Food Storage Matters

Food Storage Matters-We Must Be Self-Reliant

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Well, if you watch the news, you know food storage matters, we must be self-reliant. I don’t ever talk political stuff on my website because I want to keep my website calm and encouraging people to prepare.

We hear enough political stuff to make all of us realize what we are doing by filling our pantry and learning new pioneer or vintage skills is critical for us to survive what may come our way.

The government cannot drive by and drop off water or food within hours after a disaster, it’s not going to happen. I’m sure you saw what happened after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, people waiting in line for both water and food.

Some lost their homes, those storms brought all of us to our knees. Who can possibly survive a 500-year storm? Some people did, and many lost so much it’s heartbreaking. Some of us lived many miles away from the states involved but still felt for those affected just from watching on TV.

I kept checking with family members and friends in the affected area to see how the storm was progressing and touching their lives. Thankfully, my one friend in Tampa was totally okay, but it was days of nerve-wracking fear. She said she had water and food, so I was glad to hear that. She had a generator she could use after the storm went through if she needed it.

I feel prompted to reiterate why food storage matters and tell you some of the things I feel are most important to me. I will add your comments to my list. Remember, we learn from each other.

We also live in different areas, some with lots of sunshine, some rarely have sunshine, some have a few inches of snow to a few feet of snow. Some have beautiful weather year-round, some of us have heat that is sweltering in the summer.

In other words, food storage matters, but it may be different in different areas of the country and world. In the desert, we need more water, up North, they need a way to stay warm, you get what I’m saying. We all still need the basics, and these are the ones I recommend.

Food Storage Matters


I have to start with water because obviously, we can’t survive without water. If you are new to my blog, let me explain that The American Red Cross recommends 1-gallon per person per day. I disagree. I suggest 4-gallons of water per person per day.

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I just read a sweet comment from a reader who shared his water and food with some Texas families for two days during one of the hurricanes. He mentioned he could have done it for a month, and I quote “We could have probably survived for a month without outside help, but it wouldn’t have been pretty.” Thank you, Gene.

Doesn’t that melt your heart, people helping people? Let me add, his sweet wife cooked the meals on a two burner Coleman stove. Yay! Thankfully, they still had city water, he mentioned.

Food Storage Meals

I’m looking at my kitchen pantry, not in the rooms with the #10 cans stashed everywhere. Let’s talk about what meals we could cook tonight if a major disaster happened. I’m not talking about running to the store to grab something.

Here are some things I could fix now. Not everyone would love it, but I could make the following meals. I always have open #10 cans of freeze-dried onions, freeze-dried celery, and freeze-dried bell peppers stored in quart jars or OXO containers.

Yes, I would need to boil water or cook some of my meals with one of my many stoves. But most likely, I would use my Butane Stove because I have plenty of Butane Fuel and it’s easy to use and uses very little butane. I bought all four of my daughters one of these for their homes as a Christmas gift.

1. Spaghetti

Boil the noodles, strain, and serve with a jar of spaghetti sauce with some green beans.

2. Chili

I have several types of beans, chili powder, cumin, diced tomatoes, and freeze-dried onions. Boil the pot on a butane stove.

3. Hamburger Soup

I have cans of cooked ground beef, diced tomatoes, freeze-dried onions, cans of green beans and corn. Add some spices and its ready to serve after cooking. Use a Dutch oven if you have charcoal. Great dinner! I can almost smell the charcoal burning outside.

4. Chicken Salad

Grab some cans of chicken, drain them and add some freeze-dried celery, freeze-dried onions, mayo with salt and pepper. I can serve it on lettuce leaves if my garden is growing in the summer, or on my homemade bread or crackers stored in the pantry.

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5. Creamed Chipped Beef

Serve it with bread or biscuits. I always have those small jars of chipped beef with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Remember this is food for survival. Creamed Chip Beef

6. Macaroni and Cheese

Adults and kids love mac and cheese, add some green beans, we have dinner. I have Velveeta cheese in my pantry and I can bake it in my CampChef Stove/Oven,  but I could also bake this dish this in my Sun Oven: Baked Mac and Cheese by Linda

7. Tuna Casserole

Boil the noodles, drain and add some tuna that’s been drained, and some freeze-dried onions, and a can of cream of chicken soup. Bake the casserole and serve with some green beans.

8. Pancakes

I can make pancakes from scratch or use the bags I have stored in the freezer of Krusteez (just add water). Who needs butter, just serve with Maple syrup.

9. French Toast

This one is easy for me because I make bread. I could use the eggs I have in the refrigerator and add the milk left in the refrigerator. If the milk is bad I have instant milk. Please remember powdered milk is for baking and instant milk is for drinking. Please don’t mention that to my daughters. I used some nasty-tasting powdered milk when they were growing up. I think they knew, just giving you the heads-up.

10. Snack Ramen

Here’s the deal with Snack Ramen, you can add beans, and vegetables and you have soup. Add some crackers or biscuits and you have dinner.

11. Chocolate

I need chocolate, any kind of chocolate. I store candy bars in mason jars sealed with my Food Saver. In times of stress, chocolate whether milk chocolate or dark chocolate rocks, right? I need a Snickers candy bar right now, or Peanut M&M’s.

12. Instant Oatmeal & P &J’s Sandwiches

Beth: Linda, I’d have to add instant oats for a quick breakfast, and PB&J for easy snacks. I’ve also heard put the milk in the freezer and eat the ice cream. Milk will last a little longer that way and the ice cream can calm the child in us down some.

Trust me, food storage matters. We need to cook from scratch and be ready to serve meals to neighbors who have not prepared or lost everything in their homes. May God bless this world, we need it. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected.

Water storage by Linda

Survival food by Linda

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  1. Do you still have a YouTube channel? I am only seeing posts from 5 years ago. I do get your emails however.

  2. One of our favorites is red beans and rice. In a disaster situation, I’d use the instant rice and canned kidney or black beans to cut down on cooking time/fuel consumption. Could easily just increase amounts to feed neighbors within sight of our house.

    Your water recommendation is so much better than FEMA or RedCross. Here in NW Florida I normally drink a gallon every day. After hurricanes when we’re without power that easily doubles just to keep up with sweat loss.

    I also keep EmerGenC packets in the pantry, they make a quick way to add electrolytes in a stressful day. I have also used them to aid in recovery from illnesses, on days when heat indices are over 100 degrees F., even used them for my animals if needed to recover from scours.

    1. Hi BDN, I forgot about the EmerGenC packets, that’s a great tip! I still can’t figure out why they only recommend one-gallon of water. I have some instant beans as well, they make a great meal with rice and we will use less fuel. Keep prepping! Linda

  3. Linda, I’d have to add instant oats for a quick breakfast, and PB & J for easy snacks. I’ve also heard put the milk in the freezer and eat the ice cream. Milk will last a little longer that way and the ice cream can calm the child in us down some. Great article as always.

  4. I home can a lot of dry beans. Makes it easier to put together a quick meal. Having to cook beans in an emergency situation requires precious water and fuel. That’s not to say I don’t store dry beans, because I have several buckets of different beans. I also can some of our favorite soups. I just add rice or noodles when I reheat them. I have canned ground beef, pork and chicken that I can add to any dish. I buy freeze dried ground beef crumbles,pork crumbles and chicken. I keep a supply of breakfast items on hand as well. I went to an LDS store and bought pancake mix. But their mix requires eggs, oil and milk or water. So I prefer Krusteaz Complete (just add water), which I now keep around 20 lbs on hand. I have several cans of Yoder’s bacon and I also have some red feather butter and Bega Cheese. I have honey ,molasses and sugar.My grand kids love pancakes with gravy anytime of day. I buy the big bags of pepper gravy from Costco. If I want to change the flavor, I just add beef broth or chicken broth or bouillon. I can make egg noodles or noodles without eggs. I also tried to make my own pasta sauce, but the flavor just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I mixed it with store bought sauce. LOL. I urge people to buy extra food when shopping. Even if it’s only a can or two each time. I also try to buy bottled water every time I shop. Whether its 1 gallon, 5 gallon or cases of small bottles. You will never have to much water. Thank you for another useful post. God Bless

    1. Hi Judy, oh my gosh, Costco sells pepper gravy??? I’m all over this! Adding it to my list! I have never heard of pancakes with gravy this makes me see another dinner for the neighborhood!! You are really rocking with food storage! I love Krusteaz pancake mix as well because all I have to do is add water!! I LOVE your comment!!! Linda

      1. I was raised on pancakes with gravy. (we also ate them with stewed tomatoes, but I haven’t had them that way in years.) Sam’s also carries the pepper gravy mix. I forgot to mention that I try to make extra pancakes to store in the freezer for a quick meal. I just let them cool. layer them with wax paper or parchment paper ,then place in a ziploc bag and freeze, or freeze and then vacuum seal.

        1. Hi Judy, oh my gosh I love pancakes, they never make it to the freezer! LOL! Stewed tomatoes, huh? I haven’t heard of that one. I have got to put that gravy mix on my grocery list. I grew up eating pancakes after breakfast with butter and sugar for a snack. I still do that to this day. Life is so good with a few pancakes! Linda

  5. How long can I store chocolate vacuum sealed without it getting that white “bloom” on it? Will freezing it prolong its freshness? Thanks.

    1. Hi JoEllen, that would all depend on the type of chocolate and the temp of the room. If it has nuts I freeze it. I usually eat before the year is up. LOL! I love chocolate! Linda

  6. I am the government. We aren’t getting paid and right now if IT happened how much food and water do you think is getting dropped at your place?
    Please take care of yourselves above all.

  7. After trying to keep up with the plethora of info out there, I’ve decided that your site has everything I need to help me prep for the hard times coming. We’ve already survived my hubby losing his job once and being unemployed for two years, so I’m being even more diligent this go around. THANK YOU for all you are doing to give others the opportunity to be prepared.
    God bless you

    1. Hi Patty, you are so nice. Thank you for your kind words. I work really hard to teach the world to be prepared. I’m so grateful for people like you who keep me going. God bless you! Linda

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