What Should I Put In My College First Aid Kit For Survival

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Here’s my college first aid kit list ready for you to print. What should I put in my college first aid kit? I have the answer for you. One of my granddaughter’s, Madison, we call her Maddie, is graduating from high school this year. The prepper grandmother that I am, of course, thinks she needs a first aid kit to take to school in the fall. I want her to have a few things she doesn’t have to run to the store to get if she happens to get a fever, cut, burn or a bad cough. I have the FREE printable college first aid kit list below.

I will add a few essentials oil to this medium bucket after I order them. I will order Breathe and OnGuard essential oils for colds or congestion. If she has some OnGuard cough drops she will be set. I made the printable list below so you can print it out and add items to it for your college student’s needs.

The bucket or container with a lid shown above is 17 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 6-1/2 inches high. I started with a smaller one and soon realized it was way too small. I bought it at a local store and took it to have the vinyl lettering applied to it. We have this great store here in Southern Utah at the local shopping mall that does vinyl lettering. They always know exactly what I need, which is good because my daughter does lettering and I am a bit fussy. I was so glad I saw my favorite girl working there last night because she suggested the collegiate lettering for college! I LOVE how she designed the lettering.

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Although we may have trained our kids to be healthy minded, not to take unnecessary risks, dress warm, eat right, look both ways, and so on, accidents and sickness do happen. I worry when my kids and grandkids are away from home and not close enough for me to jump in and help when needed.  I know, they need to learn from experience and work to “cut the cord” as they get older. What I don’t want to happen is to have them get sick or hurt in some way and not have the tools available to solve those minor aches and pains that for sure will come their way. It seems that even the “smart” kids feel invincible to germs, scrapes, cuts, headaches, stomachaches and more.  This container filled with all sorts of goodies is the first line of defense when things go wrong and first aid is needed.  Maddie may think this is overkill, but believe me, she’ll be glad she has this handy container in her dorm room.  Her roommates will also appreciate it, wouldn’t you?

College First Aid Kit List:

What Should I Put In My College First Aid Kit | by FoodStorageMoms.com

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