60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss These

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60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss These and have fun when you enjoy some of them. It seems like every time I go to the grocery store the prices have jumped again. I really don’t know how people are able to feed their families with the prices so high for groceries. Because the food we need to eat is becoming more expensive we all have had to cut back in other areas of our budgets.

Some of the best things in life are FREE….they really are FREE!

60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss these:

1. Listen, I mean really listen when you are with a friend or family member. Don’t interrupt. Just listen. This one is really hard for me because I get so excited when people tell me something awesome that’s happened to them. I want to jump in and say “Oh my gosh, that is so awesome!!”

2. Doodle, I never realized how important doodling is. I have a wonderful coach/friend by the name of Lyn Christian and she introduced me to “doodling”. I know, we all doodled when we were younger, right? Well, she introduced me to Sunni Brown (via the internet) from The Doodle Revolution by Sunni Brown. If you doodle…you will create….it’s truly amazing. Take a pencil, crayon or pen and doodle. Yes, doodle. Then look at what you doodled. It’s awesome.  I quote Sunni: “To doodle is not to waste time or to be distracted. Instead, doodling is a powerful technique people use around the world to help themselves THINK.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

3. Tell a friend how much they mean to you. Can I just say that I don’t like funerals? I actually hate funerals. It’s just me. I feel like I need to tell people before they die how much they mean to me. Now, I would like a celebration at a park for my “non-funeral”. Just think about the people you love or admire. Tell them how you feel and why they mean so much to you to, NOW.

4. Take a walk around the block. Oh man, this one is for me. I write everyday and I need to walk around a block or two. Life is so invigorating outside in the sunshine. Yep, the best things in life are free.

5. Offer to walk someone’s dog. This would be perfect for my sister. She loves dogs. Lots of dogs. I’m too afraid of dogs I don’t know. Don’t you love it when you see cute dogs walking with their owners down the street. Oh my gosh, I saw the cutest little dogs the other day strolling down the street. They were running from the owners. I think the owner opened the front door and the dogs took off running. They ran to me and my husband…luckily they were little, sweet puppies looking for someone to pet them.

6. Hug someone special to you. Hug someone everyday. Yep, the best things in life are free.

7. Tell someone you love, “I love you”. This might seem strange but sometimes we forget to tell those we love that we love them.

8. Go to the park and just look at the scenery around you. Take a water bottle to drink, relax and smell the roses or other flowers in the landscape.

9. Watch a Hummingbird…….or two. Oh my gosh, I love the Hummingbirds when they come around in the spring. Yep, the best things in life are free.

10. Watch for the first bloom in your flower beds. I can’t wait until spring. I go outside and check for new buds…life is good.

11. Catch your child or grandchild doing something right, and tell them. I wish I had heard that statement when my children were young. Think about it. Catch them doing something good. They will smile from ear to ear.

12. Hold hands with someone you love. There is something amazing about holding hands with my husband. You know how you feel the palms and fingers. It’s all about love. What can I say….holding hands rocks! I love holding my grandchildren’s hands. You feel connected and so loved.

13. Write a note to someone you admire and deliver it by hand, if possible. Something so simple will make someone’s day. I promise.

14. Watch the sunrise….I mean really watch it. Get up early in the morning and be ready when the sun comes up. Wear your bathrobe and get a chair and a glass of orange juice and just wait…..or hot chocolate if it’s cold outside.

15. Sit outside at night and follow the sunset as it goes down….trust me this is amazing. Do not hurry. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Yep, the best things in life are free.

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16. Rock a baby…I still have the rocking chair I rocked my grandchildren in. I don’t think I can ever part with it. It’s truly sentimental to me. There is something about rocking a baby. I wish I could rock my 21 year old grandson. Just saying…love those grandkids.

17. Offer to sit with someone with Alzheimer’s to give their caregiver a few hours to run errands or go to lunch with someone. This one means a lot to me because we have a lot of older people in our neighborhood. The husband or wife who is the caregiver is truly a saint. They love their spouse even though the spouse often doesn’t remember who they are.

18. Take your dogs to the dog park. Oh, I must share the funniest story with you about dog parks. I only took my dogs to a dog park once. One of my Shih Tzu’s, Pepsi, would case the entire circumference of the fence to find an escape route. Boston, my other Shih Tzu wouldn’t get off my lap, he was shaking too much. I bought a dog stroller because I knew Boston would not fare well at the dog park. Out of the blue here comes a dog out of no where and lifts his leg to pee on my new doggy stroller. I was in shock, but started to laugh because the dog had about 1/4 acre to pee anywhere he wanted too, but no, he darts to pee on my doggy stroller. Trees everywhere….bushes everywhere. Nope he wanted to pee on the dog stroller. LOL!

19. Trade babysitting duties with a friend. I remember doing this with friends when my kids were younger. Oh man, every young mother needs a break every once in awhile. Remember some things in life are free….just saying.

20. Pull a few weeds for a friend and laugh and talk to them as you pull weeds together. I love pulling weeds with neighbors. Unless they are 12 inches high…yeah not so fun. Pull weeds with friends when the plants are small…just giving you the heads up here.

21. Sweep an elderly couple’s front porch without them knowing you are doing it. This is truly a blessing to them. They are not steady on their feet for this kind of activity.

22. Pick up prescriptions or groceries for a neighbor in need. Sometimes a neighbor or friend could use a couple of extra hands or wheels.

23. Pray for a friend. If you have a friend you are worried about say a little prayer for them. God will listen. I promise.

24. Pray with a friend. I remember praying with a friend about a year before she died. We both knew the illness was taking over her body. We prayed and asked God to ease her suffering. That was a prayer I will always cherish.

25. Volunteer at your local school. Check with the front desk at a school near you. They would welcome some help I am sure. The teachers can use help during the class time as well. In Utah our school classes are 30-35 kids per classroom. That’s a lot of kids to supervise and teach. Yikes!

26. Join a civic club, like The Exchange Club, in your city. They help so many people in silent ways.

27.  Sweep your street gutter and a few of your neighbors. This little chore makes all the difference in how a neighborhood looks. Do your part to make the neighborhood a place everyone can be proud of.

28. Keep your yard neat and tidy. This is very important because you are doing it for yourself, but also for the appearance of your neighborhood.

29. Do what you can to stop the bullying around you. It starts in the home….write a plan on how to stop it

30. Write a book. It can be an e-book that doesn’t require the cost of printing. Share what you know about something unique. Share it with the world. Others want to learn as much as you do.

31. Start a bucket list if you haven’t already. Write down 1-100 things you would like to do on this earth in your lifetime.

32. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen in your city or county. There are so many people that need a meal. Take your kids and have them help serve. It’s an eye opener. These people are so thankful for a hot meal. The best things in life are free. Give your time to the poor.

33. Start a journal. My husband’s mother wrote a journal her whole life. The family transcribed it after she died. It’s a treasure to family members.

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34. Volunteer at your local animal shelter….of course you might want to take all the dogs home…

35. Make a menu for the week-and stick to it. Make a grocery list and stick to it. See how much money you will save.

36. Write down where you are spending money-is it a want or a need. I call this my monetary diary or journal so I can track my spending.

37. Start a food storage wishlist. Take baby steps. Don’t go into debt for food storage. Start with a #10 can a month. Just start….

38. Make a list of important items that you feel you need that will benefit your grocery bill, like a bread making machine.

39. Learn to make bread, ask a neighbor to teach you. Do you know anyone in your neighborhood that would teach you how to make bread?

40. Teach someone to make bread. If you learn to make bread you will save $$$$$ in grocery money. I promise.

41. Plan a garden of vegetables, herbs or flowers. Be ready before you need to plant. Make a drawing of the rows you want to plant with certain seeds. I can hardly wait until the first seed sprouts. Yep, the best things in life are free.

42. Check out your family’s heritage online or through family contacts. You will love seeing the history and lineage.

43. Go to the library and check out some books. Some of the best things in life are free…..books at the library.

44. Walk down your neighborhood and enjoy the scenery all around you. Pick up trash that you see and put it in a garbage can. Let’s keep our world beautiful.

45. Call an old high school or college friend. I really wanted to track down my BFF from high school. We reconnected through Facebook. We exchanged phone numbers and called each other. We know to this day we are best friends forever. There is something about a BFF that never changes…..even 40 years later. I know the best things in life are free.

46. See if your local city or county has a FREE museum you can visit. Call a neighbor and go walk through the museum….stroll as if you have all day. Take it all in…..

47. Go on a hike. I am not a hiker but where I live hiking is very popular. I have two really close friends here in Southern Utah. One I call my hiker/biker friend. The other one I call my vacation friend. Because she is always going on a vacation. I once said to my hiker/biker friend how many miles do you ride your bike every week…..she is 65 going on 66. She prefers 50-100 mile rides. She repels canyons too…

48. Go window shopping and come home without purchasing anything. I used to love trying on clothes and dreaming…

49. Laugh, I can always find something to laugh about (in a good way-I have been known to giggle).

50. Sing a song. Turn on the radio, sing to the rooftops and love it.

51. Be happy. Wake up with a smile on your face. Today is going to be a good day. I promise.

52. Turn off all electronics for the day…..listen to the birds sing outside or watch the snowfall.

53. Think positive…..it’s a good habit. The best things in life are free. Hang out with positive, happy people. Happy people are positive people. Negative people drain us.

54. Play cards with some friends or family, the best things in life are free. Get those cards out and call a neighbor or two. I grew up playing Liverpool Rummy. It’s free and you laugh like crazy.

55. Get up early on Saturday morning and watch cartoons. Yep, the best things in life are free. Grab a blanket and chill and laugh while watching the cartoons.

56. Do nothing and realize it’s okay to do nothing……..because it is okay and you are doing something for yourself….I promise.

57. Watch the raindrops fall and smell the beautiful fragrance of rain. Do you love the smell of fresh rain as much as I do? Life is good….

58. Wash your car. Do you love driving a clean car as much as I do? I feel happy when driving a clean car. It’s just me…..

59. Go to the park and swing on some swings…let your feet dangle…let your hair blow in the wind…and smile…giggle if you want too…

60. Faith, whatever faith you believe in, follow it.

Remember the best things in life are free….yes they are.

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8 thoughts on “60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss These

  • January 16, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Awsome list, I love it, thanks for the creative and positive outlook on life!

    • January 16, 2015 at 10:05 am

      Hi Jacalyn, thank you for the comment about todays post. Life really is good! Linda

  • January 16, 2015 at 8:24 am

    This is such a good post. It really is good to remind ourselves to just be happy and positive no matter the situation. Someone, somewhere has always got it worse off than you or I. Have a great day and thank you for reminding me of all the things I can do to be a blessing to others 🙂

    • January 16, 2015 at 10:06 am

      Hi Melissa, thank you so much for stopping by today. You are so right about someone, somewhere has always got it worse than you or I. You have a great and awesome day too! Linda

    • January 17, 2015 at 5:34 am

      Carol, I really wanted to do 65 things but ran out of steam. LOL! Linda

  • January 17, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    My daughter took some nail polish to the hospital last night and surprised her Grandma, who has suffered through 3 strokes, with a manicure. Grandma held up her beautiful pink nails and just smiled. It was awesome….You are so right- the best things are free

    • January 18, 2015 at 12:17 pm

      Hi Alecia, oh this makes my heart melt. I love that your daughter took some nail polish to freshen Grandma’s nails. I am sure she was thrilled. Linda


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