How To Stop Influenza In Your Home

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Are you wondering how to stop influenza in your home? Our community here in Southern Utah seems to have been hit hard by the bug. Has your city been hit hard this year? Some people have ended up with bronchitis, lung infections and pneumonia. Well, let’s talk about ways to help stop the germs from spreading throughout your home. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, nurse, or a person in the medical field. I’m a mom and a grandma. I want to start with the symptoms of Influenza versus a Cold.

Let’s compare the difference between the two as I have researched them. Please check with your medical doctor if you have any concerns. When in doubt, call your doctor or go to the emergency room if you are concerned with an illness in your family. Here are the symptoms listed below. Please stock N-95 Face Shields I had a friend that needed to go to an InstaCare center and she mentioned they were handing these N-95 masks out in “stations” with hand sanitizer and tissues. WOW! That’s awesome! Obviously, they are trying to cut down the spread of the germs in that center. I love the idea!



Influenza is fast and abrupt when it hits you.

  • A sore throat
  • May have a fever
  • Chills
  • A headache
  • Extreme exhaustion or fatigue
  • May have body aches
  • Sneezing sometimes
  • Stuffy nose sometimes
  • Children may vomit or have diarrhea
  • Chest hurts, cough is common


Gradual onset, you start to feel like you are coming down with something.

  • Fever is rare
  • Scratchy throat
  • Aches very slight
  • Chills not common
  • Sneezing is common
  • Stuffy nose is common
  • A headache is rare
  • Chest hurts, cough is mild to moderate

I hope this gives you an idea of the possible differences between the two illnesses.  The complications would be sinus infections, earaches, bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung infections, to name a few.

Stop Influenza Tips:

  1. Wash your hands often.
  2. Cover your mouth when coughing, preferably on your shoulder if a tissue is not available, and throw in the trash can.
  3. Use Clorox wipes on cell phones, home phones, light switches, TV remotes and all electronics where applicable.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, this will spread the germs big time.
  5. Keep your house clean.
  6. Scrub countertops with applicable cleaners every day during flu season (I use Clorox wipes).
  7. Wash your hands, yes I already mentioned this one, it’s critical.
  8. Keep your bathrooms clean, don’t forget to use a cleaner on the flush handle Clean Bathrooms by Linda
  9. Empty waste paper/trash cans daily.
  10. I use doTerra Breathe to keep my sinuses in check.
  11. Stay hydrated with water, Gatorade (electrolyte drinks) try to get the clear colors.
  12. Stock your favorite over the counter drugs so you don’t have to go to the stores when you REALLY need them.
  13. Keep chicken stock on hand to make soups.
  14. Think about these lozenges, they are my all-time favorite ones My Doctor Suggest Lozenges
  15. Hold off on cow milk products, they may increase mucous (keep breastfeeding your baby).
  16. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  17. Keep your immune system strong, we are we eat, that statement is so true.
  18. Put humidity in the air with a humidifier whether warm or cool.
  19. Keep kids hydrated, the toddlers don’t always know they need water (watch for chapped or shiny lips).
  20. I use My Doctor Suggests Silver Solution whenever I have been around sick people or gone to public places. No, you will not turn blue with this product. I’ve used commercially made silver solutions for many years and my skin color is normal. You have to decide what works for you, my entire family uses it, even my grandkids. I buy 12 bottles at a time when it goes on sale. Silver Solutions by Dr. Gordon Pedersen
  21. Change your bed sheets at least weekly, or more often to stop the germs from spreading.
  22. Change pillowcases often because germs are hiding in them.
  23. Replace toothbrushes often or soak them in an antibacterial mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide overnight.
  24. Using mattress pads and pillow covers will also cut down on bacteria and virus germs from spreading.
  25. Rosa mentioned using oregano essential oil use with a carrier such as a coconut oil and apply topically, diffuse, take 1-2 diluted drops or gargle diluted fore sore throats.
  26. Linda S. mentioned keeping a supply of popsicles in the freezer helps keep kids & toddlers hydrated. You can’t make them drink but I’ve yet to see a child turn down a treat!
  27. Viv reminded me of the dirty grocery carts and door knobs. Wipe down the door knobs with Clorox wipes.
  28. Carol mentioned using elderberry syrup or tablets Sambucol and spraying counters and every handle in the house with hydrogen peroxide.
  29. Kim mentioned And don’t forget to keep in mind the gas pumps handles! I always grab a paper towel from the window cleaning station and use it to push the buttons on the pump and fuel button too, then use it to hold the gas pump handle before and after filling up, and hand sanitizer as soon as I get back into the car. Thanks for helping all of us remember vigilance is the key.
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My Sister’s Garlic So

1-quart chicken stock

1-10.5 ounce can mild Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies

Chopped garlic cloves as desired (you can store fresh garlic cloves in the freezer peeled and ready to use)

1-chopped onion

2-chopped carrots

1-2 cooked chicken breasts (optional) or two cans of canned chicken

Add leftover cooked rice or pasta

Bring to boil and simmer until the vegetables are ready to eat.

PRINTABLE recipe: My Sister’s Soup-Food Storage Moms

Several years ago, Mark and I lived in a neighborhood where one particular family seemed to “catch” every bug going around. Well, bossy boots here finally said after cleaning her house with other women almost monthly that she needs to clean her house to cut down on germs. Her kids were old enough to learn to keep the house clean.

They could easily stop influenza if they would just clean their house. They had strep throat all the time. I get it, my girls were sick every once in a while, but I was a clean freak, I own it.

The biggest way to stop influenza is to prevent the germs from spreading. Do whatever you can to stop influenza in your home by cleaning, washing hands, and staying out of the public. If you really want to stop influenza stay home if you are sick and keep your kids home from daycare centers, preschools, and public schools.

Please let me know how you try to stop influenza in your family. What natural remedies do you prefer? I would love to hear. May God bless your family to stay well and safe. Keep stocking up on water and cans of food. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected.

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  1. Rosa Rodriguez says:

    Good morning I was just reading your article thank you for sharing it. My name is Rosa here in the Denver area. The way I deal with the flu bug every year is with wild oil of oregano p-73 my family or I have never gotten the flu shot. However we have gotten the flu and I stop it right away with oregano oil. Specially on my little grand kids. Also it has work wonders with food poisoning. .I make sure I remind my kids to wash their hands when they get home from school. And wipe all door knobs every day.. take their shoes off as they come in the house.

    • Hi Rosa, thank you for reminding me about oregano essential oil. I’m adding it right now. I use that one as well, thank you so much! Is oregano oil p-73 different than the regular oregano essential oil? Great comment! Linda

  2. pat smith says:

    I live alone with my blind Bengal kitty, in a senior complex. There are a number of elderly suffering from the flu. I do have an IHSS worker, and constantly asking her to wash her hands. I know she gets tired of hearing it, but I keep reminding her.. Several times a week I go thru and use Clorox wipes on the front of the fridge where we may have touched it, the handles on the microwave and toaster oven, stove knobs, etc. Since she works for others before she comes here each day, I know I drive her crazy, but I watch like a hawk. I also go outside with the Clorox wipes and wash down the gate where others touch it, then the door knobs to the screen and door. In flu season I put in 1 cap of bleach in my dish water. It may be overkill, but I have not gotten the flu in many years. If I have to ride in her car to the store I use hand sanitizers during and after I walk in the door I wash my hands again. I even wash down the trash can lid with Clorox wipes. I am 81 and the flu would be very hard on me if I did get it.

    • Hi Pat, you are my hero today! Wow, you should not have to ask you IHSS worker to wash her hands, she should know better. Thank goodness you are the Clorox queen in your complex! I applaud you! Good work, girlfriend! Stay well and say safe and keep up the Clorox cleaning job! Hugs, Linda

  3. Linda, keeping a supply of popsicles in the freezer helps keep kids & toddlers hydrated. You can’t make them drink but I’ve yet to see a child turn down a treat!

    • Hi Linda, oh I’m glad you mentioned popsicles. I’m adding those to my list right now. Thank you! Linda

    • Leanne Long says:

      If you go on Pinterest and search for “popsicles for flu” you will find a number of recipes. My favorite to keep on hand (along with a tincture and syrup of the same) is elderberry. It is soothing to the throat if a cold is coming on, is great for immunity and it helps fight the flu if you do get it.

      • Great idea, Leanne Long – I take elderberry tincture & make juice but never thought about using it for popsicles. As the kids say, “Duh!”

      • I love this, Leanne! I know we can buy dried elderberries and make our own syrup. I will work on that and then make popsicles, great tip! Linda

        • Leanne Long says:

          I had purchased dried elderberries and was going to make syrup but one of the things I have an issue with is the syrup only lasts so long. The tincture is a much longer lasting product. I simply put the dried berries in a jar with a non-metal lid and covered them with vodka (I put in enough vodka to cover the berries by about an inch.). Then, I stuck the jar in my dish cupboard so that I would see it daily but it would be kept in the dark. I shook it daily for about 6 weeks, then strained it into a dark dropper bottle. Now I make what I call are elderberry mimosas!! I put a dropper full in a glass of juice or water 2-3 times a day when I feel something coming on. Whatever bug I am getting is kicked in the ****!!!

          • Hi, Leanne, oh my gosh, this sounds easy enough to make. I buy the Sambucol Elderberry but this sounds easy to make. I love learning new things to try and make myself. I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing, Linda

  4. I keep uncut onions in every room and not much sanitizing!  If I start with any symptom, I take large doses of vitamin D and use Thieves oil diffusement.  My husband and I are 65-68 and have very little problem with colds or flu and we are very active, and refuse flu shots, or do not do drugs of any kind.  Everyone around us are getting sick and I try to help them, but what I have is a life style, not advise.  That takes time to develop!

  5. viv montgomery says:

    great article and so helpful to the young. Also, remember to wipe down the carts at the supermarkets, second hand stores, and all others including Walgreens, etc. Try not to open outside doors, bathroom doors out in public with open hands. Use paper towels or even your coat sleeve. You are so right. The hands are where it all begins unless it is just in the air. I have actually thought of wearing clear plastic gloves when grocery shopping. Sounds crazy but maybe not. Thank you again for being there for us. You are the best!!!
    love from Cincinnati

    • Hi, Viv, oh those dirty grocery carts and door knobs. I forgot to mention the door knobs in my post. Adding it right now, thanks for the reminder!!! If we can just cut down on the bacteria…..thanks again! Linda P.S. the gloves sounds awesome!

  6. Carol Greco says:

    Great article Linda! I use a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide to spray down the surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom and handles everywhere. I store several big bottles of hydrogen peroxide and refil the handy small spray bottle. We also use Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup and tablets. As soon as I feel something coming on, I begin to use it. Very effective against colds and flu since it deals with virus. The other day, I thought about the exposure with grocery shopping. Not only the carts, but the handles on the cold and freezer sections where everyone touches the handles. Then I remember that the items go in the cart and then they are put in bags and those bags go back in the cart. And when I get home, I put them on the counter. When I finish, I make sure to spray the counter thoroughly and wash my hands also. Each little thing helps, I believe. We also stay out of big crowds.

    • Hi Carol, I’m adding the hydrogen peroxide spray and the elderberry syrup or tablets to the post. Great comment, Linda

    • I have a question regarding Sambucol. How old can the Sambucol be and still be safe to use? I use syrup and tablets. Found some put back from 2016. Is it safe and effective to use? what is overall safe shelf life?

      • Hi Linda, I just discarded some from 2017. When in doubt toss it out. I know people will use stuff way past the expiration date. I know my doctor told me antibiotics will be good 10-15 years after expiring. I discard OTC stuff when it says its expired. Use your own gut feeling on that one. I’m getting ready to write a post on OTC drugs. I rotate them in my house and my car. Linda

      • Leanne Long says:

        This is why I just started making my own elderberry tincture. Since the berries are infusing alcohol, the tincture is good for 3-5 years or so. I just couldn’t get full usage out of the syrup.

        That being said, I wonder if we could freeze the syrup? I have an ice cube tray that has pretty small depressions and could see a dosage filling each one. Hmmmm – I may have to get some of the syrup and try this.

        To see how I made my tincture, look for my other comments. I just put one in about it.

        • Leanne, I’m all over this, I’m going to learn to make this ASAP! Thanks again for sharing the recipe. I bet the ice cube idea would work, just pop one out and add to your drink for the day! I love natural remedies, they are so much healthier than BIG PHARMA. We must all learn to make and use natural remedies. Thanks again, Linda

          • Leanne Long says:

            This is why I started learning about herbal medicine and making my own. I have also learned a great deal about the use of essential oils and use them daily.

            Big Pharma is useful for some things for sure, but we also need to get back to our roots and start using more natural, preferably handcrafted remedies.

          • Hi, Leanne, I totally agree, we do need some prescriptions, but we also need to learn to heal ourselves with natural remedies and use essential oils. Yes, indeed we need to go back to our roots. Linda

  7. Linda, I saw a report from an ER Nurse that said after a couple of hours, N95 face masks can become clogged and are no longer effective. Have you ever heard of this? There was a YouTube video this week about the Cambridge Mask Company. Their masks are N99’s with carbon filters and are supposed to keep out 99% of bacteria and viruses. I guess that makes them a bit more protective than the N95’s. They manufacture adult and also CHILD size masks in cool patterns and colors and are available on Amazon. They are pricey – $28 for 1 mask, but are supposed to last 3-6 months. I would probably just stick with the more affordable N95’s. Where do you buy your N95’s? I get ours at Lowe’s hardware but I would think there are cheaper ones out there. Thanks!

    • Hi Kay, I have heard of the N-99 masks but I don’t like the idea of them being reused day after day. I’m sticking with the N-95’s because I have like 1000 of them. When I took the C.E.R.T. class the teachers told us to stock up on them and use new ones whenever we were involved in a pandemic. I even bought some of the full face ones because of blood splatters. I am not paying $28.00 for a mask. I bought mine on Amazon because at the time they were cheaper about 5 years ago and they are stored in airtight containers. I am ready to hand out as many as possible when a pandemic hits. I have some child size ones as well. I just hope others in my neighborhood purchase some because I need to protect my family and 1000 is not that many. May God bless this world when we need them. In Japan, they wear them if the person is sick as a courtesy to keep others from getting sick. Linda

  8. And don’t forget to keep in mind the gas pumps handles! I always grab a paper towel from the window cleaning station and use it to push the buttons on the pump and fuel button too, then use it to hold the gas pump handle before and after filling up, and hand sanitizer as soon as I get back into the car. Thanks for helping all of us remember vigilance is the key.

  9. I diffuse On Guard or wild orange,also breathe. Just the other day my 15 month old grand daughter began to run fever.It went as high as 102.6* . I gave her some tylenol per momma. but that did not help much. I then put some peppermint oil ( I believe it’s the peppermint touch in a roll on bottle) on the bottom of her feet and diffused some peppermint oil. The fever finally started to come down. her momma took her to the ER and she has an ear infection. we were really relieved as her older siblings and her aunt had the flu a couple weeks ago. I have not had the flu,neither has her momma. I take the on guard protective gel caps when ever someone in the house has a cold or flu. I have the foaming hand soap and a roll of paper towels at every sink. I don’t use clorox wipes on any surface the baby can reach as I worry the baby will ‘lick’ an area that has been wiped. I prefer to use a vinegar solution. I have masks, gloves and those disposable gowns like the hospital uses.(I made a pandemic kit a couple years ago and resupply as needed) We soak all toothbrushes in Peroxide, as well as combs and brushes. I was a fast food restaurant manager and school cafeteria manager for many years, so hand washing is a natural for me. I tell everyone in the family to wash your hands before , during and after handling food,and after using the toilet. I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and car. (Gas pumps are really germy places). I wonder what people would think if I started wearing disposable gloves when I go shopping ?? LOL Thank you for all the info. God bless and stay well.

    • Oh, Judy, I love your comment!!! You are rocking with protecting your family from getting sick! I LOVE Onguard and Peppermint oil. I got the giggles when you said, I wonder what people would think if I wore disposable gloves when I go shopping!! I may start doing that! I keep sanitizer in my car as well. Stay well, stay safe, my friend, Linda

  10. Hearl Condon says:

    Wow, thanks for all the information, and the links are great. My part of Florida is pretty healthy so far, not very populated where i live.

    Again thanks for the info, great work you do Linda, hope all is well with you.


    • Hi Hearl, I’m glad to hear your part of Florida is healthy so far. Stay well my friend, and stay safe. Please stock water and food to stay out of the public where the germs are floating. Thanks again, Linda

  11. Linda, I’m looking on Amazon for sambucal and the liquid is hugely expensive!! I wonder if you could post the recipe for making it by scratch. I can’t find it as I read the posts. I would appreciate it so much!!

  12. Thank you so much!! Also I just found the syrup at WalMart today…I bought two of the three that they had. Said they just started to carry it!! It was 10.00 per bottle…no cough drops though…
    Deb 🙂

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