101 Feelings Of Joy And Inspiration From My Life

I hope you will enjoy my 101 feelings of joy and inspiration from my life today. I was born in 1950, I will save you the math, I am 67 years old as of today. I know people have been writing about what they are thankful for recently, but today it’s all about joy and inspiration.  I was born in California and have lived a fairly simple frugal life since the day I was born. I was 18 months old when my birth father was diagnosed with Polio. He was in an iron lung for many months. My older sister and I were farmed out to relatives since my mother had to quickly become the breadwinner. Sometime later, my sister was diagnosed with the same disease but didn’t require an iron lung.  [Read more…]

60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss These

60 Of The Best Things In Life Are Free-Do Not Miss These and have fun when you enjoy some of them. It seems like every time I go to the grocery store the prices have jumped again. I really don’t know how people are able to feed their families with the prices so high for groceries. Because the food we need to eat is becoming more expensive we all have had to cut back in other areas of our budgets.

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