I just hand wash/rinse (tho I THINK it said they were dishwasher safe) because they don’t really get “dirty”, so it’s quick and easy to clean up and put away til next time. The base part, I dump the water in the sink, give it a quick rinse and wipe and dry and it’s done, too. (I have hard water, so occasionally a little white vinegar wiped over it helps clean it up.)

    I made this sound long and complicated, but it’s real simple. I’ve never owned a pan with a steamer basket, but this is the same thing. If you have a “steamer pan & basket”, that’s all you need.

    Easy, quick, simple, LOTS of eggs (if you want lots – if not then just do a FEW eggs) and not much “clean up” afterwards.

    • March 22, 2015 at 9:01 am

      Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for large families. I never thought to steam them and them place them in the refrigerator without peeling them. I have got to try this! You don’t need the silicone holders but you can use them only if you want to. I can do 10 eggs at a time. My daughters love the fact that they can do ten eggs in the pressure cooker…set and forget them. I love you idea to steam LOTS of eggs and them put them in the cartons to peel for later! Amazing! Thank you, Linda

  • March 16, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Linda, my go-to for hard boiled eggs in my fagor is 1c water in the bottom, as many eggs as I want in the steamer basket or on a trivet, 2 minutes HP (high pressure), 15 minutes NPR (natural pressure release) and they’re done. No ice required. (Thank you

    • March 16, 2018 at 7:16 pm

      Hi Lori, thanks for the tip on the Fagor hard boiled eggs. I will try that, I think I’m cooking mine way too long. LOL! Thank you!!! Linda


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